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VW-1028 3 4in. VW-1029 3 4in.
Color 1983 VW-1028 Interview with band members of Night Ranger and they talk about their album, "Midnight Madnes," They play their guitars for the camera (jam). VW-1029 The band sings 'a capela' in a small room. They practice singing and a capela version of "Don't Tell Me You Love Me". They pose for pictures. Quintessential 80s metal band. Tight jeans and big hair. Band backstage at an outdoor concert. Fans hang off entryway and yell for the band. They take pictures. THe band runs onstage. CU concert fans. They wave and scream. Teen girl almost crying. Band onstage at outdoor concert (sound quality of voices not very good). Good CUs of band playing like heavy metal dudes. Distant stage views (good for generic concert views and crowds). Looks like Candlestick Park in SF. Band performs 'Sing Me Away'.