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AFP-119H 35mm; VTM-119H Beta SP; NET-271 DigiBeta (at 01:36:55:00); Beta SP
B W 1960 The 1960 Olympics, Rome, Italy. 01:19:31:00 B W 1960 MS Olympic torch bearer. 01:19:36:00 B W 1960 MS Athletes in Olympic Village. 01:19:38:00 B W 1960 MS Russian athlete in sweatsuit playing checkers. 01:19:43:00 B W 1960 MS Black & white women talk near sign w arrow. 01:19:45:00 B W 1960 MS Athletes from the world over shopping. 01:20:01:00 B W 1960 MS Erlene Brown, Olympic weight thrower, gets cup of coffee. 01:20:04:00 B W 1960 MS Olympic athletes' cafeteria. 01:20:07:00 B W 1960 MS Girl fills out application. 01:20:09:00 B W 1960 WS Flags fly over crowded Olympic stadium. 01:20:12:00 B W 1960 WS Olympic & Italian flags. 01:20:13:00 B W 1960 MS Athletes march in opening parade of 1960 Olympics: India, Germany, the USSR, the USA. 01:20:45:00 B W 1960 MS Rafer Johnson marches w American flag in opening ceremonies. 01:21:01:00 B W 1960 MS Student from a Roman university lights Olympic torch. 01:21:16:00 B W 1960 MS 2 woman & man in sunglasses. 01:21:22:00 B W 1960 MS Thousands of doves fly over stadium. 01:21:33:00 B W 1960 MS Germany's Ingrid Kramer dives. 01:21:49:00 B W 1960 MS Great Britain's Elizabeth Ferris dives. 01:21:54:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Paula Jean Pope dives. 01:22:06:00 B W 1960 MS Ingrid Kramer's gold medal dive. 01:22:19:00 B W 1960 MS Huge stadium applauds platform dive. 01:22:28:00 B W 1960 MS Slow-motion of Ingrid Kramer's platform dive. 01:22:36:00 B W 1960 MS Berta Hansen of Sweden swan dives. 01:22:43:00 B W 1960 MS Paula Pope platform dives. 01:22:52:00 B W 1960 MS Carolyn Schuler wins gold medal 100-meter butterfly race and receives medal. 01:23:16:00 B W 1960 MS Lynn Burke of USA wins 100-meter backstroke and is awarded gold medal. 01:23:52:00 B W 1960 MS Chris von Saltza wins 400-meter freestyle. 01:24:10:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Gary Tobian dives. 01:24:21:00 B W 1960 MS Mexico's Juan Botello dives. 01:24:31:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Sam Hall dives. 01:24:41:00 B W 1960 MS Gary Tobian's gold medal dive. 01:24:49:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Bob Wester dives in slow-motion and regular speed. 01:25:04:00 B W 1960 MS Britain's Brian Phelps dives. 01:25:09:00 B W 1960 MS Gary Tobian platform dives. 01:25:20:00 B W 1960 MS Rock Hudson. 01:25:24:00 B W 1960 CU Princess Grace (Grace Kelly). 01:25:26:00 B W 1960 MS Controversial 100-meter freestyle won by Australian John Devitt, protested by USA on behalf of Lance Larson. 01:25:56:00 B W 1960 MS John Devitt awarded gold medal. 01:26:01:00 B W 1960 MS Mike Troy is awarded gold medal for 200-meter butterfly, Rock Hudson looks on. 01:26:34:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Bill Mulliken barely beats Japan's Yoshiko Ohsoki in 200-meter breaststroke. 01:26:53:00 B W 1960 MS USA 800-meter freestyle relay team - George Harrison, Mike Troy, Jeff Farrell, Dick Gluck - sets world record & receives gold medals. 01:28:16:00 B W 1960 MS Montage: Olympic fencing. 01:28:26:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Dick Wilson & USSR's Ivan Kocheric fight to a draw in gold medal flyweight boxing match. 01:28:35:00 B W 1960 MS Italy's Francesco di Piccoli defeats South Africa's Dan Backert in Olympic heavyweight boxing match. 01:28:46:00 B W 1960 MS Walking race. 01:28:51:00 B W 1960 MS Bicycle race. 01:28:58:00 B W 1960 AV Point scored in soccer match. 01:29:04:00 B W 1960 MS Basketball game. 01:29:15:00 B W 1960 MS Gymnast on parallel bars. 01:29:16:00 B W 1960 MS Gymnast on uneven parallel bars. 01:29:23:00 B W 1960 MS Gymnast performs floor exercise. 01:29:38:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Harry O'Brian throws shot put. 01:29:50:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Dallas Long throws shot put. 01:30:00:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Bill Nieder throws shot put. 01:30:06:00 B W 1960 MS USA is awarded all three Olympic shot put medals. 01:30:11:00 B W 1960 MS USSR's Valery Brumel high jumps. 01:30:18:00 B W 1960 MS USA's John Thomas highjumps. 01:30:13:00 B W 1960 MS USSR's Robert Savakadze high jumps. 01:30:36:00 B W 1960 MS Brumel, Savakadze and Thomas receive Olympic high jump medals. 01:30:41:00 B W 1960 MS Armin Anry wins 100-meter dash, Dave Sims of Duke University lunges for finish line and falls in decathlon. 01:31:03:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Glenn Davis wins 400-meter hurdles. 01:31:40:00 B W 1960 CU Glen Davis w 2 other Americans on stand after clean sweep of Olympic 400-meter hurdles medals. 01:31:45:00 B W 1960 MS Wilma Rudolph wins 100-meter dash. 01:32:01:00 B W 1960 CU Wilma Rudolph after being awarded gold medal. 01:32:05:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Ralph Boston long jumps. 01:32:13:00 B W 1960 MS USA's Paul Robertson long jumps. 01:32:31:00 B W 1960 MS Long jump medals are awarded. 01:32:35:00 B W 1960 MS Livio Berruti wins 200-meter dash, receives gold medal. 01:33:15:00 B W 1960 MS Lee Calhoun wins gold medal in 110-meter hurdles. 01:33:53:00 B W 1960 MS Wilma Rudolph wins gold medal in 200-meter run. 01:34:28:00 B W 1960 MS Herb Elliot wins 1,500-meter run. 01:35:00:00 B W 1960 MS Otis Davis wins 400-meter dash. 01:35:40:00 B W 1960 MS Rafer Johnson & Yang Chuan compete & win the gold & silver medals. 01:36:30:00 B W 1960 MS Don Bragg pole vaults & sets world record. 01:36:41:00 B W 1960 MS Ron Morris pole vaults. 01:36:56:00 B W 1960 CU 1960 pole vault medalists Don Bragg & Ron Morris. 01:36:58:00 B W 1960 MS 1600-meter relay, USA's Otis Davis crosses finish line first. 01:37:28:00 B W 1960 CU Al Oerter throws discus. 01:37:33:00 B W 1960 MS Ray Babka throws discus. 01:37:41:00 B W 1960 CU Ray Babka and Al Oerter. 01:37:45:00 B W 1960 MS 400-meter relay race. 01:38:28:00 B W 1960 MS Wilma Rudolph competes in woman's relay race, USA wins. 01:38:48:00 B W 1960 MS 1960 marathon. 01:39:18:00 B W 1960 MS Ethiopia's Abebe Bikele runs under Arch of Titus to win 1960 marathon. 01:39:28:00 B W 1960 MS Closing ceremonies, 1960 Olympics.