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AFP-67BH 16mm VTM-67BH Beta SP
B W 1960 1. Britain - missile protest, iron curtain 2. Riot Ends - bomb blast aftermath 3. Washington - demonstration outside democratic meeting at the Mayflower Hotel President Harry S Truman and actress Tallulah Bankhead speak at podium. 4. Cuba, Haiti - riot troops, US freight airplane and militia. 5. Protest - ROTC. 00:32:40:00 B W 1960 ws Crowd gathered (in Britain) for ban the bomb protest - nuclear disarmament one placard reads "15 minutes to annihilation" 00:32:48:00 B W 1960 ms Protesters on the march Cameraman on top of car films the event couple with baby carriage and small child take part in the march 00:33:01:00 B W 1960 cs Sign attached to tree reads Air Ministry Property Entry By Unauthorized Persons Prohibited 00:33:04:00 B W 1960 ms Signs posted in front of air base Royal Air Force Entry By Unauthorized Persons Prohibited & Warning RAF Police Dogs Are On Patrol 00:33:07:00 B W 1960 ws Military stands guard behind barbed wire fence 00:33:11:00 B W 1960 ms Two women protesters untie string from tent supports? man comes over to help 00:33:22:00 B W 1960 ms Police confiscate poles and canvas and lead protesters away 00:33:36:00 B W 1960 ws Large brick building PAN across five of the top floor windows 00:33:43:00 B W 1960 ws Group of men entering and leaving building and standing around the entrance way 00:33:45:00 B W 1960 ms Two men pose for camera standing in front of large blackboard - one dressed in a medical jacket? 00:33:49:00 B W 1960 ms Mechanical item lies on the ground next to empty tin can two men squat next to it 00:33:52:00 B W 1960 ms Man squats looking at two items in his hands discusses it with standing man 00:33:54:00 B W 1960 ms Group of men standing in front of building 00:33:56:00 B W 1960 ws Man wearing gas mask? looks out of building window space (window is gone) 00:34:00:00 B W 1960 ws Group of men stand at end of building space that seems to have been trashed 00:34:08:00 B W 1960 ms Wall cabinets full what looks like bottles of medical items doors to cabinets are broken 00:34:11:00 B W 1960 ms Trashed room? 00:34:15:00 B W 1960 ms Trashed area with barred door - possible jail area man with cap and gas mask? stands against wall 00:34:19:00 B W 1960 ws PAN across brick building courtyard area photographer in the middle taking pictures 00:34:25:00 B W 1960 Duplicate footage 00:35:13:00 B W 1960 ws Capitol building in Washington DC 00:35:14:00 B W 1960 ws Meeting of the Democratic Party in the Mayflower Hotel? 00:35:19:00 B W 1960 ms Harry S Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt seated together 00:35:23:00 B W 1960 ms Harry Truman seated at table 00:35:27:00 B W 1960 ms Mrs Roosevelt seated at table - wears corsage on dress 00:35:28:00 B W 1960 ms Harry Truman speaks to meeting 00:36:16:00 B W 1960 ms Tallulah Bankhead speaks to the meeting 00:36:52:00 B W 1960 ws Unrest in Haiti? civilians and soldiers run down wide street 00:36:56:00 B W 1960 ms Soldiers question man with bicycle 00:37:05:00 B W 1960 ms Man waves fist and yells at cameraman soldier stands next to him 00:37:11:00 B W 1960 ms Man smiles and raises arms as do those behind him in victory? (Papa Doc Duvalier beats rebels???) 00:37:14:00 B W 1960 ms Soldier yells and gestures at photographer as spectators look on 00:37:18:00 B W 1960 ms Group of people pointing at something high up 00:37:22:00 B W 1960 ws Car turns into street crowded with civilians and military on foot 00:37:27:00 B W 1960 ws US Air Force Cargo Passenger plane lands at Ghana? airport cargo is lowered from airplane crew men talk to civilian airplane surrounded by civilians and military 00:37:37:00 B W 1960 ms cs Local military in discussion near wing of the aircraft 00:37:43:00 B W 1960 ms Officer in discussion with subordinates at airport 00:38:05:00 B W 1960 ws ROTC lined up on parade ground 00:38:14:00 B W 1960 ms ROTC color guard? 00:38:19:00 B W 1960 ws Studebaker car leads traffic past protesters against the ROTC? 00:38:51:00 end