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AFP-54Q 16mm; NET-210 Beta SP (at 01:07:38:00); DigiBeta
01:27:21:00 B W 1933 ws WS huge grandstand crowd 01:27:23:00 B W 1933 ws Race cars speeding around dirt track in 100 lap spins around on turn facing oncoming hits two cars trying to avoid facing car 01:28:03:00 B W 1933 ws Car flips on its side and breaks apart as it keeps rolling over and over 01:28:11:00 B W 1933 ws ms Official waves checkered flag ending race...winner is congratulated 01:28:17:00 B W 1933 ws rides a brahma bull and is tossed off...steer tosses man...brahma bull tosses rides bronco without being tossed...bronco tosses man 01:28:43:00 B W 1933 ws Action of rodeo is reversed on film...riders find themselves back on the broncos and back in the chute 01:29:05:00 B W 1933 ws Motorcyclists try to ride up steep hill without goes off course and into crowd 01:29:41:00 B W 1933 ws England's greatest steeplechase race...shots of various jumps in the 4 mile race...many falls of horses and riders 5 out of 40 finish...winner's odds 100 to 8 01:30:42:00 B W 1933 ws Motorboat pulls glider as man transfers during third of 3 tries from aquaplane to glider...after transfer man tries some tricks then drops from glider hand hold into water 01:31:24:00 B W 1933 ws Motorcyclists race a mile and a fifth on dirt track...number of the riders take falls...winner falls off bike landing on finish line unconscious (winning time one minute 10 seconds) 01:32:07:00 B W 1933 ws cu Captain Earl MacDonald climbs tall aerial ladder...falls off backward from top into gasoline fire set on surface of swimming pool...splash when he hits puts out fire...stunt repeated in slow motion 01:32:58:00 B W 1933 ws John Moore cleans facade of Woolworth building...climbs without any safety devices to peak of the ornate roof and doffs his hat to CAM...dizzying view of street below 01:33:43:00 B W 1933 ws Man hangs from bottom of biplane as it tries to lower him on to platform atop speeding car...updrafts spoil two tries...drops down safely on third try 01:34:18:00 B W 1933 ws Smoke billows out of top floor of multi-story is in a pillow factory...many of the 50 girls and 20 men lean out windows gasping for jumps 8 stories and lands safely in net...firemen work hoses up fire escapes 01:35:16:00 B W 1933 ws 4 door sedan is pushed over and rolls down steep is set upright at bottom and is driven away 01:36:16:00 B W 1933 ws Car is driven over deliberately corrugated piece of dirt road ...taking a lot of punishment 01:36:23:00 B W 1933 ws Car is driven into a 360 degree skid turn before continuing 01:36:38:00 B W 1933 ws Two cars are set up to drive at each other at speed resulting in spectacular road crash 01:36:55:00 B W 1933 ws Jack Early rides a motorcycle at 75 miles an hour to crash thru wooden wall and wooden square...second crash repeated in slow motion 01:37:26:00 B W 1933 ws Large watches as two steam locomotives each pulling a passenger car are set to race at each other at full throttle...crash is spectacular...passenger cars were painted with the names of Roosevelt and Hoover (presidential race publicity