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AFP-45LC 16mm AFP-45LD 16mm
Sound Feature
B W 1941 JEAN HERSHOLT, FAY WRAY, Walter Woolf King, Astrid Allwyn, Schuyler Standish, Maude Eburne, Cliff Nazarro (double-talk comedian), & the 12-year old violin virtuoso Toscha Seidel. D: Erle C. Kenton. 00:01:57:00 B W 1941 ms Violin student taking lessons from music teacher. 00:08:03:00 B W 1941 ms Children looking up at the sky watching a model airplane in flight...which comes down to crash into a window. 00:13:25:00 B W 1941 ms Doctor (Christian) pays a call on young, professorial type, blond boy, who takes his medicine. 00:18:50:00 B W 1941 ms Music recital for parents in home. 00:21:57:00 B W 1941 cu Dr. Christian gets an emergency telephone call. 00:34:48:00 B W 1941 cu Close look at Fay Wray...and as jilted woman on 0:37:30. 00:50:26:00 B W 1941 ms Radio sound-effects-man demonstrates his technique for visitors to the radio station (Cliff Nazarro, also doing a funny double-talk). 01:00:45:00 B W 1941 ws ms Radio broadcast of Brahms Hungarian Dances, performed melodramatically by Toscha Seidel. 01:04:49:00 B W 1941 cu Fay Wray, CU face