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VTM-45AAH 1 inch
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Color 1955 D: Tim Whelan. Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Marla Powers, J Carrol Naish, Edgar Buchanan, Myron Healey, Howard Petrie. (Many scenes film in Columbia Historic State Park). Pursuit of infamous cutthroat gang, the Reno Brothers. Special agent hired by Chicago law office to capture renegade gang. Scott goes undercover, poses as train robber to win gang's confidence, but falls in love w gang's sister, Powers, which complicates things. Reno boys insulated themselves from prosecution thru legal loopholes & payoffs to the right politicians. Eventually he entraps gang in train robbery he has planned. When the Brothers are brought to town for trial, populace goes mad w bloodlust, forms mob, & lynches criminals before trial. Scott then waxes eloquent on subject of mindless mob violence. (MPG). 00:01:48:00 Color 1955 MS "This is the true story of the Reno Brothers...etc. "superimposed on a wagon led by horses riding around which cuts through hill country of southern Indiana..."the year 1866"...the film starts..."Southern Indiana." 00:02:31:00 Color 1955 CU The cart contains members of the Reno gang and captions identify each member riding in the crate. The CUs show them as a menacing "breed of men." 00:03:09:00 Color 1955 WS AV of the cart riding along the hillside overlooking wooded country. 00:03:27:00 Color 1955 MS Cowboy stands on high ledge point amidst wide blue sky...he waves white flag. 00:03:42:00 Color 1955 MS Cowboy on ranch house returns white flag signal. 00:03:57:00 Color 1955 MS Sheriff on balcony of bank, about to be robbed, exhorts townsmen and deputys to be patient and make their moves only after the gang commits its act. 00:04:07:00 Color 1955 MS Townspeople scatter in the small town and spread the world that the "Reno's are coming." 00:04:42:00 Color 1955 MS The "Reno Cart" rides along the back the woods road. 00:05:02:00 Color 1955 WS Panoramic view of the valley. 00:05:39:00 Color 1955 MS Some villages set themselves up in sharpshooter positions and vantage points to await the cart and set up an ambush. 00:06:00:00 Color 1955 MS The Reno gang cart enters the now deserted town and continues down the deserted streets. 00:06:27:00 Color 1955 MS Camera peers at the gang members hidden in the cart with only two drivers up, 00:06:57:00 Color 1955 CU Forrest Tucker, J Carrol Naish, Myron Healy, Denver Pyle, and Richard Garland, in CUs talk of their suspicions of an ambush....but continue to ride toward the bank in the apparently deserted town. 00:07:22:00 Color 1955 MS Quick review of the hidden sharpshooter at different vantage points. 00:08:04:00 Color 1955 MS Just as the Reno gang leaves the cart, sharpshooters start to fire a them, killing one brother. 00:08:22:00 Color 1955 MS gun battle as the Reno gang makes its rapid withdrawal escape after being jailed in the robbery attempt. 00:09:35:00 Color 1955 MS Deputies mount horses to give chase to the rapidly retreating cart. 00:09:12:00 Color 1955 MS The Reno gang remounts their speed horses and ride off...being chased by the town deputies. 00:09:17:00 Color 1955 MS The western horseback chase (to stylized western score dramatization of "the chase") with alternate views of the pursued and the pursuers through western like tableaux scenes. 00:09:47:00 Color 1955 WS "The Chase" on horseback continued with appealing wide panoramic of the hillside country. Good sound affects of clacking horse hoofs to the careering musical scoring. 00:10:05:00 Color 1955 WS Frontal view of horses rapidly running through a covered bridge and coming out of its shadow. 00:10:41:00 Color 1955 WS The posse is foiled at the bridge (bonder) and is seen turning back from the opening of the covered bridge. 00:10:42:00 Color 1955 MS Gang member seated in a cabin and dining quietly. J. Carrol Nash gathers up food with his knife. Another member sips from a saucer. They look at the empty place setting of their lost brother. 00:11:34:00 Color 1955 MS A chair is thrown in anger, and suddenly Marla Powers appears and is highly agitated. 00:12:23:00 Color 1955 MS Two riders draw up to the Reno homestead located among rolling countryside. 00:13:41:00 Color 1955 MS Denver Pyle and J Carrol Naish in a confrontation are broken up and held as dialogue continues. 00:14:43:00 Color 1955 MS Denver Pyle and Marla Powers in a heated dialogue. 00:15:31:00 Color 1955 MS Superimposition on town view are words "Seymour, Indiana." 00:15:49:00 Color 1955 MS Two women stitching a balcony talk about the "Woman's Vote. One woman says "Those kind would never be elected if the woman folk could vote." Her friend response "Yes we will get th e vote some day." 00:16:35:00 Color 1955 MS Forrest Tucker sits in Sheriff's office and talks with cronies. 00:17:20:00 Color 1955 MS J Carrol Naish enters the town bar, pours his booze from the bottle and gives adequate portrayal of slightly "high" recounting the foiled robbery and falsely tips off a second attempt to the bartender 00:20:02:00 Color 1955 MS Riders in the woods at night under moonlight. 00:22:28:00 Color 1955 CU Tucker sets off a match fire on a hay pile (with the off camera nexus of destroying the caught spy). 00:22:42:00 Color 1955 CU Newspaper reads "Peterson secret agent meets tragic death".....Reno revenge for killing of brother.. 00:22:58:00 Color 1955 MS An office window signage....."Peterson National Detective Agency." 00:23:48:00 Color 1955 MS Kenneth Tobey visits the agency for a discussion on the Reno gang crimes and lack citizenship of the townspeople to control crime and a plan to combat the Reno gang. 00:25:47:00 Color 1955 MS Early railroad train blowing smoke and steam as it rides the rails. 00:26:28:00 Color 1955 MS Randolf Scott coaches trainmen on ?????? robbery he is about to commit....and 00:27:13:00 Color 1955 MS Leaps from train and rolls down rising...runs off shooting to simulate robbery. 00:28:06:00 Color 1955 CU Headline reads: "Train Robbery....Incredible News from Laurence Country, Indiana." Train robbery $30,000." 00:28:27:00 Color 1955 MS Sulky rides up to general store in small Indiana town (circa 1866). 00:29:22:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and Tobey visit general store to buy supplies as Marla Powers enters for her order and is introduced to Scott. 00:31:04:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and Powers emerge from store onto town street carrying supplies and engages in brief banter but must then punch two bullies. 00:34:38:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and Tobey ride a surrey. 00:35:11:00 Color 1955 MS Edgar Buchanan sits in empty courtroom with cronies. Buchanan presents his signature "gravel voice." 00:38:16:00 Color 1955 MS Marla Powers and Scott, together with Tucker in a confrontation and 00:38:58:00 Color 1955 MS .....Scott rides off his usual hand salute farewell. 00:40:21:00 Color 1955 MS Bogus town lawmen in nocturnal raid on Scott's. 00:42:24:00 Color 1955 MS Scott undergoes a "third degree" by the bogus sheriff and his cronies. 00:43:33:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and Edgar Buchanan continue banter to advance "designed" plot in order to set up the Reno's. 00:49:10:00 Color 1955 MS Scott also advance "love interest" with Marla Powers....again at the general store. 00:51:57:00 Color 1955 MS Scott rides with Reno's into the countryside.....crosses stream.....and listens to plans of the robbery raid. 00:53:02:00 Color 1955 Title "Gallahn, Davies Country "Missouri" superimposed on wide view of large sized village. 00:54:49:00 Color 1955 MS Reno's ride horses and defly their quarry the courthouse. 00:56:01:00 Color 1955 MS Robbery staged in the Treasurer's office and from its safe. 00:57:23:00 Color 1955 MS The robbery over, the Reno's flee on horseback through the back country (noticeable stirring musical scoring to the clacking of horses hoofs). 00:59:17:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and the Reno's count the "loot" along with the Judge (Buchanan). 01:01:01:00 Color 1955 MS Scott and Marla Powers under moonlight. Marla stages attempts at "fire cracker" defiance which lack conviction. 01:07:25:00 Color 1955 CU Scott in legendary cowboy "get up" and "skin leathered" appearance...though showing age. 01:08:00:00 Color 1955 MS, WS Frontal view of approaching train... 01:09:13:00 Color 1955 MS .....Scott runs along roof of waving train car. 01:09:58:00 Color 1955 MS .....The train robbery is stage and the gang is entrapped. 01:10:28:00 Color 1955 MS The gunfight proceeds as the gang attempts to escape. 01:11:27:00 Color 1955 MS Continuing gunfight views from behind rocks and borders. 01:12:12:00 Color 1955 MS Gunfight between Tucker and Scott in and around the train steam engine. 01:13:34:00 Color 1955 MS First fight and wrestle match between Tucker and Tobey who is killed. 01:14:42:00 Color 1955 MS Final scenes of gun battle as J Carrol Naish is wounded and quits. 01:15:28:00 Color 1955 MS Townspeople talk of lynching the culprits (..faint echoes of the legendary film "Ox Bow Incident). 01:19:51:00 Color 1955 CU Scott attempts to console Marla Powers but, leaves her side to forestall any lynching attempts. 01:19:35:00 Color 1955 MS The lynchers ride horseback at night under a "rage at dawn"!!! force the sheriff to release the remaining Reno's so they can be hanged by the mob. 01:22:28:00 Color 1955 MS The masked lynch mob setting up the hangman mooses as the Reno's are forced to be hanged without trial. 01:22:45:00 Color 1955 MS J Carrol Naish with a rope around his neck. 01:23:40:00 Color 1955 MS Scott watches, at gunpoint, as the mob members are hanged. 01:24:31:00 Color 1955 CU Marla Powers presents her rather unremarkable and forgettable image before Scott as they ride off together. 01:25:12:00 Color 1955 Title Narrative reads..."Thus the Reno Brothers passed into American folklore superimposed on panoramic scene of the valley. "The End."