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Silent Serial
B W 1920 Serial Francis Ford and Rosemary Theby - Directed by Francis Ford - Story Elsie Van Name 00:08:52:00 B W 1920 ms Ford in jail 00:01:00:00 B W 1920 ms Ford in his ranch house rolls and lights cigarette...senses stranger in room...picks up revolver...bedraggled fugitive Ferron comes out of hiding...tells Ford he flees from Mystery 13 00:02:31:00 B W 1920 ms Gerald and gang come looking for fugitive...Ford lets them search...fugitive is not found...fugitive shows Ford treasure map 00:04:40:00 B W 1920 ms Searcher reenters room...fugitive kills him using Ford's gun...Gerald and gang return see Ford with gun...fugitive again in hiding...Ford put in prison 00:05:54:00 B W 1920 ws Ford is taken to be shot by firing squad...action is stopped so Theby can marry Ford...become an immediate widow and inherit the treasure...Ford asks for a kiss then grabs the map from Gerald jumps thru window on to horse...he escapes 00:09:23:00 B W 1920 ms Ford is left to die aboard burning yacht by Gerald 00:18:55:00 B W 1920 ms Ford wearing mustache starts choking man when Gerald sticks gun in his back 00:11:26:00 B W 1920 ws Ford escapes from burning yacht 00:12:35:00 B W 1920 ws Ford minus mustache argues with man as they stand over blanketed body on floor 00:12:50:00 B W 1920 ws Man in diving suit walking on ocean floor 00:13:39:00 B W 1920 ws Black robed and hooded man with number 13 on hood enters room thru window...gases Ferron as he leans over unconscious Ford 00:14:19:00 B W 1920 ws Man in diving suit 00:16:16:00 B W 1920 ws Ford's ward fights Theby's brother 00:16:45:00 B W 1920 ws Man on floor throws knife at sticks in calendar next to his head 00:17:04:00 B W 1920 ws Fight sequences involving both men and women 00:18:56:00 B W 1920 ws Woman sitting in robed 13 figures enter behind her...she grabs gun and shoots one...the rest grab with gun rescues her 00:19:59:00 B W 1920 ws Ferron carrying map is surrounded by black robed and hooded figures wearing a variety of 13 signals others to attack...they take's Marion's uncle...Marion tells Ford...Ford is shot in shoulder by hooded figure no. 2...finds Marion's wrist watch on floor...thinks he was betrayed 00:25:07:00 B W 1920 ws Men steal treasure map from table drawer in and women arrive at table find map after robbers unsuccessfully...capture woman 00:26:35:00 B W 1920 ws Marion persuades Ford to hide in cabin attic as gang comes looking...gang finds him in ceiling and shoot guns at ceiling...he escapes thru window 00:28:53:00 B W 1920 ws Rose is threatened with death if map is not returned...masked man saves her...shoots one of the gang...Ford is masked man 00:30:35:00 B W 1920 ws Series of shots of horseback riding in woods 00:33:32:00 B W 1920 ws Ford and Marion surrounded in their cabin by robed and hooded men on horseback...gunfight ensues 00:38:02:00 B W 1920 ws Ford and Marion escape through trapdoor with Ferron who showed it to them...the men look for way out of wilderness...Marion puts on no. 6 hood and robe stolen by Ferron 00:41:23:00 B W 1920 ws Marion is captured and sentenced to death in villain's headquarters at hands of no. 5...Ford knocks out no. 5 puts on his robe...Marion knocks him out with stool thinking he is executioner...Ford tells her save herself 00:46:52:00 B W 1920 ws Hooded and robed no. 13 saves Ford 00:47:37:00 B W 1920 ws Villains discuss treasure map overheard by Marion and sister 00:48:15:00 B W 1920 ws Marion steals hood and robe of no. 6 and goes to help captured Ford 00:49:26:00 B W 1920 ws 13 shows Ford trap door for escape...he finds robed and hooded skeleton...he tries leaving via secret wall opening but finds himself trapped by hood and robe gang looking for him 00:52:45:00 B W 1920 ws Ford blowing cigarette smoke thru openings in large stone face scares gang away 00:54:37:00 B W 1920 ws Ford rejoins friends...they spend time climbing up and down rock formations...find another separates...girl is captured by the robed ones...Ford is captured and tied to a building post...girl is tied and left on floor 00:58:37:00 B W 1920 ws Water floods into room where Ford is tied 00:58:53:00 B W 1920 ws Rats knock matches off shelf and start fire in room where girl is tied...she manages to open trap door and drop into ocean where she is rescued 01:01:03:00 B W 1920 ws Girl leads rescuers to drowning Ford in time to save him 01:03:18:00 B W 1920 ws Villains pull treasure chest from cave 01:04:36:00 B W 1920 ws Man swims away from ship pulling treasure chest by rope 01:04:50:00 B W 1920 ws Villains watch in rage 01:05:21:00 B W 1920 ms ws Marion offers Ford coin from treasure chest...he points to trunk in water saying I'll put it with rest...enraged at loss she smacks him in face 01:08:01:00 B W 1920 ws Marion holds Ford at gunpoint demanding treasure back...she backs into prop hand holding prop gun projecting from wall niche into back of her head...Ford presses button in chair arm and section he is seated on revolves dropping him into floor below and bringing up new replacement section...sister enters and shows Marion prop gun behind her 01:08:31:00 B W 1920 ws Marion empties pistol at Ford but it is fake mirror reflection...he comes down steps behind her and tells her to leave 01:10:06:00 B W 1920 ws Ford opens wall panel disclosing wall safe where treasure will be stored 01:11:51:00 B W 1920 ws 13 leader chokes treacherous lieutenant 01:13:05:00 B W 1920 ws Lieutenant plots revenge 01:13:58:00 B W 1920 ws Ford's half wit brother sneaks in to Ford house 01:15:34:00 B W 1920 ws Marion returns decoy trunk to Ford 01:16:53:00 B W 1920 ws Marion's sister sneaks in house and lets Marion out of trunk...she finds wall safe she opens it...she hangs on as Ford drops floor from under her...half wit holds gun on Ford...Ford steps on button dropping floor from under half wit 01:20:24:00 B W 1920 ws Ford saves Marion...she accidentally steps on button dropping Ford thru floor...he is pulled out by his friends 01:25:07:00 B W 1920 ms Half wit brother comes out from behind front seat of car Marion is driving...she faints her foot accidentally steps on gas pedal as half wit wrestles with steering...he stops car and takes her into cabin...he doesn't know wether to kill or kiss her...Ford arrives...brothers fight...Marion tries to help Ford...half wit runs as Ford's friends arrive 01:31:56:00 B W 1920 ws Marion tends to bedded Ford...declares her love...half wit asks her forgiveness 01:37:21:00 B W 1920 ms Half wit aims gun at Ford but shoots and kills 13 leader looking in window 01:38:04:00 B W 1920 ms Half wit puts on hood and robe of 13 01:38:49:00 B W 1920 ms Marion struggles with 13 gang in back of speeding car 01:40:36:00 B W 1920 ws Half wit is shot...says Marion being held by 13 gang...he dies 01:42:30:00 B W 1920 ws Ford fights 13 gang member in the countryside...roll together long way down hillside...friends find Ford alive - gang member no. 6 is dead 01:44:13:00 B W 1920 ws House of Marion and sister explodes and bursts in to flames...woman saved by Ford's friends 01:48:28:00 B W 1920 ws Ford proposes to Marion