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AFP-66-O 35mm VTM-66-O Beta SP
B W 1970s Movie theater concession stand trailers - candy, soda, popcorn. Shot of french fries being served (in color). 00:53:17:00 B W 1970s cu ms Teenagers throwing a luminous football around on the beach next to the surf at sundown. Message words: "FLAMER the electric football...available at our snack bar. 00:54:00:00 B W 1970s cu Children's water color paintings about Santa Claus and Christmas time. Message words: "The International Year of the Child", 00:54:40:00 B W 1970s cu Smoking Prohibition theater sign. 00:54:57:00 B W 1970s ms cu EXT modern movie theater. CU gift certificate for movie theater. 00:55:10:00 B W 1970s ms Modern theater ticket open booth. Concessionaire lifts cup of popcorn to the dispenser for a flow of butter. Refreshment stand inside the movie house. Fine art reproductions hang on wall of theater, available for purchase by patrons. 00:55:38:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon satellite object in space, flashes, "Season's Greetings to all", back to earth. "Showcase Cinemas...Now Showing...Saturday & Sunday Matinee Only...". 00:56:21:00 B W 1970s cu Billboard sign, "Mickey Rooney, Ann Miller, Sugar Babies". Rooney and Miller, stand outside the theater and make a sales pitch appeal for the Will Rogers Institute fund. 00:56:46:00 B W 1970s cu Sculptured bust image of Will Rogers aside the words, "Will Rogers Institute". 00:56:53:00 B W 1970s ms As offscreen narrator continues appeal, there appears a film clip of Will Rogers using his lasso and performing for a young boy. 00:57:00:00 B W 1970s ms Toddler swinging a toy dolphin, with the words, alongside, "Childrens Immunization". 00:57:01:00 B W 1970s cu little girl, heads of young children, Child"s message on polo shirt, "Have your kid immunized today!". Blood pressure instrument, with words, "A healthy life it's up to you". young woman, with words, "Women's health", Cocktail glass, with words, "Alcohol and drugs do not mix". 00:57:16:00 B W 1970s cu Cartoon character gobbling up scoops of rich ice cream floats in an ice cream parlor. 00:57:24:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon character buying pizza at a stand. Cartoon banners with words, "Exercise, Eat Right, A healthy life is up to you" 00:57:35:00 B W 1970s ms cu Cut away shot, back to Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller, standing in front of a Broadway theater, conclude their pitch by asking the movie audience to "put all your dough in this can, like you should...Give, Give, Give". Mickey drops a coin in the plastic can. The scene ends as the offscreen music plays, "Give My Regards to Broadway". 00:58:20:00 B W 1970s cu Animated decorative festive balls, appear in the image of Santa Claus, with words, "From the management and staff". 00:58:24:00 B W 1970s cu Holiday greetings is given to the movie audience by a series of Greetings cards and a display of Christmas tree tinsel . 00:58:57:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon images of symbolic, sun, globe, stop sign, lightning, traffic sign, music notes, question mark, hand directionals, mathematics signs, arrow, hand stop, and a large number of other commonly used symbolic signs. The series ends with denotive signs of film suitibility for classes of audiences. 00:59:39:00 B W 1970s cu Mixed alphabet letters on the screen reform to spell out the message, "Happy New Year". 00:59:55:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon alarm clock with "hour" points spell out, q Happy New Year". 01:00:16:00 B W 1970s cu Animated marquee sign reads, "Coming soon, Colony Theater" AV drawing of the cinema theater. 01:00:28:00 B W 1970s cu Messages rolling upwards on the screen,"February 16th, showcase cenema 1-2-3-...get your reserved seat tickets...Now"...repeat the AV drawing view of the theater. "Starting Wednesday June 29th ", etc. etc. 01:01:19:00 B W 1970s cu Continued Holiday Season theater trailer...Xmas tree tinsel, Currier & Ives winter scene, and a greetings card. 01:01:45:00 B W 1970s ms BULOVA wall clocks showing time differences of countries around the world. 01:02:04:00 B W 1970s cu Hands of clock arrive at 12 midnight, as the VO announcer mentions the coming of 1966. 01:02:05:00 B W 1970s ws New Year's Eve scene on Times Square, New York. Words, superimposed read, "HAPPY NEW YEAR". VO wishes audience, "Health, Wealth, and Good Cheer!", which is superimposed on people celebrating. 01:02:19:00 B W 1970s cu words for movie audience sing along "For Auld Lang Syne". 01:02:43:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon movie "Welcome" sign. 01:02:55:00 B W 1970s cu Series of film "stills" of coming attractions 01:02:58:00 B W 1970s cu Hands of concession stand attendant filling a bag of large tempting french fries. 01:03:05:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon character vaudevillians engaged in variety act on a cartoon stage. 01:03:09:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon character (average"John Doe"), talks with an animated cartoon usher about the drive-in snack bar. Display of animated cartoon soda pop, candys, popcorn (shooting out of a geyser), and ice cream bars in a forest, 01:03:42:00 B W 1970s cu Cartoon, "intermission" sign. 01:03:50:00 B W 1970s cu Animated cartoon artist attempts a modern art painting, then splashes can of paint on the easel, which reads, "2 minutes to go". 01:04:06:00 B W 1970s cu Tray of delectable hamburger sandwich. Tall cups of buttered Popcorn. Animated cartoon candy bars of assorted flavors. Animated professor chemist type offers variety of ice cream bars. 01:04:23:00 B W 1970s cu Modern kaleidoscopic effects shot to show "Previews and Coming Attractions". Explanation of the symbols used in the movie motion picture ratings system of the 1970's (G, GP, R, X) can be found at 00:05:31:00