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JB-1967 35mm
B W 1930s Russian Material (old reel #1518, 1504) 00:00:00:00 - 00:06:00:00 B W 1930s 1944-45 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Begins with American scenes. Snow, children in a beautiful tree-lined street. A school, the principal is reading, CU shots, learning addition. Children playing. Maypole spinners, Children write names on blank map 00:06:00:01 - 00:12:00:00 B W 1930s Back in USSR. Moscow's park. Moscow's river, wooden horses. Change to Siberia, Lake Baikal. Fishing boats. Family and house INT shots, they are cream-separator, these are Buryates. Long shots of boats, they are taking up barrels of fish. Smoked fish in the sun 00:12:00:01 - 00:17:00:00 B W 1930s A very striking boat, a woman rowing. A storm is coming, the fishermen pull their nets. The old lighthouse keeper. 00:17:00:01 - 00:23:15:00 B W 1930s Change to Leningrad bathing. Leningrad under construction. Place of the Martyrs. The common grave of the Civil War Martyrs. St Isaac Cathedral, CU of the bronzes. Statue of St. Peter. Napoleonic, the Arch of Victory, Beautiful view of Leningrad canal. The Admiralty Spire. Monuments. Landmarks. The entrance of Hermitage. The winter Palace, the fountain at Petrov Palace.