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AFP-130DB 16mm; DN-S-078 1 inch
B W 1946 Film techniques such as slow motion and CU photography are used to enable students to see clearly the fundamental skills of soccer. Shown are the dribble, passing defense tactics, the volley and fouls. In addition the film shows definite ways that each player can cooperate with her teammates to succeed in their game. 00:49:58:00 B W 1946 ms N.J. State Teacher's College at Trenton Ground level camera views starting game formation of girls soccer game. Kicker with back to camera. 00:50:04:00 B W 1946 ms Offensive and defensive team engage as they follow the soccer ball. 00:50:16:00 B W 1946 ms Cheering girls in stands watching the game. 00:50:21:00 B W 1946 ws Camera views full field of play, behind the goal post uprights as a defensive player blocks a kick toward the goal post. 00:50:24:00 B W 1946 ws Offensive players "head-punts" ball over for a goal as it eludes the efforts of the defense to block. 00:50:30:00 B W 1946 The dribble. 00:51:27:00 B W 1946 Passing. 00:53:08:00 B W 1946 Defensive tactics. 00:57:18:00 B W 1946 Goalkeeping privileges.