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OUR WORLD - 1937 #4
TAP-2D Beta SP; NET-486 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
Universal Newsreel Vol. 9 Rel.# 540 (February 24, 1937): 03:01:01:00 B W 1937 "FAIRY HILL WINS RICH SANTA ANITA DERBY BY A LENGTH. Arcadia, California: Forty-five thousand ardent turf fans see Fairy Hill conquer Military in a gallant stretch battle to capture the $50,000 Santa Anita Derby. Prominent movie stars join the big crowd of spectators." (Original Universal description). Crowd, horse race, finish. (note: the "prominent movie stars" are not visible in the segment). 03:01:49:00 B W 1937 "BLACK BLIZZARDS RAGE AGAIN OVER THE SOUTHWEST" (Dust Bowl) "A BLIZZARD OF BLACK SILT blows upon the Southwest for seven days, bringing death to humans and livestock and piling up big new totals in property damages. An area of 20,000 square miles in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico is hit by the scourge." (Original Universal description). Farmland covered in dust, idle equipment. CU hand gripping dust-ravaged clump of grass. Farmers shoveling dust away from farm fences. Profile of farmer shielding his eyes trying to walk toward farmhouse, weather vane in bg. 03:02:26:00 B W 1937 "GALENA, ILLINOIS - 5 DEAD IN ILLINOIS FLOODS - Sudden high water traps five persons and sends hundreds fleeing for safety to higher ground. The deluge sweeps through cities and towns, in many places piling up higher than a man's head, and leaving ice several feet thick as it subsides." (Original Universal description). Ice clogged river, ice flowing under river bridge. Snows wrought havoc on river town, bridge. Twisted wreckage of railroad bridge. 03:02:57:00 B W 1937 "FISHING CRAFT BLESSED IN OLD MARITIME RITE - Saint-Malo, France: The hardy fishermen of Brittany prepare to sail on their wintry journey to Newfoundland waters as the Archbishop and his impressive suite perform the ancient ceremony of blessing the vessels, a ceremony known as the "Pardon" of the "Terre-Neuvas." (Original Universal description). Artsy editing of old time ship, Catholic bishop blesses ship. 03:03:41:00 B W 1937 "LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: OLD MEXICAN RITE REVIVED - Spanish-American residents of the Coast city bring pets to be blessed in an ancient and colorful ceremony. The priest gives benediction to a wide assortment of livestock running from a goldfish to a lion cub." (Original Universal description). Animals get blessed, dogs, horses, mules, lion cub. 03:04:10:00 B W 1937 "BRITISH CROWN JEWELS SCREENED FOR FIRST TIME - London, England: The dazzling array of the British crown jewels is photographed in its well-guarded niche at the Tower of London. These pictures are the first ever to be made of the famous collection of gems." (Original Universal description). Crownd, CU's, sword and scabbard, sceptre. 03:05:07:00 B W 1937 "STREAMLINED SUITS FOR MEN DISPLAYED AT FASHION SHOW - Washington, DC: the International Merchant Tailors Association exhibits what it thinks the 'Well-Dressed Man' should wear. And it's a riot of color, with royal blue tailcoats, plum-colored dinner jackets and cardinal red sports coats." (not that you can see the colors in Universal Newsreel Black & White). (original Universal description, in quotes). Focus on men's fashion: dinner jackets bow ties elegance formal attire. Two very well-dressed men in top hats, jackets, ties, vests and canes. Men's swimwear bathing suits. Women in segment also elegant in evening gowns and bathing sutis. 03:05:50:00 B W 1937 "SIT-DOWN STRIKE [at submarine plant] DELAYS WORK ON US SUBMARINES - Groton, Connecticut: The latest strike for union recognition ties up the plant of the Electric Boat Company where submarines for the United States Navy are under construction. A picket line and scores of State police surround the plant." (original Universal description). WS outside factory - policemen and pickets (many wearing sign "Men Out On Strike"), idle scaffolding. Universal Newsreel Vol. 9 Rel.# 554 (April 14, 1937): 03:06:22:00 B W 1937 "SPANISH FORCES AT DEATH GRIPS IN CRUCIAL DRIVE [LOYALISTS GET NEW WEAPONS] - Madrid, Spain: Government forces, locked in a crucial battle with rebels at the gates of the city, receive big, new shipments of the latest models in mechanized fighting equipment. Firemen rush to extinguish a blaze in the North Station, started by incendiary bombs." (Original Universal description). Wreckage in city of Madrid - buildings, trains at train station. Fire smoldering in train station (North Station). Firemen, people moving furniture. New shipment of rifles being distributed inside train station. WS Spanish rural vista. Wounded on stretchers. Good MS firing cannon. Soldiers in trenches laying comunications cable setting gun sights, firing tanks wreckage machine guns. Excellent Spanish Civil War segment. 03:07:39:00 B W 1937 "NAVY AIR SQUADRON IN NON-STOP MASS HOP TO HONOLULU 12 NAVY PLANES HOP PACIFIC. San Diego, California: A roaring squadron of United States Naval bombers takes off, one by one, for the long voyage over the bounding Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. Members of the flying fleet say a fond farewell to the smaller members of their families." (Original Universal description). Seaplanes outside hangar, families saying goodbye to pilots. Seaplane taxiing from land to water, takes off from water. 03:08:20:00 B W 1937 "LEATHER PUSHER MIX IT UP IN AAU [Boxing] CHAMPIONSHIPS. Boston, Massachusetts: Amateur boxers from all over the United States and the Territory of Hawaii swap punches and wild swings for glory and the title bestowed by the AAU in its National Boxing Championships at the Boston Garden." (Original Universal description). Yep, they're amateur, all right. Good TKO at end. 03:09:19:00 B W 1937 "$10,000,000 SNOW BLANKET COVERS TEXAS DUST BOWL SNOWFALL SAVES DUST BOWL - Amarillo, Texas: The parched, burned plains of Texas and Oklahoma, where Black Blizzards of dust have turned farming land into the piteous Dust Bowl, receive the benediction of snow. Three to five inches of the frozen crystals mean a saving of $10,000,000." Cattle on snowy field, happy Texan grabs snow and makes a snowball, VS rural Texas landscapes. 03:09:55:00 B W 1937 "MOUNTAIN OF JUNK MELTS AS NATIONS BUY US SCRAP IRON" [Nations Buy US Scrap]. "Portland, Oregon - A whole range of "hills", formed by the deposit of metal junk is rapidly disappearing as the scrap is loaded into ship after ship for transport abroad to the heavy users of America's waste." EXT Wolf Machinery Company, huge pile of scrap metal. MS large magnet lifting pile of metal junk. VS work at a junk heap. 03:10:33:00 B W 1937 "YOUNG MISSES POSE FOR OLD MASTERS IN LIVING ART SHOW CLASSIC ART COMES TO LIFE - New York City - A Fifth Avenue shop turns the legend of Pygmalion and Galatea to picturesque use, decorating its windows with reproductions of paintings by Monet, Picasso and other masters. Beside the prints are exact reproductions by living models." (Original Universal description). Women pose within frames, female on-lookers suspicious. 03:11:15:00 B W 1937 "INDIAN POLO TEAM SCALPED 10-7 BY PALEFACE RIDERS - Toppenish, Washington: The only Indian polo quartette in the country meets the paleface on the playing field and goes down to defeat by the score of 10 to 7. But the game is full of thrills and both sides fight hard for victory." (Original Universal description - of course). American Indians Native Americans on horses playing polo, American Indian men in traditional outfits. 03:12:06:00 B W 1937 "CAL-TECH STUDENTS WORK IN MILLION VOLT LABORATORY STUDENTS [Create] LIGHTNING - Pasadena, California: Undergraduates at California Tech show what can be done in the way of man-made lightning bolts. They play tricks on the high- frequency current that are startling in the extreme." (Original Universal description). Electrical "flame" rising from some contraption (arc-ing) very impressive shot of man "playing with electricity", captures lightning bolt on a rod - excellent shot !! 03:12:48:00 "ITALIAN WOMEN TAUGHT SKIING BY THE GOVERNMENT FASCIST GIRLS IN TRAINING - Asiago, Italy: The Fascist Academy of Athletics, high in the Dolomite Alps, is teaching the young women of the nation gymnastics with plenty of ski-ing designed to produce sound, healthy girls." (Original Universal description). Ranks of women on Italian Alps ski slopes. END 03:13:37:00