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AFP-25C 16mm; VTM-25C Beta SP; NET-94 DigiBeta (at 01:50:04:00); Beta SP
B W 1945 A news summary of the events in the final victory over Germany, with scenes of an airborne attack, prisoners, General Eisenhower, the Russian attack, Nuremberg, and Berlin. Nazi symbol - the swastika - is blown up atop building in Nuremberg, Germany. 00:19:25:00 B W 1945 ms War equipment on road 00:19:29:00 B W 1945 ws Battle scenes 00:19:35:00 B W 1945 ms GIs, tank and truck thru town 00:19:43:00 B W 1945 ms Sign reads Koln (Cologne) - GIs take city 00:20:27:00 B W 1945 ws GIs take Remagen Bridge crossing Rhine River 00:20:45:00 B W 1945 ws US Pontoon Bridge across Rhine 00:21:00:00 B W 1945 ws US bombers in flight drop bombs 00:21:13:00 B W 1945 ws Winston Churchill being taken across Rhine 00:21:22:00 B W 1945 ws General Montgomery gets off with Churchill 00:21:27:00 B W 1945 ws Paratroopers jumping into Germany 00:21:40:00 B W 1945 ws German prisoners marching across field in holding area 00:21:53:00 B W 1945 ws Gis fire multi tube rocket launchers 00:22:12:00 B W 1945 ms Allied prisoners are freed 00:22:28:00 B W 1945 ms Generals Eisenhower and Patton look at body pile in concentration camp 00:22:40:00 B W 1945 ws Battle scene 00:22:49:00 B W 1945 ws Russian soldiers on horses? 00:22:52:00 B W 1945 ms Russian officers confer over map 00:22:56:00 B W 1945 ws Battle scenes 00:23:08:00 B W 1945 ws ms American officers are rowed across Elbe River to meet Russian officers 00:23:33:00 B W 1945 ms American and Russian GIs make a toast together 00:23:39:00 B W 1945 ws GIs parade thru Nuremberg 00:23:53:00 B W 1945 ws Nazi Rally at Nuremberg Hitler orating 00:24:04:00 B W 1945 ws 3 GIs walk thru same Rally stadium 00:24:12:00 B W 1945 ws Huge Nazi Swastika in a wreath is blown of building in stadium in Nuremberg, Germany. End of WWII, exploding, destruction, fascism. 00:24:24:00 B W 1945 ms Map of central Europe showing Nazi held area and forces against them Nazi area shrinks as Allies advance 00:24:46:00 B W 1945 ws Russian troops take Berlin 00:25:10:00 B W 1945 ws Brandenburg Gate 00:25:19:00 B W 1945 ws Adlon Hotel ruins 00:25:27:00 B W 1945 ws Night shot Moscow as it celebrates 00:25:41:00 B W 1945 ws Milan crowds try to see bodies of Mussolini and his mistress 00:26:08:00 B W 1945 ms May 2, 1945 Lt. General W.D. Morgan Accepts surrender of German troops in Northern Italy 00:26:43:00 B W 1945 ms May 4, 1945 Field Marshal Montgomery accepts unconditional surrender of Northern armies 00:27:19:00 B W 1945 ms May 7, 1945 Nazi Colonel General Jodl signs unconditional surrender to US Lt. General W.B. Smith 00:28:20:00 B W 1945 ms General Eisenhower Allied officers and Russian officers Ike accepts the surrender pens 00:28:42:00 B W 1945 ws London crowd celebrates Royal family waves from balcony 00:28:51:00 B W 1945 ws Times Square crowd celebrates 00:29:01:00 B W 1945 ms Nazi Flag is burned 00:29:02:00 B W 1945 ms Allied flags wave