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VTM-2AE Beta SP; NET-441 DigiBeta (at 01:38:16:00); Beta SP
B W 1935 A rehearsal of LAUGH WITH KEN MURRAY at the CBS Radio Playhouse, with singer Phil Regan working with Russ Morgan's band and Murray and Eve Arden performing a routine. The Shuberts receive a tribute at the Winter Garden from such names as Phil Baker, Willie and Eugene Howard, Bert Lahr, Frank and dialect comedian Lou Holtz. And a young Milton Berle has his moments. 00:00:53:00 B W 1935 MS Traveling down Broadway at night. 00:01:17:00 B W 1935 MS Phil Regan singing in radio studio w orchestra. 00:02:23:00 B W 1935 MS Oswald , Ken Murray & Eve Arden at microphone. 00:04:05:00 B W 1935 MS Traveling down Broadway at night. 00:04:14:00 B W 1935 WS Applauding audience. 00:04:17:00 B W 1935 MS Phil Baker onstage. Willie & Eugene Howard. Bert Lahr. Frank Fay. Lou Holtz. Milton Berle. 00:07:22:00 B W 1935 Tracking shot across George Washington Bridge. 00:07:30:00 B W 1935 WS Ben Marden's Riviera (nightclub overlooking New York City, from Palisades in New Jersey). 00:07:37:00 B W 1935 MS Riviera floor show w dancing girls Estelle & LeRoy dancing, Lydia Sue doing acrobatics in gown. 00:08:54:00 B W 1935 MS Benny Rubin & Joan Marsh at table.