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AFP-75V 16mm VTM-75V Beta SP
01:39:11:00 B W 1958 ms Scene of car accident crash at railroad track. 01:39:15:00 B W 1958 ms Locomotive passes, "Southern Pacific." 01:39:22:00 B W 1958 ms Inspectors and investigators study scene of car wreckage. Victims and their personals. 01:40:03:00 B W 1958 ws Sign on office building reads, "Bartlesville, Okla. World's First Telemovie City" this is apparently the beginnings of CABLE TV!! 01:40:13:00 B W 1958 ms The Telemovie Theater. Controls. Ranch house mechanics affix equipment to telephone - electric lines (cable tv). 01:40:46:00 B W 1958 ms INT living room as family watches tv movie. 01:40:58:00 B W 1958 ws Fierce fire rages on crashed airplane firemen fight flames. 01:41:26:00 B W 1958 ms Closer look at burnt out hulk of airplane as firemen continue to play water hoses on flames. 01:41:37:00 B W 1958 ms Cars jammed at gas station fuel pumps. 01:42:01:00 B W 1958 ms In Hiroshima, sign reads: "Don't bring Nuclear Weapon to Japan Proper and Okinawa. Tokyo University of Education." 01:42:07:00 B W 1958 cu Japanese student speaks over megaphone. Police in BG. Students, at the rally, listen to speaker. Sign. "Remember The Okinawa." 01:42:30:00 B W 1958 ms Police form riot formation. Scenes at the demonstration. Captive students. 01:43:03:00 B W 1958 ws Sukarno parades up lower Broadway in limousine. Waves to sidewalk crowds who wave back in return. 01:43:37:00 B W 1958 ms Sukarno greeted by Mayor Wagner at City Hall. 01:43:48:00 B W 1958 ws Tall ship sailing vessel. PAN length of boat. Sailors on boat, view the sailing boat. 01:44:15:00 B W 1958 cu Captain of a "tall ship" shouts commands. Sailor crew men wave. 01:44:26:00 B W 1958 cu Tall ship on the sea. 01:44:31:00 B W 1958 ws Main street of Sturgis (pop. 2300). Sign on on tree reads "Go Back Where You Came From." School House of Village. Demonstrators. Police. (Cars of late 1950s). National Guardsmen on patrol. Army tank and National Guardsman. RACISM, RACE HATRED. 01:45:28:00 B W 1958 ms Large scale parade sign reads, "Japan Buddha Sancha of India." "Bengal Provincial Buddha." Series of Buddhist floats in parade. Truck with sign, "thousand." "Himalayan Buddhist Gompa." 01:45:51:00 B W 1958 MS Marchers in ceremonial costumes. Buddhists. Buddhist Church. Buddhist parade. 01:46:05:00 B W 1958 ws Russian American sportsmen in mountain ski area. 01:46:50:00 B W 1958 ws Swearing ceremony in Washington DC Present are Senator McClellan. John Foster Dulles. Senator Kerr and other politicos. Dulles speaks to group and shakes hands. 01:47:16:00 B W 1958 ms Rural village scene. Asian children join Americans at luncheon. Cultivated fields. Demonstrators of horse cutting crops. 01:48:16:00 B W 1958 ws Asian luncheon meeting. 01:48:30:00 B W 1958 ws Jet bombers fly overhead. Jet fighter plane. Jet fighter lands. Pilot climbs from cockpit. Jet fighter handled by ground crew. Jets on view of large visiting crowd. 01:49:21:00 B W 1958 ms Truck drives from launch carrying material. Truck convoy arrives at British army camp. Troops empty truck of supplies. Soldiers used sledge hammers in desert setting.