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AFP-1P 16mm; VTM-1P Beta SP; NET-214 DigiBeta (at 01:12:04:00); Beta SP
Color 1957 NEW YORK CITY VIEWS - circa 1957, hosted by TWA. Many TU, TD and slow PAN shots of New York City landmarks. 00:30:44:00 Color 1957 ms Suburban residential street ( in San Remo, California ). 00:31:03:00 Color 1957 ms Ford convertible ( red, or is it pink ? ) pulls up to curb. Two college girls, returning home end of semester...greeted by dinner. 00:32:34:00 Color 1957 ms Passengers board TWA airplane...climb ramp and wave goodbye... mom and dad wave back from behind fence. 00:32:50:00 Color 1957 ws ms TWA airplane takes off plane in flight passengers seated inside plane's cabin plane flies over Grand Canyon hostess serves meal to young women passengers TWA airplane flies over Manhattan...skyscraper office buildings AV flying north over the East River plane lands at Idlewild (now, JFK) passengers debark at airport. 00:35:37:00 Color 1957 ms Car pulls up at suburban home. 00:35:47:00 Color 1957 ws ms Tourist boat ride on the Hudson River...skyline. 00:36:16:00 Color 1957 ms Statue of Liberty. 00:36:31:00 Color 1957 ws The Battery Castle Clinton...PAN to skyscrapers. 00:37:00:00 Color 1957 cu Museum display of early New York views, in illustration. 00:37:05:00 Color 1957 ms New York Stock Exchange US Treasury Building ( Washington Statue ) Trinity Church and its cemetery. 00:37:51:00 Color 1957 ws ms Moving beneath Brooklyn Bridge, heading uptown. 00:38:06:00 Color 1957 ms Tourists on boat pass the United Nations building United Nations Plaza diplomats arrive by limo INT General Assembly in session. 00:39:01:00 Color 1957 ws ms Moving beneath the George Washington Bridge, heading downtown. 00:39:18:00 Color 1957 ws Traffic on the West Side Drive. 00:39:34:00 Color 1957 ws Grant's Tomb & Riverside Church. 00:39:45:00 Color 1957 ws HA traffic on Park Avenue. 00:39:56:00 Color 1957 ms ws Up the facade of Lever House. 00:40:08:00 Color 1957 ms Parade on Fifth Avenue ( mounted troop of New York City police ). 00:40:50:00 Color 1957 ws New York Public Library from across the street on Fifth Avenue. 00:41:07:00 Color 1957 ms Sidewalk packed w pedestrians 2 girls enter Tiffany's 2 girls windowshop department store entrance signs: Best & Co. Lord & Taylor Peck & Peck. 00:42:00:00 Color 1957 ms TU, and then down, the statue of Atlas in Rockefeller Center. 00:42:08:00 Color 1957 cu Brief clip 2 pretty laughing girls. 00:42:18:00 Color 1957 ws ms Rockefeller Center Plaza...the Channel Garden...water fountain statue of Prometheus...array of United Nations flags...diners enjoy the outdoor Plaza restaurant. 00:43:09:00 Color 1957 ms ws Up RCA shows girls around the observation deck terrace on top of the observation deck telescope (repeat shot). 00:44:00:00 Color 1957 ws PAN almost full circle around the building showing HA shots from the Hudson River to the East River. We see upper Manhattan and Central Park, Queensboro Bridge, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and a large number of skyscraper office buildings in between. 00:44:53:00 Color 1957 ms Down St. Patrick's Cathedral, from its spire to its door. 00:45:11:00 Color 1957 ws EXT nave of St. John the Divine. 00:45:18:00 Color 1957 ws ms Down facade of Temple Emmanuel. 00:45:31:00 Color 1957 ms Slow ZI of teenage girl talking excitedly on telephone. 00:46:09:00 Color 1957 ws Crowded Coney Island beach. 00:46:28:00 Color 1957 ws the Steeplechase ( Amusement Park ). 00:46:31:00 Color 1957 ms cu Couple on speeding Coney Island coaster ride. 00:46:51:00 Color 1957 ws ms Parachute Jump. 00:47:15:00 Color 1957 ws ms Wonder Wheel ferris wheel rides next to each is gigantic. 00:47:22:00 Color 1957 ms ws Cyclone roller coaster closely follows the coaster train as it reaches its steep incline and then flies down track with riders screaming with fear...or delight. 00:48:03:00 Color 1957 ms Tourist couple on a horse-drawn carriage ride thru Central Park...Bethesda Fountain & pond baseball sandlot field park rowboats Zoo ...caged monkey, ws polar bear, giraffe, and Bronx Zoo lions children pet ms small animals at the zoo. 00:50:13:00 Color 1957 ws ms Metropolitan Museum of Art some paintings and exhibits inside the galleries ( Heraldry...Egyptian Antiquities ). 00:50:52:00 Color 1957 ms Young woman visits the Museum of Modern Art's outdoor Sculpture Garden. 00:51:11:00 Color 1957 ws Radio City Music Hall building and marquee. 00:51:35:00 Color 1957 ws Baseball game at Yankee Stadium: the New York Yankees vs. the Kansas City Athletics LS first up is Hank Bauer (Yankees # 9) who gets a base hit at 00:23:22:10 MCU, at 00:23:36:05, Whitey Ford (Yankees # 16) gets a base hit (good) runner moves from second base to home (RBI batted in). Unknown KC pitcher. 00:51:57:00 Color 1957 ws ms Football game. 00:52:17:00 Color 1957 ws Horse race at Belmont Park steeplechase race (slow motion). 00:52:49:00 Color 1957 ws ms Ice skaters at Rockefeller Center. 00:52:56:00 Color 1957 ms ws Pro hockey game at Madison Square Garden. 00:53:16:00 Color 1957 ms Boxers slug it out in the ring. 00:53:28:00 Color 1957 ws ms Times Square at slowly moving south on Broadway ( Neon signs: Cinerama, McGinnis, Automat, Astor, Fly TWA, Lockheed Super Constellation, Guy Lombardo, Latin Quarter, Versailles, El Morocco, Copacabana ( superimposed dancing couple ). 00:54:36:00 Color 1957 ms People exit car parked at sidewalk outside Idlewild terminal cu ...loud-speaker "now boarding"...passengers climb ramp to board airplane...girl waves good-bye...people wave from ms the observation deck...girl blows kisses, wipes tears from her eyes. 00:55:14:00 Color 1957 ws ms Airplane taxis on runway...takes flight over New York City. 00:55:39:00 Color 1957 ms Statue of Liberty, from airplane window TWA passenger plane in flight over lower Manhattan. 00:56:07:00 Color 1957 ms Inside the coach, girl leans back in her seat ready for a contented nap. 00:56:14:00 Color 1957 ws ms Series of brief views: Skyscraper skyline under the Brooklyn Bridge RCA Building United Nations building Broadway-Times Square at night. 00:56:35:00 Color 1957 ms Passenger airplane in flight, overhead