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AFP-122T 16mm; VTM-122T Beta SP; MAST-788 1 inch
1939 - 1944
B W 1939 - 1944 Ballplayers of 1939. 00:53:05:00 B W 1939 - 1944 (Skip footage to 0 55:00 and start there). 00:55:00:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ws Montage of Baseball parks filled with fans watching play action on the field. 00:55:42:00 B W 1939 - 1944 cu A baseball ( turning like a 'world' globe) CU. 00:55:47:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ms Pitchers, Carl Hubbell...Bucky Walters...Bill Lee... cu Johnny Bowman ( he holds and shows a knuckleball)... Dizzy Dean winds up, pivots, and catches a man off base. 00:56:54:00 B W 1939 - 1944 cu The catcher's mitt (a caught ball in it) CU. 00:56:59:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ms Gabby Hartnett and Dizzy Dean Al Lopez catches a pop up... ...throws a runner out...covers home plate Dolf Camelli and Frank McCormick make plays at first base Pinky May makes a play at third base in slow motion. 00:58:48:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ws Double play action on the field. 00:59:09:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ms Leo Durocher and Pete Coscarart combine for a fielding play also, Billy Herman and Dick Bartell (in slow motion) Jo-Jo Moore and Joe Marty make outfield plays. 01:00:18:00 B W 1939 - 1944 ms Joe Medwick , Ernie Lombardi, and Lloyd Waner - all batting a squeeze bunt at home plate Chuck Klein hits a home run off of Curt Davis. 01:02:00:00 B W 1939 - 1944 cu ms A young Johnny Mize shows his swing in slow motion... and runs out a double Stan Hack with some speedy base running Debs Garms and Arky Vaughan slide into bases quick look at Pepper Martin -- as film suddenly cuts out