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AFP-72N 16mm; VTM-72N Beta SP; NET-8 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
00:00:25:00 B W 1923 ws ms USS LEXINGTON retrospective. A 1923 view of the Lexington under construction in her Quincy, Massachusetts, shipyard in 1923. Completed aircraft carrier hull of the ship. 00:00:45:00 B W 1920 ws Officers and crew stand in formation on deck of Lexington during launching ceremony (10 3 '25). 00:01:01:00 B W 1920 ms Flag goes up on the Lexington. 00:01:09:00 B W 1920 ws Navy biplanes warming up on the flight deck of the Lexington. 00:01:15:00 B W 1920 ms Navy airplane taxis on the flight deck and is seen lifting off the Aircraft Carrier's runway. 00:01:35:00 B W 1920 ms Admiral Chester Nimitz among other members of government watch airplanes take off from the Carrier. 00:01:37:00 B W 1920 ws Navy fighter planes flying in formation over the Lexington. 00:01:48:00 B W 1942 ws Lexington under attack from Japanese war airplanes during the battle of the Coral Sea in WWII (1942). 00:02:00:00 B W 1920 ws Lexington in flames and smoke in the Coral Sea battle. 00:02:30:00 B W 1930 ms STALIN and MOLOTOV make an inspection tour of Soviet agricultural farming operations in 1930. 00:02:41:00 B W 1920 ws ms USSR grain farmland. Farmers stacking hay and grains unto trucks 00:02:52:00 B W 1920 cu Hands gathering mounds of grain seeds. 00:02:55:00 B W 1920 cu CU faces of LITVINOV, KRESTINSKY, and KARAKAN. 00:03:20:00 B W 1929 ms GRETA GARBO on deck of ocean steamship, Goteborg (1929). 00:03:24:00 B W 1920 cu Garbo and John Gilbert in a brief clip from a film scene. 00:03:27:00 B W 1920 cu CU face of Garbo. 00:03:35:00 B W 1920s ms cu Actress MAE MARSH on deck of steamship with small daughter in the early 1920s. 00:03:47:00 B W 1921 ms cu Metropolitan Opera singer MARY McCORMACK on deck of ocean liner in 1921. 00:04:09:00 B W 1920s ms cu French musical comedy star MISTINGUETT holding a shag dog over her shoulders and standing on deck of ocean liner in early 1920s. 00:04:26:00 B W 1920 cu CU face of Broadway film theater owner ROXY (S.L. Rothafel) on deck of ocean liner. 00:04:44:00 B W 1920s ms Early 1920s chorus performance for private party at club. 00:05:07:00 B W 1920 ms Night Club spectator guests seated at tables watching and applauding the on stage performace. 00:05:15:00 B W 1920 ms Night Club band plays. 00:05:20:00 B W 1920 ms Night Club dancer gives solo performance on stage. "Shimmy" and "Buck" steps. 00:05:54:00 B W 1920 ms The Night Club host, EARL CARROLL, rises from the table and is cheered and applauded by his guests. 00:06:00:00 B W 1921 ms cu Model shows collection of GEMS AND PRECIOUS STONES donated by JP MORGAN to the Museum of Natural History in 1921. Rare jewel string of beads. 00:06:22:00 B W 1920 cu Fashion model holds string of agate beads. Very CU jewels. 00:06:47:00 B W 1920 cu Rare Rubalite stone. Aquamarine jewel 00:06:51:00 B W 1920 cu CU face of model wearing star sapphire jewel. A close look at the rare jewel donated to the Natural History Museum. 00:07:11:00 B W 1920 cu Actress VILMA BANKY on deck of ocean liner. 00:07:30:00 B W 1920 ws ms airfield as two motor biplane comes in for landing. Passengers deplane from EARLY AVIATION transport flight. 00:08:00:00 B W 1920 ws ms Airplane flies over gasoline fuel pick up apparatus on airfield in refueling experiment test flight. 00:08:19:00 B W 1920 cu Pilots seated in open cockpits of biplane. 00:08:25:00 B W 1920 ms Early airplane taxis and takes off from airfield, then circles overhead of early car situated on the ground below. Airplane makes several passes over the car in an experimental test flight involving early radio communication 00:08:29:00 B W 1920 ms cu The early car containing radio equipment. 00:09:03:00 B W 1920 ws ms El trains passing over bridge in Chicago downtown. area during BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION. 00:09:15:00 B W 1920 ms Views of workmen constructing the bridge. 00:09:39:00 B W 1920 ms cu Bridge engineer and construction superintendent go over plans with staff. 00:09:44:00 B W 1920 ms AL JOLSON and golfer, Johnny Farrell, joke on the golf course for broadcast. Jolson takes golf instruction. Uses ridiculous stance while sinking a putt. 00:11:28:00 B W 1920 ms Silent screen film footage of HAROLD LLOYD (as "Lonesome Luke") in a funny crowded restaurant scene. 00:12:08:00 B W 1918 ms JACKIE COOGAN meets railroad tycoon, CHAUNCEY DEPEW in 1918. 00:12:14:00 B W 1920 ms Coogan, in the lap of the train engineer, rides at the controls of a locomotive as it pulls into New York City Grand Central Station 00:12:32:00 B W 1920 ms Coogan climbs unto locomotive and waves from the window of the train. 00:12:39:00 B W 1920 ms LILLIAN GISH in a vaudeville dance routine number in 1920 the 1940s VO can't make up his mind who it is!! (Vintage "bad research"). 00:13:41:00 B W 1920s ms cu Actress DOROTHY DALTON on deck of steamship in 1920s. 00:14:00:00 B W 1920 ms TENNIS pro VINCENT RICHARDS plays in championship match at Forest Hills, New York. 00:14:06:00 B W 1920 ms HA tennis court action. Forehand and Backhand racket action and CU the final set play action. 00:14:37:00 B W 1920 ms Players at a MINIATURE GOLF course. 00:14:49:00 B W 1920 ws HA shot, looking down at a roof top having a miniature golf layout. 00:15:02:00 B W 1920 ms Rooftop miniature golf players make the rounds on their apartment building rooftop golf course, Player hits into a rooftop water trap. 00:15:30:00 B W 1928 ms Social event for Mexican President, ALVARO OBREGON, in 1928. 00:15:38:00 B W 1928 ms American Legion Commander, PAUL V. McNUTT, in 1928. Later to become, Indiana's Governor. 00:16:01:00 B W 1928 ms LADIES SPORTS FASHIONS. Fashion models show outfits and garb for fishing on big city rooftops in 1928 (Portland, Oregon). 00:17:11:00 B W 1920 ms Women cast their fishing rod lines on the rooftop pool filled with fish. 00:17:24:00 B W 1920 ms President CALVIN COOLIDGE and wife, GRACE COOLIDGE, leave Washington Railroad Station for Thanksgiving holiday (11 '28). Remarkably, the taciturn Coolidge breaks out into a faint grin. 00:17:45:00 B W 1920 ms Coolidge, wearing a cowboy,"ten gallon" hat, and jodhpurs, goes out to the lawn to skeet shoot. Grace Coolidge marks the event by taking motion pictures of the President. 00:18:28:00 B W 1928 ms RACING CAR 1928. 00:18:36:00 B W 1928 ws race car speeding on the sands, next to the surf, at Daytona Beach, Florida in 1928. 00:18:39:00 B W 1920 ws AV of race car speeding on the beach sands just nexyt to the ocean surf. 00:18:45:00 B W 1920 ws Tire of race car suddenly blows, and the RACING CAR CRASHES, spinning out of control and turning over. The driver, Frank Lockhart, is thrown out of the race car and unto the sands. 00:18:55:00 B W 1920 ms Race car driver is carried to a car which dashes away. 00:19:10:00 B W 1920 cu CU face of AMELIA EARHART. 00:19:17:00 B W 1928 ws ms Amelia Earhart leaving her airship, Friendship, after landing in Southampton port. 00:19:39:00 B W 1928 ms Earhart, waves at crowd,as she stands next to her pilot and mechanic, Stultz and Gordon. 00:19:47:00 B W 1928 cu CU face of Earhart as she arrived in New York City after her flight across the Atlantic Ocean (7 '28). 00:19:56:00 B W 1928 ms Earhart walks with Grover Whalen to waiting limousine. She holds large bouquet of flowers and waves from the open limousine. She arrives at City Hall, as the limousine pulls up. Large crowds gathered for Earhart's arrival at City Hall. 00:20:19:00 B W 1928 ms Earhart greeted by acting Mayor, McKee. 00:20:26:00 B W 1930 ms Earhart boards autogyro aircraft for flight in 1930. 00:20:47:00 B W 1920 cu Seated in the cockpit she dons her flying helmet and goggles, and waves. 00:20:56:00 B W 1930 ms Earhart seen taking off from the runway in her solo autogyro flight. 00:21:09:00 B W 1920 ws LA the aircraft in flight against the sky. 00:21:15:00 B W 1930 ms Earhart helped out of the cockpit at the end of her flight. 00:21:21:00 B W 1932 ms Earhart rides up Broadway in ticker-tape parade (1932). Motorcade surrounded by large number of mounted police. 00:21:30:00 B W 1932 ms Amelia Earhart next to Mayor JIMMY WALKER as she is welcomed by New York. 00:21:32:00 B W 1935 cu airplane landing in Oakland CA after an Earhart solo flight. 00:21:48:00 B W 1935 ms Earhart climbing down from her aircraft. 00:21:58:00 B W 1920 cu Repeat #1507. 00:22:03:00 B W 1920 ws ms Views of widespread destruction and ruin caused by TORNADO or twister that struck St. Louis on 9 30 '27. Houses toppled and destroyed, filled with debris. Survivors scavenge among the ruins. 00:22:33:00 B W 1920 ms Woman seated in rocker in what once was her home, but is now split open to the street. 00:22:47:00 B W 1920 ms Shattered streetcar on street filled with destruction from the whirlwind. 00:23:37:00 B W 1927 ms HAIRSTYLE OF 1927. Hairdresser combs and fashions lady's hairdo in a beauty salon. 00:24:43:00 B W 1920 ws ms Side and front view of superstructure and bridge of the British BATTLESHIP "Renown" (1 '27). British sailors cleaning and polishing deck guns, hull, and gearing up in the engine room, as the ship makes ready for a voyage. 00:25:26:00 B W 1927 ws ms BRITISH ROYAL TRIP of the Duke and Duchess of York, the future KING GEORGE VI AND Queen Mother ELIZABETH to Australia, 1927. Duke wearing royal naval officer uniform, and the Duchess, passengers aboard the Battleship. 00:25:33:00 B W 1920 ws Royal couple ride in open limousine through vast crowds. They step from the limousine and are greeted by the crowds. 00:25:46:00 B W 1920 ws HA huge outdoor crowds greeting the Royal visitors. 00:25:52:00 B W 1920 ms Duke and Duchess salute the crowds. 00:26:04:00 B W 1920 ms Duke, wearing top hat and formal suit, greet WWI veterans at the Sydney City Hall. 00:26:09:00 B W 1927 cu CU Duke and Duchess in 1927. 00:26:11:00 B W 1920 ws Regal military ceremony at Canberra. Soldiers in field parade formations. 00:26:32:00 B W 1927 ms Split screen of George VI and Elizabeth-how they looked on their trip to Australia in 1927, and as they appeared at the Coronation in 1936. 00:26:45:00 B W 1920 ms ARTHUR MURRAY speaks to students of dance class. They wear "tights" and do tap dance steps. 00:27:01:00 B W 1920 cu Closer look at the dancers' legs, doing the tap steps. 00:27:26:00 B W 1920 cu Arthur Murray speaking to his dance class. 00:27:34:00 B W 1920 ms A couple demonstrate a smooth dance and tap step routine for the class, as an orchestra plays in the BG. The male demonstration dancer is future actor and politician GEORGE MURPHY. 00:28:18:00 B W 1920 ms Aviatrix FRANCES GRAYSON, 00:28:30:00 B W 1920 ms Twin engine Seaplane taxis. 00:28:36:00 B W 1920 cu Airplane designer, IGOR SIKORSKY. 00:28:48:00 B W 1920 ms Seaplane caught in high tide waters before takeoff. 00:29:02:00 B W 1920 ms RUTH ELDER with Grayson just before take off. 00:29:16:00 B W 1920 ws Seaplane takes off from Roosevelt Field, New York. 00:29:22:00 B W 1920 ws EARLY SEAPLANE in flight (9 '27). 00:29:31:00 B W 1920 cu CU face of aviator, CLARENCE CHAMBERLIN. 00:29:37:00 B W 1920 ms Christining ceremony of airplane. 00:29:41:00 B W 1920 ms Early airplane takes off from runway and lifts into the air. 00:30:04:00 B W 1920 ws Early airplane in flight as seen from LA. 00:30:07:00 B W 1920 ms Early biplane with pilots seated in cockpits, wearing goggles. 00:30:13:00 B W 1920 ms Early airplane with defective landing wheel comes in for a shaky landing. Crowd rushes across the landing field to the stricken airplane.