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AFP-136BZ 16mm
B W 1930 Animals of the British countryside and shore: emphasis on birds, insects and sea life, their protective coloration and camouflage. 01:05:00:00 B W 1930 ws VS the English countryside in summer: meadows, trees blowing in the breeze. 01:05:30:00 B W 1930 cu Montage of animals hidden in grass, with camouflage to protect them: badger rabbit [good illustration of animal camouflage] birds on nests with eggs - snipe, curlew and bittern plover or lapwing bird with its fuzzy young in meadow other fuzzy baby birds, well disguised - oystercatchers, terns. 01:07:06:00 B W 1930 ws Two ducks on pebbly shore with lots of ducklings they all get up in unison and waddle into the water, swim away somewhat comic. 01:07:24:00 B W 1930 cu Montage of undersea life: long-armed brittlestar starfish catfish flatfish or flounder, burrowing in sand. 01:08:16:00 B W 1930 ecu Caterpillars camouflaged to resemble twigs - animal mimicry. 01:09:11:00 B W 1930 cu Underwater montage: perch fish caddisfly larva sea worms lobster snails horseshoe crabs hermit crab crab burrows in sand and disappears fish does same. 01:12:24:00 B W 1930 ms Badgers: one digging, another walking around. 01:12:57:00 B W 1930 ecu Caterpillar waving its head around rhythmically cocoon nice bird (chickadee or tit) on bare branch, pecks at cocoon