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AFP-25HX 35mm VTM-25HX Beta SP
B W 1945 VARIOUS SHELLING & BOMBING 00:10:00:00 B W 1944 cu Calendar page June 6, 1944 00:10:09:00 B W 1945 cu German and German American headlines of invasion of Europe. 00:10:14:00 B W 1945 cu Animation map of invasion coast in France. 00:10:22:00 B W 1945 ws Aircraft crossing channel. 00:10:27:00 B W 1945 cu,ms Germans preparing for invasion: German pilots and radio operators. German soldiers grab rifles and run through underground fortifications. 00:11:20:00 B W 1945 ws Searchlight antiaircraft firing at night flares artillery firing. 00:13:08:00 B W 1945 ls,ms Invasion fleet in channel. 00:13:26:00 B W 1945 ws German coast artillery firing on invasion on fleet ships return fire. 00:15:10:00 B W 1945 cu,ms German fortifications and beach defenses. 00:15:24:00 B W 1945 ms German soldiers firing artillery, machine guns and rifles. 00:15:42:00 B W 1945 cu German SS soldier CU face wearing helmet. 00:15:43:00 B W 1945 ls,ms German soldier CU face. 00:16:23:00 B W 1945 ms,cu Camouflaged German tanks and self propelled crews operating on beach. 00:17:17:00 B W 1945 ms Parachute caught in tree wreckage allied plane dead airman. 00:17:32:00 B W 1945 ms Allied soldiers surrendering.