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VTM-45ABR 1 inch
Sound Feature
Color 1954 D: Kurt Neumann. Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, George Nader, Jay C. Flippen, Helene Stanley, Adi Berber, Lyle Bettger. Baxter as circus high diver having affair w seedy advance man Cochran. She leaves him to marry fellow diver Bettger who soon dies in Cochran-devised accident. He seduces her again to steal her husband's savings. She falls in love w Nader but soon Cochran turns up again. Baxter sends him away to die at hands of halfwit strongman Berber who's loved Baxter all along. Take-off on silent classic VARIETY, shot on location in Munich. (MPG). 00:01:37:00 Color 1954 MS Circus gets off train. Crowd welcomes. 00:05:31:00 Color 1954 MS Circus performers eat in tent. 00:06:25:00 Color 1954 MS Circus midway very good: carny carnival atmosphere, sword swallower, fire eater, bald gruff-looking circus strong man (in chains, wearing leopard skin, with one earring). Carnival circus barkers having trouble with their spiel (they're trying to speak German). Four women dancing hula, in Hawaiian grass skirts (bump and grind). Crowd presses ticket booths, all buying tickets. Man in checkered suit buys a Coca-Cola. 00:08:12:00 Color 1954 MS Woman eats hot dog. 00:13:40:00 Color 1954 MS Woman showers in circus tent woman and man kiss passionately, excited. Man lifts woman and carries her away (camera, of course, fades out...) 00:17:47:00 Color 1954 MS Woman washes dishes outdoors. 00:18:00:00 Color 1954 MS Crowd watches man on stage introduce high diver. 00:18:42:00 Color 1954 MS Man in costume climbs ladder. 00:19:55:00 Color 1954 MS Man dives into firewater. 00:22:30:00 Color 1954 MS Woman removes dress, poses in slip. 00:27:56:00 Color 1954 MS Woman serves mashed potatoes to circus. 00:30:28:00 Color 1954 MS Women in pajamas on cots flight. 00:35:08:00 Color 1954 MS Woman opens gift - circus costume. 00:36:55:00 Color 1954 MS Man and woman costume climb ladder. Crowd watches. 00:40:07:00 Color 1954 MS Man woman dive fire water. 00:45:51:00 Color 1954 MS Circus people outdoors, midget haircut. 00:50:23:00 Color 1954 MS Man woman costume climb ladder. Dive water, bow, crowd cheer 00:55:23:00 Color 1954 MS Men fight circus tent 00:59:46:00 Color 1954 MS Man Flashcamera takes photo smiling couple costume. 01:01:01:00 Color 1954 MS Man woman costume climb ladder. Man falls. Crowd screams. 01:01:23:00 Color 1954 CU Woman costume screams, cries, climbs down ladder. 01:04:47:00 Color 1954 MS Circus widow finds money. 01:05:28:00 Color 1954 MS Crying woman looks through life magazine 01:07:54:00 Color 1954 MS Man woman convertible circus. 01:11:43:00 Color 1954 MS Woman packs circus trunk 01:14:07:00 Color 1954 MS Woman costume climbs ladder 01:15:06:00 Color 1954 MS Woman dive fire water 01:15:12:00 Color 1954 MS Woman wounded fire water, men save. 01:15:37:00 Color 1954 MS Woman bandaged hospital stretcher. 01:15:54:00 Color 1954 MS Ferris wheel 01:21:25:00 Color 1954 MS Woman costume snake 01:21:58:00 Color 1954 MS Bald giant flowers woman 01:23:10:00 Color 1954 MS Woman costume makeup mirror 01:24:52:00 Color 1954 MS Woman costume climbs ladder. 01:26:45:00 Color 1954 MS Dives fire water. Crowd cheers. 01:30:51:00 Color 1954 MS Bald giant attacks man tent 01:31:35:00 Color 1954 MS Chases onto Ferris Wheel 01:32:11:00 Color 1954 MS Panic Ferris Wheel. 01:32:33:00 Color 1954 MS Giant pushes man off Ferris Wheel 01:33:55:00 Color 1954 MS Crying woman talks giant.