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B W 1941 AKA: Paper Bullets and Gangs, Inc. Joan Woodbury (Rita Adams), Jack LaRue (Mickey Roma), Linda Ware (Donna Andrews), John Archer (Bob Elliott), Vince Barnett (Schribbler), Allan [Alan] Ladd (Jimmy Kelly), Gavin Gordon (Kurt Parrish), Philip Trent (Harold Dewitt), Willaim Halligan (Chief Flynn), George Pemborke (Clarence Dewitt), Selmer Jackson (District Attorney), Kenneith Harlan (Jim Adams), Bryant Washburn (Bruce King), Alden Chase (Joe Kent), Robert Strange (Lou Wood), Alex Callam (Fagan), Harry Depp (John Mason). Woodbury is a woman forced to go to jail after taking the rap for a wealthy playboy's hit and run accident. She discovers the real driver's identity and vows vengeance on his father. It turns out the man is political reformer whose career is ruined when Woodbury gets him involved in racketeering. She goes to prison once more but takes the man with her. 00:01:12:00 B W 1941 - WS - Children at play in a suburban athletic field 00:36:23:00 B W 1941 - MS - Rifle aimed through apartment house window kiss grand jury witness in his bathroom. 00:01:20:00 B W 1941 - MS - Elementary school girl speaks to her "daddy" on a bench and then continues to talk while they stroll. 00:37:40:00 B W 1941 - CU - Woodbury speaks over radio microphone about "hypocracy." 00:02:32:00 B W 1941 - MS - 1930s vintage car pulls speedily by and shots are fired, killing the father. 00:40:41:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury launches blackmail tactic in politicos office. 00:02:38:00 B W 1941 - CU - Building sign reads "Curtis Orphange Founded 1930" 00:44:18:00 B W 1941 - MS - Alan Ladd in dressing room with Linda Ware, his love interest. 00:03:00:00 B W 1941 - MS - Girl speaks with boy chum who is building an airplane maodle. 00:45:11:00 B W 1941 - CU - Ladd in small talk refers to "paper bullets" --- as political way to "control a town." 00:03:45:00 B W 1941 - CU - ...joined by tough streetwise "dead-end" kid type. 00:46:10:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury talks of her childhood and need to build playground and orphanges. Woodbury in persona closely tied to that of Susan Hayward in acting manner and vocal tune. 00:04:18:00 B W 1941 - CU - Chronological span ends - and little girl is now into early womanhood awakened by alarm clock...her look is now exotic with high arched eyebrows. 00:48:55:00 B W 1941 - MS - Gangsters playing card game in hotel suite. 00:05:37:00 B W 1941 - MS - Factory with office clerical work..and a talk with the boss about security for defense work and about being "bonded." 00:52:15:00 B W 1941 - MS - Night car speed ride on winding roads turns into police chase...around California hills curves (to credible chase music in crescendo). 00:07:09:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury armies show a cluttered apartment....speaks on old fashioned telephone to boyfriend who speaks on street telephone booth. 00:55:10:00 B W 1941 - WS - Car over cliff. 00:09:17:00 B W 1941 - CU - Montage of "wants ad" and Woodbury on telephone to follow up ads. 00:55:06:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury consoles a grieving Linda Ware. 00:09:31:00 B W 1941 - CU - Another telephone conversation is held by friend to set up a job interview. 00:56:27:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury wearing bangs and black evening dress, presents remarkable arched eyebrows. 00:09:56:00 B W 1941 - MS - Visitor calls on Woodbury dressed in all white evening dress (this is the boy who used to make airplane models.) 00:57:20:00 B W 1941 - MS - Linda Ware on bandstand sings "Blue Is The Day" - a ditty which mimics the Nelson Eddy Jeanette MacDonald operetta pop songs of these times - to piano accompaniment. 00:11:06:00 B W 1941 - CU- Young playboy type gentlemen sips cocktail at bar and talks to club Woodbury appears. 00:59:36:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury weds John Archer as LaRue plays best man...and is arrested after Grand Jury indictment. 00:12:05:00 B W 1941 - MS - Car speeds at night...with drunk driver...chased by motorcycle cap along winding country roads...and commits a hit and run murder. 01:00:07:00 B W 1941 - CU - Newspaper headline reads: "Four Named As Crime Board of Strategy"...."Brains of Underworld" with her photograph..."Queen of Crime." 00:14:13:00 B W 1941 - MS - Lawery's offic talks about drunk driving and frame up of girl friend, Woodbury. 01:00:46:00 B W 1941 - CU - LaRue Closes Bogart (cigarette at center lip and snap trim hat) in dark and shoots a "double-crosser." 00:15:32:00 B W 1941 - CU - Woodbury asked to acceed to the frame up, and agrees to "assume all responsibility for the crime." 01:01:16:00 B W 1941 - MS - Courtroom trial as prosecuter and defense parry before jury. 00:16:13:00 B W 1941 - MS - ....quick lovers false kiss. 01:04:16:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury and attorney confer over coffee at lunch break. 00:16:33:00 B W 1941 - MS - Judge sentences Woodbury to prison on frame up. 01:04:45:00 B W 1941 - MS - Continued courtroom testimony. 00:17:25:00 B W 1941 - MS - Visiting day scene at prison. 01:06:00:00 B W 1941 - MS - Surprise witness, Alan Ladd, appears to testify wearing workmens uniform disguise. 00:18:00:00 B W 1941 - WS - The prison yard and tower. 01:07:01:00 B W 1941 - CU - The jury verdict announced as quietly. Joan Woodbury as the existent heroine breaks down. 00:18:35:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury, released from prison, greets waiting friends. 01:07:36:00 B W 1941 - WS - Scene of a new children's playground with dedication plaque from "A Friend." This scene duplicates the opening scene of the film. 00:19:17:00 B W 1941 - MS - Nighttime burglary of office files to expose scandalous information. 00:22:05:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woodbury fits a blonde wig and "hangs around a corner for a pick up." 00:22:54:00 B W 1941 - MS - ...picks up a sucker for a ride into the hills and "holdup" of $81 - the car. 00:23:55:00 B W 1941 - CU - Headline reads: "Girl Bandit Robs Local Merchant" Woodbury laughs over the news. 00:24:52:00 B W 1941 - CU - Montage of newspaper crime headlines and speeding cars. 00:25:19:00 B W 1941 - MS - The girls pack for a quick trip. mid-40's fashion. 00:25:28:00 B W 1941 - CU - Railroad speeding on tracks. 00:25:42:00 B W 1941 - MS - Montage of night club lights and signs. 00:25:52:00 B W 1941 - MS- INT stylish club "42." 00:26:41:00 B W 1941 - CU - Linda Ware sings "I Know, I Know" a "night club patter" ditty of low grade piano accompaniment. 00:28:54:00 B W 1941 - MS - Crime fighters map out strategy to "crash" underworld. 00:30:03:00 B W 1941 - MS - 1940s hotel newsstand (also a cigar stand). 00:30:01:00 B W 1941 - CU - Alan Ladd emerges from car, enters cigar stand...briskly addresses woman attendant...and raids cash register for weekly payola. 00:31:27:00 B W 1941 - CU - Car rides away with rear sing..."Live and Let Live." 00:32:06:00 B W 1941 - MS - Ladd continues to make "protection racket" picks up cash....cigarette making Ladd snap-brim hat --- the essential gangster role.