Footage Information

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AFP-21S 16mm
Silent Drama
1905 - 1911
B W 1905 - 1911 POOR ALGY 01:38:15:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws Algy and woman picknicking in park...leave basket unguarded 01:39:12:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws Tramp climbs out of gully and starts eating their food...takes basket and runs when woman returns...she sends Algy after him 01:39:14:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws Algy catches tramp sitting and eating...challenges him to a fight...tramp hits him with stick...tramp forces him to exchange clothes with him 01:39:45:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws Woman not recognizing Algy running towards her in the tramps clothes runs away...Algy follows 01:39:58:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws Woman stops large man on path...tells him about chasing "tramp" knocks down ALGY - kicks him...carries him to woman...she sees it's Algy 01:40:35:00 B W 1905 - 1911 THROUGH DARKENING VALES 01:41:52:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ms Heroine (Blanche Sweet) lights stove at engagement explodes blinding her...fiancee walks not wanting blind girl 01:44:05:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ms Rejected hero goes blind doing bookkeeping (office clerk) 01:45:39:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ms Hero in hospital for examination...he hears heroine in next room being told she can be treated - but it will be expensive 01:46:18:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ms Hero gives money asks she not be told 01:47:04:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ms Heroine now able to see is again rejected by fiancee...she also finds he did not give the money...she is told who did 01:48:14:00 B W 1905 - 1911 ws ms Hero tries selling brooms door to door...heroine sees him...makes him discard brooms...tells him she can see...takes him in her house