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MDS-25 16mm
1930s; 1940s; 1950s
1930s, 1940s, 1950s, Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Nazism, Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, swastikas, ; charity, relief organizations, aid, schooling, education, agriculture, agricultural, victims, immigrants, ; rescuing, rescue, death, immigration, Judaism, Jews, childhood, hospitals, Zionism, Zionists, Kibbutzim, ; ICCY
Informative film as an 'appeal' for the work of the International Cultural Center For Youth (Youth Aliyah) and Hadassah, which helped children survive the ravages of WWII and to grow up to become productive citizens of Israel. Contains reenactments and documentary footage from Nazi Germany and refugees fleeing the destruction of the war. Numerous shots of children of all ages throughout, including as refugees in war-torn Europe, at work on agricultural fields, playing, and studying in classrooms. ***************************************************************************************************** 00:00:00 Title cards: Hadassah & Junior Hadassah Present They Live Again. Script, Mina Brownstone Continuity & Editing, Boris Vermont Assistant Editor, Max Feldman Music Arrangement Courtesy of Sam Fox Music Publishing Co. Produced by Hazel Greenwald for National Youth Aliyah (Immigration) Committee of Hadassah Narrated by Paul Muni. Title cards superimposed over images of Nazi Europe: What has become of the Jewish children of Europe? Have any been saved from Nazi persecution? Here is our Answer! Brief shots Nazi actions. Nazis break window of Jewish store & raid it (Kristallnacht?). Nazi paints "Jude" sign on storefront window. Nazis take away Jewish shop owner. CU putting up Anti-Semitic Nazi sign Zutritt Fur Juden Verboten! Nazis in the streets. CU swastika label. VS barbed wire fences 01:59:32 MS boys in classroom look at books. CU Anti-Semitic cartoons. Nazis throw sheet music in pile. CU book spines. Nazi book burning. INT bomb wrecked church. TU large synagogue, VS destruction on side of synagogue. 03:07:48 Immigrants get visas checked. Immigrants on European streets. EXT Association Asile de Nuit, Asile de Jour & Creche Israelites in France. Immigrants in shelter eat in dining hall & wash faces. Bombs, German soldiers marching. LA formation of war planes in sky. Explosions on the ground. Destroyed bridge. PAN Warsaw bombed, destroyed. German soldier removes Polish coat of arms & tosses to ground. 04:45:44 Bombs fall to targets on the ground. VS civilians flee & hide intercut w shots of war planes in sky. VS artillery cannon fire. War plane on fire crashes. 05:47:31 VS war dead amidst destruction. VS grieving women. Fleeing women & children in war-torn Europe (refugees). VS refugee children. Suffering & wounded people. Refugees sleeping. 07:31:23 VS refugees wandering in refugee camps. War orphans in refugee camp. 09:10:12 Refugees wandering. PAN refugee children eating. VS refugee caravan. Reenacted scene refugees find each other at Teheran camp, kiss & hug. Aid worker hands out clothes to refugees. Children eat in large 'mess' tent. Children travel by rail. VS landscapes from inside train. 11:17:55 Map of Europe w arrow pointing from Poland to Israel. Large vessel on sea (quick shot). CU Star of David symbol w animated background. Photo of Henrietta Szold. Children disembark steamship, are helped into bus. Young children are fed & clothed. Children outside Hadassah Medical Center. INT Hadassah Medical Center, children in hospital beds. 13:08:00 CU crying baby behind wire fence. Babies in playpen. Young children playing in playground. VS children playing w animals. Boy petting chick, feeding animals. VS children eating (cute). Children cleaning dishes. VS children in classroom & reading Hebrew books. VS children at work in the fields. 15:31:63 CU hands working on crops, tractor plowing soil. VS young men & woman at work in agricultural fields. in grape vineyards, orange orchards, olive groves & on farms. CU boys drinking water from jugs. CU hands picking bunch of grapes. Woman picking oranges from tree. CU oranges on assembly line being inspected. Woman picking olives. Women feeding chickens, taking eggs from nest. CU weighing egg & placing in crate of eggs, stamping approval. Herd of sheep. Man milking sheep. CU womans hands milking cow. 18:52:74 Young men & women work at mining site at Dead Sea. Irrigation canals, CU views of soil. Tractor plowing soil. VS young men & women planting crops in soil (Kibbutz?). (skips a lot) CU vegetables in baskets. Fishermen spread nets by sea. CU fish in nets. 22:25:87 PAN Israeli cityscape. Traffic on busy streets, crossing guard directs pedestrians. VS industrial works (some shots skip a lot). 23:34:72 CU Israel Army propaganda posters. CU headshots of Israeli soldiers (skips a lot). Soldiers marching. Soldiers starting up propellers on Israeli army airplanes. 24:33:00 Map of Europe w arrows pointing to countries & giving population numbers of dead Jews. (Narrator wraps up w repeat shots of earlier scenes - skips a lot). Children in field, smiling at CAM. Young men & women marching in field. Title card: The End 25:46:53 OUT