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AFP-8B 16mm; VTM-8B Beta SP; NET-199 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
Silent Comedy
B W 1920 Ben Turpin in Merry Widow parody, dances, falls off drain pipe. Man beating sledge hammer on head of other man. Turpin running from film crew (Daredevil). Turpin tied to pole as water rises (Daredevil), crew goes to fire. Harry Langdon in Train berth. Langdon tries to shave on train. Langdon handcuffed to criminal on train. Boy ties Lion's tail in knot, chase pulls thorn out ot paw. Billy Bevan playing poker w dog: dog attacks other players dog runs to get policemen money lands on turtle's back, policemen in foot race. 00:26:31:00 B W 1920 WS Ben Turpin in "Merry Widow" parody: claps hands, female string duet and piano play. 00:27:30:00 B W 1920 to 2059: Original opening segment to Ben Turpin short "Yukon Jake" (see VTM 15E) could be spliced on before opening scene of that film. 00:27:30:00 B W 1920 MS Man sleeps in rocking chair on ledge of balcony teetering, "living on the edge" 00:27:53:00 B W 1920 WS Outlaws shoot up town, tough Turpin comes from wilderness to protect them. 00:29:04:00 B W 1920 LS, MS Turpin in courtroom, yanked out of window by noose. 00:29:35:00 B W 1920 WS villain gets beaten up by police. 00:29:54:00 B W 1920 WS (Next Ben Turpin segment from 1926 comedy short "A Prodigal Bridegroom" the "skipping through the woods" and mallet on head scenes begin the film, and our print of the film on AFP-15-I, interestingly, takes up where these two scenes leave off! JL). Ben Turpin skips through woods with flowers in his hair and girl (Thelma Hill) by his side. Dog watches, it's ears raise up man hits man on head with sledge hammer (sight gag), Turpin and girl skip through. 00:30:43:00 B W 1920 WS Turpin (as movie stuntman) running away from film crew. 00:31:38:00 B W 1920 WS Turpin tied to pole as water rises, film crew goes to real fire (leaving Turpin trapped by rising water), dog and cat come to Turpin crew at fire. 00:33:17:00 B W 1920 LS, MS Harry Langdon in train berth with his bride, getting water, shaving. Shaving other man's head. 00:38:23:00 B W 1920 LS, MS Langdon goes to his train seat. Handcuffed to criminal on train. Gets into shootout. 00:39:40:00 B W 1920 CLIP REMOVED 00:40:46:00 B W 1920 MS Andy Clyde plays checkers with cat. 00:42:03:00 B W 1920 MS Billy Bevan & Harry Gribbon playing poker with dog Cameo Gribbon thinks he has a good hand, lays cards on table, they're all duds, Gribbon and dog appear faint with headache (or hangover!) hold hand or paw to forehead. Dog attacks other players. Cameo the dog sneaks look at other player's hand. 00:45:03:00 B W 1920 WS Dog gathers Keystone Kops to aid Billy Bevan. Monkey on turtle's back is saved by Cameo the dog. 00:46:31:00 B W 1920 LS, MS Police in foot race, Billy Bevan appears. Police chase Bevan dog gives money to charity.