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AFP-19ER 16mm VTM-19ER Beta SP
Silent Comedy
B W 1921 EDDIE BOLAND 01:09:30:00 B W 1921 ms Conductor tells Eddie to get off streetcar when he shows a transfer dated 1906 01:10:00:00 B W 1921 ms Eddie buys used car with set of pots and pans under the hood it also makes instant coffee in the radiator 01:11:50:00 B W 1921 ws Rear flap on Eddie's car drops to roadway and rides on it's own wheels...two bums jump on for free ride 01:13:02:00 B W 1921 ms Car stalls and Eddie finds the two bums...while he gets his rifle the bums run and hide...rifle goes off accidentally shooting a large gypsy in the rear 01:13:26:00 B W 1921 ws The gypsy and an idiot companion go after Eddie who misses being clubbed by the idiot when he twice bends over unexpectedly for radiator coffee...the gypsies confront Eddie who ducks when the idiot swings his club - it hits the large gypsy knocking him into the lake...Eddie breaks bottle on idiots head - the idiot falls into the lake knocking back in the large gypsy just getting out 01:14:32:00 B W 1921 ms cu Eddie gets eggs from chicken coop in the car and fries them on the car's engine...the bums sneak to the back of the car and eat the picnic lunch and are joined by other bums...Eddie gets his rifle and chases the bums into the gypsy camp tent...Eddie clubs the gypsy men as they pass then goes in tent and finishes off the bums 01:16:56:00 B W 1921 ms Eddie and wife try to put up a tent but a strong wind prevents also blows the car away piece by piece