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AFP-41BS 16mm; VTM-41BS Beta SP
Color 1959 Opens by showing a large harbor and pointing out different kinds of work boats, such as the cargo freighter, oil tanker, river barge, steamship, tugboat, and fireboat. Continues by explaining the special function of the ferry and showing how it is operated. Concludes by taking a voyage aboard a ferry that crosses the English Channel. 00:40:02:00 Color 1959 title Film opens (in medios res) as boy runs on wooden drawbridge pier, waves at camera, bridge ramp raises, deckhand closes gates, WS the edge of the pier and pilot house... Passenger on boat waving. CU uniformed captain and pilot of the boat. Starboard view off the boat's beam... (Polka or sailor jig music). Narration and soundtrack. 00:40:49:00 Color 1959 ls,ms Harbor view. Cargo ship tied to dock. 00:40:58:00 Color 1959 ms Dock workers hoist cargo. Cargo goes over the large steamship's deck above the storage hatchway. 00:41:07:00 Color 1959 cu Cargo on a hoist. 00:41:20:00 Color 1959 ms Oil tanker tied to dock. Deck machinery. 00:41:30:00 Color 1959 ms Flat River Barge underway on inland channel . 00:41:40:00 Color 1959 ms Steamship pulls out of harbor slip. 00:41:55:00 Color 1959 ms Staten Island Ferry carrying passengers and cars in Lower Bay of New York harbor, with New York City skyline in background. 00:42:01:00 Color 1959 ms Tugboats surrounding larger vessels in the harbor. 00:42:13:00 Color 1959 ms Fireboat underway 00:42:19:00 Color 1959 ms Staten Island Ferry approching slip. 00:42:23:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry. Crew standing at the bow. 00:42:27:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry docks. Passenger wait to disembark. stand behind crew men. 00:42:33:00 Color 1959 ms Car drives on the Ferry. 00:42:42:00 Color 1959 ms Car made secure on a small scale Ferry. 00:42:47:00 Color 1959 ms Pilot at the wheel of the three car ferry. . 00:42:52:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry underway carrying cars across the water body. 00:43:15:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry pulls into its slip. Cars drive off. Young couple wheel baby carriage off the ferry. 00:43:53:00 Color 1959 ms Passengers leaving a large ferry. Passengers on deck of the ferry. 00:44:06:00 Color 1959 ls,ms a ferry boat leaving the ferry slip, loaded with passengers and cars. Leaving Staten Island and headed for the Battery in New York City. The "Mary Murray". Passengers standing at the deck railing looking at the waters in the Bay. Mother and small child at the railing. 00:44:21:00 Color 1959 ws A harbor tender ship passing the Statue of Liberty. 00:44:26:00 Color 1959 ms Woman holding pet dog at the ferry's railing. 00:44:30:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry heading toward the Battery slip, lower Manhattan skyscrapers in view. 00:44:38:00 Color 1959 ws The ferry building at the foot of the downtown skyscrapers (soundtrack-sounds of the ferry horn). 00:44:42:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry slips into the dock, with passengers and cars. 00:44:47:00 Color 1959 ws a large sized modern ferry. 00:44:50:00 Color 1959 ms Railroad yard scene. Switchman guides freight train. Freight cars on rails chug in and out of ferry boat. Passenger train cars on track in train station. Side view of a freight car. Gondola car, oil car. Front view of freight car slowly moving into the ferry 00:45:08:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry lower deck loaded with trucks, cars and freight cars. 00:45:17:00 Color 1959 ls,ms Large ferry boat in dock on the English Channel. "Halsskov". Bus enters the ferry, car drives unto the ferry. Line of cars waiting to board the ferry. Vendors service passengers of waiting cars. 00:45:41:00 Color 1959 cu Hot Dog vendor takes a Frank from the "hot"compartment of his wagon. 00:45:42:00 Color 1959 ms "Shell" service van. Gas station attendent and gas pumps. 00:45:57:00 Color 1959 ms Cars ride ramp unto the English Channel Ferry. 00:46:05:00 Color 1959 ms Trucks enter Ferry by its lower deck. Cars ride ramp to enter an upper garage deck. 00:46:25:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry captain on the bridge. 00:46:27:00 Color 1959 ms Deckhand inspects the mooring lines. 00:46:35:00 Color 1959 ms Steel ramp is raised and deckhand closes the gates. 00:46:47:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry underway. Passing lighthouse. White Cliffs of Dover. 00:47:07:00 Color 1959 ms Captain on the bridge deck. Passengers on ferry deck. 00:47:13:00 Color 1959 ws Ferry crossing the English Channel 00:47:17:00 Color 1959 ms Passengers seated in the dining room, relaxing on deck chairs, looking at the sights. Captain on the bridge as the ferry approaches the ferry port. 00:47:46:00 Color 1959 ms Ferry slips into the dock. 00:47:51:00 Color 1959 ms Wooden pilings border the slip. 00:47:57:00 Color 1959 ms Deckhands pulling out the mooring ropes to secure the ferry to the dock. 00:48:02:00 Color 1959 ms Trucks and cars drive from the "garage" deck, as the Captain walks along the side. Cut.