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AFP-130AD 35mm; VTM-130AD Beta SP; NET-318 Beta SP (at 01:21:15:00); DigiBeta
B W 1961 Documentary about physical fitness, hosted by Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna. Contains a few excellent shots of the campy sort. 01:10:57:00 B W 1961 MS Uniformed man runs, jumps on another man, they wrestle. 01:10:58:00 B W 1961 AV Rock-climbing, man rappels on rope to ground. 01:11:03:00 B W 1961 CU Man in hat squints, aims rifle. 01:11:04:00 B W 1961 WS Troop of men in t-shirts jogging forward in rows. 01:11:07:00 B W 1961 MS Young marines do calisthenics. 01:11:15:00 B W 1961 WS Marines in rows lift heavy pipes. 01:11:19:00 B W 1961 WS PT boat surges thru water. 01:11:27:00 B W 1961 MS On moving boat as man in flippers & goggles is pulled aboard. 01:11:33:00 B W 1961 WS Coach & troop doing outdoor calisthenics 01:11:39:00 B W 1961 MS Fat man at table shuffles cards fat man at table with poker chips. 01:11:54:00 B W 1961 WS Highway during traffic jam. 01:11:58:00 B W 1961 CU Face of worried-looking man, his eyes moves back and forth, he takes big bite from sandwich looking nervous funny shot. 01:12:12:00 B W 1961 MS Fat man and glazed-looking chubby boy eat popcorn while watching TV stylized shots, black background good illustration of Couch Potato. (This shot is one the Watching Television CPL.) 01:12:35:00 B W 1961 WS Football stadium during game football scrimmage, players tumble atop each other. 01:12:45:00 B W 1961 WS Household appliances: electric dishwasher, washing machine, laundry dryer. 01:12:51:00 B W 1961 MS Woman tends washing machine, pan to her rear end. 01:12:58:00 B W 1961 MS Hammock on which Bob Hope swings, he rises to address camera, sidles over to blonde at washer to talk w her too. As Bob rattles on, couple in golf cart drives up. Bob Hope jokes w jovial mustached Jerry Colonna. 01:14:46:00 B W 1961 WS Communist sports parade in crowded stadium shirtless Young Pioneers do calisthenics before banners Soviet weightlifters lift enormous barbell sets. 01:15:00:00 B W 1961 WS Crowd at sports event. 01:15:10:00 B W 1961 WS Red Chinese do tai chi in stadium. 01:15:04:00 B W 1961 MS Soviet sports fans in stadium. 01:15:06:00 B W 1961 WS Above athletes in white organized in diagonal lines doing synchronized calisthenics on stadium floor. 01:15:09:00 B W 1961 WS PAN youths do jumping jacks, good shot. 01:15:13:00 B W 1961 WS PAN stadium floor, rows of athletes doing choreographed exercises. 01:15:34:00 B W 1961 MS University of Oklahoma football coach Bud Wilkinson addresses CAM. 01:16:25:00 B W 1961 MS Boys in white shorts & t-shirts doing jumping jacks. 01:16:42:00 B W 1961 MS Girl hops along course: relay hopping race girls run relay race, pass baton every 10 yards. 01:17:06:00 B W 1961 WS Football face-off player scores touchdown, black football player runs round end zone, approaches CAM and addresses viewers. It's Jim Brown. 01:18:40:00 B W 1961 WS Astronaut Alan Shepard lifts weights, barbells in gym. 01:19:03:00 B W 1961 MS Astronaut in spacesuit operates space capsule control panel G-force test, rotating mechanical arm swings astronaut around in test chamber scientists in control room observe test astronaut emerges from test chamber. 01:19:25:00 B W 1961 MS Alan Shepard in shorts & t-shirt finishes exercises, mops brow w towel, addresses camera. 01:20:23:00 B W 1961 MS Attendants help astronaut into sling, he floats in zero gravity chamber. 01:20:42:00 B W 1961 WS Rock-climbing: Men practice rope-sling rappelling on cliff Rock climbing soldiers at foot of cliff man swings across gorge on rope Waterfall in rocky gorge man treads across rope bridge over gorge soldier swings on rope across gully. 01:21:19:00 B W 1961 MS Officer swings signal flag. 01:21:18:00 B W 1961 WS Man drops from rope to splash in water. 01:21:22:00 B W 1961 MS Coach Wilkinson addresses camera in roomful of football players. 01:21:38:00 B W 1961 MS Child boxers duke it out, one falls children at small fry boxing match. 01:21:57:00 B W 1961 WS Indoor swimming match. 01:22:13:00 B W 1961 WS Man dives from high-dive board, does jack-knife dive. 01:22:19:00 B W 1961 WS Bowling alley behind bowler's feet as he hurls the ball excellent POV tracking shot, bowling ball hits pins for a strike. 01:22:25:00 B W 1961 WS Sprinters run footrace in stadium. 01:22:41:00 B W 1961 WS Training soldiers run down grassy knoll clutching rifles. 01:22:38:00 B W 1961 Excellent HA shot, diver leaping, jumping, doing side-flip falling dive. 01:22:43:00 B W 1961 Skydiver, parachutist falling through air. 01:22:49:00 B W 1961 WS Fencing in gym 2 men fighting with long baffled sticks in athletic match. 01:23:01:00 B W 1961 WS Outdoor swimming. 01:23:10:00 B W 1961 MS Man in scuba gear is pulled aboard moving boat. 01:23:16:00 B W 1961 WS Man does pole vault in stadium. 01:23:19:00 B W 1961 WS Man rappels down rope by cliff. 01:23:24:00 B W 1961 WS Athlete throws discus. 01:23:30:00 B W 1961 MS Soldier throws grenade. 01:23:35:00 B W 1961 WS Fat weightlifter lifts enormous barbell. 01:23:40:00 B W 1961 MS Jerry Colonna & Bob Hope lift pint-sized barbells.