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VTM-45** 1 inch
Sound Feature
B W 1944 Dir.: William Berke. Robert Lowery, Ellen Drew, Regis Toomey, Eddie Quillan, Elisha Cook Jr., Ralph Dunn. Lowery is a hard-working forest ranger trying to get a promotion to supervisor so he can marry his childhood sweetheart, Drew. He gets the promotion, but comes out of the woods too late - Drew has married Toomey, a suave racketeer. After committing a crime, Toomey tells Drew to find a hideout on Dark Mountain, & he will meet her later. Lowery takes her there & sets her up in a mountain cabin. Toomey shows up & hides out for a month. Drew keeps trying to escape, & Lowery finally realizes that Toomey is with her. The climax is a wild mountain road chase, w Toomey killed in a car crash, & Drew & Lowery finally together. (MPG).