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VTM-45ADS 1 inch
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B W 1936 D: David Howard. George O'Brien, Heather Angel, John Carradine, Ralph Forbes, Clarence Muse, George Regas, Dickie Jones, Huntley Gordon, Harry Cording, Aggie Herring, Crawford Kent, Keith Kenneth. O'Brien as Boone leads settlers from North Carolina to wilds of Kentucky. They stave off hostile Indians, then must fight for their lives when renegade Carradine, decked out in a skunk-skin cap, unites 00:00:03:00 B W 1936 tribes and incites them to attack the settlers' new town. The attack lasts 9 days and the settlers' water and ammunition is running low. Suddenly the Indians are dispersed by a freak rainstorm. In the end a group of treacherous Virginia aristocrats usurp the settlers' land after it's been cleared and made livable. (MPG). 00:02:45:00 B W 1936 Indians attack pioneers in canoe, Indians charge forward. Man burning at stake CU face. 00:03:50:00 B W 1936 Covered wagon stopped by cruel man in skunkskin hat, Indians grab screaming woman. 00:05:00:00 B W 1936 Settlers' Fort, pioneers sing hymn outside, religious service. 00:08:05:00 B W 1936 Daniel Boone tracks footprints w Indian friend. 00:09:06:00 B W 1936 Settler camp, black manservants sings, blacksmith works, woman & young boy load wagon. 00:10:37:00 B W 1936 Another man in coonskin cap. 00:12:40:00 B W 1936 Boone & Indian stalk forward to Renegade's camp, Indians frightened off by Boone's knife-swallowing trick, Renegade arrested. 00:15:35:00 B W 1936 Great excitement in settlers' camp over Renegade's capture, crowd surges forward in lynching frenzy, Boone talks w dandy judge, soothes angry mob, Renegade whipped from settlement w mob in hot pursuit. 00:23:00:00 B W 1936 Wagon train pulls out of settlement, Boone leading pioneers. 00:26:15:00 B W 1936 Cows in silhouette, cattle driven through territory, Indians wait in ambush. 00:26:58:00 B W 1936 Settlers' camp at night, Indian talks to black about race problems, Boone plays with boy. 00:29:24:00 B W 1936 Dandy pioneer talks w woman, does snuff, Boone grabs him. 00:30:30:00 B W 1936 Camp at night, ambushed by Indians. 00:31:23:00 B W 1936 Boone w settlers, settlers's funeral, black sings, boy cries. 00:36:16:00 B W 1936 Wagon train pulls out, river crossing, wagon train in storm, wind & rain. 00:38:58:00 B W 1936 Settlers descend hillside, kneel to pray, build log cabins, homestead, fort door hoisted up. 00:42:19:00 B W 1936 Boone shakes pioneer's hand, crowd waves goodbye. 00:42:48:00 B W 1936 Dance in fort courtyard, crowd drinks coffee served by black. 00:44:23:00 B W 1936 More hoedown dancing, all stop, surround crier who reads proclamation Boone sets off, waving goodbye, crowd waves. 00:50:45:00 B W 1936 Boone at large southern mansion, wig-wearing officials play dice, Boone slugs one & walks out. 00:55:02:00 B W 1936 Indian shoots wild turkey, Boone surprised by Indians, taken in canoes, tied to stake, many Indians, Indian on cliff, Boone being burnt at stake sweats & grimaces, Indian throws tomahawk, Boone escapes, swims, is chased by Indians through wilderness. 01:02:01:00 B W 1936 Boone steals horse which falls painfully, runs breathlessly back to fort, alarm bell rung Indian attack montage, canoes land, 9 days of shooting, settlers die, Indians try burning fort down. 01:10:09:00 B W 1936 Lightning over forest, Indians use battering ram on door, rain douses fire. 01:12:16:00 B W 1936 Door unbarricaded, Boone chases Renegade dodging bullets, knife, tomahawk, fight in water, black man carries dead boy in arms. 01:16:15:00 B W 1936 Settlers in sorrow, wagon train.