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VTM-148V 1 inch; Beta SP
00:55:26:00 on tape B W 1967 Arab-Israeli 6-Day War of 1967. British-accented VO narration throughout, in a very matter-of-fact, assured tone. Also throughout is a very hip cool jazz soundtrack: think war scored to a coffee-house beat. This exceptionally well-photographed and edited film is, unfortunately, only the first of two reels. (All battle scenes are DAY, unless otherwise specified edited print.) 00:01:13:00 B W 1967 1967: Jordan's King Hussein and Egypt's President Gamal Abdel Nasser kiss on each cheek in greeting, after Hussein's signing of military pact with Nasser, putting Jordan's army under Egypt's command. Effigy hung over street, skull and crossbone flag (Jolly Roger) held by angry Palestinians. PLO leader Achmed Shukeiry calls for Jihad Holy War (no original VO). Crowd of Palestinians in loud demonstration, singing, chanting and echoing calls for vengeance (VO reads PLO statement: "We shall slaughter you. We shall wipe you out. Kill the Jews. Wipe out Israel...") reads "bloodthirst", "mob vengeance". 00:02:14:00 B W 1967 Poor quality kinescope of Egyptian military parade: Egyptian soldiers running in formation Egyptian armored troop carriers, Soviet-made tanks and rocket launchers, heavy cannon and artillery, and long-range missiles. 00:03:04:20 B W 1967 Map of combined military stockpile of Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia (all converging in Saudi Arabia), the unified Anti-Israeli Arab Armies in the Mideast (war machine). 00:03:20:15 B W 1967 Israeli jet fighter planes fly low over the sea to avoid Egyptian radar contact. POV Israeli planes bombing Egyptian air base targets POV from viewfinder: Israeli fighter jets flying low over targets, shooting and firing missiles. Animated map of "hot spots" of Arab Israeli War. LS and CU of Israeli General at battle map (holding pointer) and on the warfront good shots of Israeli soldiers in tanks and combat vehicles. Israeli jeeps, tanks and war vehicles moving out toward combat zone thick dust raised from movement of armored columns (counterattack of June 5, 1967). 00:05:02:00 B W 1967 POV viewfinder shots of Israeli fighter jets attacking Egyptian airfields and ground targets. VO says "300 Egyptian planes were destroyed on the morning of the first day". MCU commander of Israeli air force explaining the tactics of the first day's bombings, intercut with Egyptian jets (most likely MIGs) on airfields. AV of Israeli ground combat vehicles lined up before battle. Good shot of Israeli general giving briefing to his troops before battle. 00:06:45:00 B W 1967 troops seated on sandy ground 00:06:58:00 B W 1967 Vivid, exceptionally good ground combat battle scenes: side POV of Israeli jeeps moving en masse across desert tank swivels turret tanks firing at long-range targets, Israeli soldier looks through binoculars shell hits tank, tank explodes in ball of fire MCU mortar gun firing shells, Israeli soldiers putting small bombs into mortar gun Israeli soldiers on Israeli tank truck Israeli soldiers hop down from tank hatch, assist wounded tank driver in heat of battle (excellent) Israeli soldiers running across desert carrying bazooka guns, cloud of dust partially obscures the view. 00:08:50:15 B W 1967 Amazing shot of Israeli soldier jumping into trench occupied by fellow soldiers, from POV of hand-held camera right behind him, in the heat of battle. Machine gun fire ricochets off the sands. Tanks and military vehicles exploding, oily black fires. CU machine gunner Israeli troops walking in trenches beside tanks. Striking "you are there" quality to shots. Tanks moving across sand Israeli soldier on field telephone. Highway sign "PASSPORT CHECKPOST RAFA". CAM POV turns from burning tank on R to roadside billboard on L for Middle East Airlines (Airliban). Israeli tanks and jeeps on outskirts of Raffia. Israeli soldier in armored vehicle gives "go ahead" sign, holding flag. CU Israeli soldiers jumping from armored vehicle, CAM turns R to Israeli soldier talking on field telephone 00:10:38:00 B W 1967 Israeli soldiers move cautiously through town of Raffia crouching while clutching machine guns. LS of Arabs emerging from trench with arms held high, Arabs surrendering. EXCELLENT footage of large group of Arab Egyptian soldiers walking (half running) with arms held high, or with hands on their heads (prisoners of war). Arab prisoners sitting on ground, bunched together, CAM ZI to CU faces of Arab soldiers prisoners. Israeli military official speaking into microphone, CAM pans down to his fingers scanning a map detail (combat strategy) cut to Israeli general in war room detailing battle plan, using pointer on wall map. English translation VO of general: "Casualties were considerable, but by bashing our heads against the wall, we kept advancing with our best forces leading. We reached, attacked and took El Arish on time." Outpost of El Arish, bombed out buses 00:11:58:28 B W 1967 Israeli soldiers on deserted streets of El Arish wounded Israeli soldier carried on stretcher, medic holding bottle of plasma wounded soldiers lying on stretchers on ground, being treated by medics the wounded carried to Israeli helicopter Israeli helicopter takes off. CU Israeli soldier looking through gun viewfinder soldier operating unusual ground-to-air sonar device (sonar dish moving up and down), as he looks through gun viewfinder LS of Egyptian planes being shot down, and Israeli soldiers (many wearing sunglasses) shooting down Egyptian planes with high-speed ack-ack cannons (excellent exciting quick-cut montage). 4 Egyptian MIG jets streak by overhead (at 00:13:14:05). Very good scenes of Egyptian Israeli aerial dogfights, Egyptian planes shot down (most as seen through POV viewfinder). 00:14:06:15 B W 1967 Sinai air base at El Arish bombed out air traffic tower. MCU Israeli Air Force flag (Star of David shaded in) on El Arish flagpole shattered fragments of Egyptian fighter planes (wings, fuselage, etc.) strewn about on ground Israeli Air Force commander speaks about finding Egyptian intelligence reports re intended Israeli target cities. 00:14:41:21 B W 1967 EXT and INT shots of Israeli submarine (LS, MS and CU). INT of Israeli sub operators EXT sub submerging beneath the sea Israeli submarine captain looking through periscope. Israeli Navy commander standing beside map of Israel. June 5, 1967: undersea shots of Israeli scuba divers scuba divers attaching time bombs to undersea pilings of Egyptian naval base at Port Said or Alexandria. 00:16:06:26 B W 1967 POV Israeli military vehicle rolling through Gaza Strip VO mentions "heavy casualties" at Gaza from 20th Egyptian Division: bombed out tanks and jeeps at side of road, dead soldiers strewn about. Israeli jeeps roll through Gaza. Israeli soldiers firing artillery shells from tank. Heavy shelling. Armored tank force moves forward. Infantry attack at night soldiers advancing, seen through spotlights trained on them (reminiscent of WWI footage). CU helicopter-borne paratroopers jump out of helicopters (night footage). Night shot: helicopter lands, stirs up clouds of dust LS of troops running out of helicopter. Great shot of Israeli troops with machine guns running across desert sands at night vivid footage. Day shots of destroyed enemy tanks armored vehicles on fire, smoldering ruins. Egyptian prisoners (many wounded) sitting glumly on ground, barbed wire strung around them to prevent their escape. 00:18:37:00 B W 1967 Israeli fighter jets taking off from air base great shots of Israeli jets bombing ground targets, from POV front of jet (at fast speed). Oily black plumes of smoke fill the sky. Very good shot of Israeli jet with open parachute slowing down its touchdown speed. Israeli soldiers running to Israeli jets carrying large bombs. MCU open cockpit of Israeli jet. Israeli ground crew lifting bombs onto jet with winch. Ground crew use hose from fuel truck to fill bomber plane with jet fuel. Pilot lowers cockpit hatch Israeli bomber jets taxi on airfield, then take off, with their wheels retracting. More jet POVs of land target bombings attacks. Map of Israeli attack plan, with arrows pointing across Egypt. 00:21:00:00 B W 1967 MCU tense faces of Israeli soldiers Israeli soldiers in jeeps awaiting news to advance. AV Israeli tanks lying motionless in desert (the "quiet before the storm") ominous music on soundtrack. CU Israeli soldier sitting in jeep inspecting map, and pointing to location on map. CU Israeli soldier looking through binoculars LS tanks in desert, POV binoculars. Israeli soldier gives signal with flag, tanks fire guns. Two-way radio communications (audio) CU machine gun fire (many shots of this scan through this section) enemy tanks hit, thick black smoke plumes up in air (fireballs). [Destruction Ruin of war]. 00:23:43:00 B W 1967 Israeli general at battle map, pointing to battle locations VO describes "an almost total destruction of the enemy's armored force". AV shattered enemy trucks, tanks, guns and arms litter desert highway (from helicopter POV) Mitla Pass. 00:24:36:00 B W 1967 Good CU shot of Israeli missile pointing skyward, CAM pan down from top to bottom of missile. MCU rear of missile side shot. LS Israeli tanks and jeeps advancing soldier waves from tank. Enemy tanks on fire (ground and AVs). CU (side profiles) Israeli soldiers on moving armored vehicles resolute, determined. LS AV Israeli armored vehicles (tanks, jeeps, trucks) swiftly advancing across enemy territory in desert. VO: "By 1:00 on Friday morning, the Eastern bank of the Suez Canal and the Gulf of Teheran were in Israeli hands": side shot of steel truss bridge crossing Suez Canal gun-toting soldiers beside the bridge Israeli soldiers taking a barefoot dip in waters of Gulf of Teheran Israeli soldier fishing in Gulf (soldiers relaxing). 00:26:25:00 B W 1967 Israeli ship in Mediterranean waters, MS rotating radar antenna, TD to Israeli sailors aboard ship VS sailors looking through binoculars POV binoculars: submarine just below water. Depth charges fired into water, explosions in water behind ship. Soldiers firing machine guns from ship cruiser. AV cove harbor (Sharma Shekh sp?). LS ships of Israeli Navy cruising in Gulf waters. Grim faces of determined Israeli soldiers sailors patrolling Egyptian coastline from boat. Israeli soldiers take down Egyptian flag from flagpole, raise the Israeli flag (Star of David) ZI on Israeli flag flying. (VO: "By Wednesday the Gulf of Teheran was open again to ALL shipping".) Map w arrows of Israeli troop movement through Egypt, VO: "All of Sinai was in Israel hands". 00:28:32:00 B W 1967 Boots of Egyptian soldiers Egyptian prisoners seated on ground. Egyptian drinking from tin can, lid bent back. Egyptians sharing water tin, passing can from person to person. Egyptians eating. Wounded or weakened prisoners assisted by nurses into small boats to ferry them back across the Suez Canal to Egypt. 00:29:19:00 B W 1967 Excellent LS CU shots of victorious Israeli soldiers marching in Sinai desert, broad smiles, waving ZI on Israeli soldier holding small Egyptian flag affixed to jeep. Great MS of Israeli soldiers smiling and waving (one w cigar clenched between teeth). Israeli generals shaking hands and embracing. ["Winner", "victory", "congratulations"]. 00:30:17:00 B W 1967 Monday June 5, 1967: Jordanians bomb Jerusalem, building on fire after bomb hit. VO mention of Jordanians bombing Netanya and Klarsaba (sp?). People frantically running through streets as sirens wail, tank rolling through tree-lined streets. CU building on fire, timbers collapsing (Jerusalem). Israeli Parliament gathered in Jerusalem to swear in the new Government of National Unity (poor quality). Bomb- shattered Jerusalem street, car and sidewalk in ruins. Wounded Israeli man with bandaged forehead and chin. 00:31:26:00 B W 1967 Jerusalem Brigade of tanks on road MCU Israeli soldier atop tank, binoculars in hand. Israeli armored troop truck on road. Tanks shelling targets. Excellent shot of CAM running with and following Israeli soldiers in the thick of battle, one Israeli soldier falls, CAM stops and focuses on the wounded soldier being assisted by another great, vital footage. POV tanks rolling on highway, focusing on bombed-out armored vehicles on roadside. Tank on fire. Israeli soldiers running, clutching machine guns, as gunfire echoes through streets of town. Israeli soldiers enter just-shelled enemy building. Israeli soldiers in large dining area or office, half-consumed food and beverages still on table. EXT building (Moorish arch entryway). 00:32:43:00 B W 1967 The "Hot L" (sp?) Brigade: caravan of Israeli armored vehicles (tanks, jeeps, etc.) advancing on mountain road (Babel Wat [sp?] Path), headed for Jordanian outposts. Children sitting on stone wall and waving to soldiers. 3-star Israeli general on field telephone. Superb footage of night battle (fought by light of searchlights on tanks): smoke fills air, hovers around tanks visually excellent. Incredible shot of flares bursting in air, reminiscent of fireworks VS tanks firing guns, loud echo of gunfire. Tank fires shell, and the far-off explosion is seen moments later (especially dramatic in dark light). (VO: "The road to Ramala and Calandria and Northern Jerusalem was open"). 00:34:17:00 B W 1967 Dramatic shot of tank gun emerging from smoke, tank advancing down highway (daylight). Soldiers firing machine guns from jeep jeeps armored vehicles filled with Israeli soldiers crossing the "dangerous Coastal Strip" of Israel ("a width of only 12 miles"), smoke of gunfire all around them. Tanks firing guns, shells exploding. Israeli infantry running through streets of Qalqilya, on June 6, 1967. Soldiers clutching machine guns scramble through underbrush suddenly, a tethered cow appears from behind tree, frightened and struggling to break free of its rope as soldiers run past it! (Great) 00:35:20:00 B W 1967 June 7, 1967: more advancing Israeli soldiers and armored vehicles. Distant smoke on hill from shelled target a helicopter appears at L and touches down. Wounded Israeli soldiers on stretchers, brought to waiting helicopter medics holding plasma walk beside stretcher. Wounded soldiers on helicopter, illuminated by light from windows cramped, confining. Helicopters take off. Viewfinder shots of Egyptian MIGs being shot down. Elia Sector, in vicinity of Jerusalem: last fortified stronghold of the Jordanians Israeli infantry lie in wait, crouching on hilly ground, as Israeli jets fly overhead. LS and MS bomb explosions from fighter jets. 00:36:54:00 B W 1967 Israeli soldiers crawling on ground and cutting barbed wire with wire cutters CU and MS: incredibly tense CU footage of Israeli soldiers poking ground looking for live land mines. Israeli soldier crawls toward land mine (protective marker identifying it), and slowly defuses the mine filmed in tight CU, heightening the tension. Nervous soldiers watch from a distance CU land mine removed, soldiers relieved, stand up, start walking. (VO: "Elias fell at noon") 00:38:09:00 B W 1967 Israeli jet streak overhead as infantry marches across hill. VS LS Jerusalem (generic). Walled inner city of Jerusalem, on hill. Minaret tower. Sandbags in building window arches. Soldiers look through binoculars. Soldier guarding Jerusalem post. (Film abruptly ends).