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OUR WORLD -1939 #6
TAP-3F Beta SP
06:00:51:00 - 06:11:00:00 B W 1939 Universal newsreel V11, Rel.# 778 (June 7, 1939): 06:00:51:00 B W 1939 Washington DC - ceremony, statue unveiling - American flag over statue. Old woman (Mrs. Will Rogers) with Will Hays. Head of statue is undraped crowd admires statue. CU statue of Will Rogers. VS speakers, spectators, statue. Original Universal descripiton: "UNVEIL STATUE OF WILL ROGERS - A memorial in the Capitol Rotunda for the famous humorist and writer is presented by Governor Phillips of Oklahoma and accepted for the nation by Senator Alben Barkley, as his widow, sister and children look on." 06:01:23:00 B W 1939 New York City - fire firemen on ladder fire equipment in the street. Fire chief. Firemen cutting through billboard smoke billows above billboards. Times Square crowd watches. Firemen give artificial respiration victims look to be in bad shape. Original Universal description: "BLAZE BLOCKS TIMES SQUARE - Thrilling scenes of a fire behind huge billboards at N.Y.'s busiest intersection that draws thousands of spectators and injures several firemen, who are overcome by smoke. All traffic is at a standstill, as the fight goes on!" 06:02:02:00 B W 1939 Boston, Massachusetts - man picked up by a ship, is led ashore (Cheston Eshelman, "daring novice pilot who insisted he was flying to Mars in a "stolen" plane, is fished out of the ocean 175 miles from shore, & seized by police after landing on the rescue ship"). Crackpot. 06:02:26:00 B W 1939 Hollywood, California - 52-lane bowling alley opens. Many lanes in action quick shot of Freddie Bartholomew. Women (Anita Louise & Paula Stone) give it a shot. Original Universal description: "FILM KEGLERS OPEN BIG ALLEYS - Screen notables, including Freddie Bartholomew, Anita Louise, Paula Stone and others, throng to the opening of a huge 52-lane alley, and try their hand at the ancient game! A real Screen "Hit," too!" 06:03:01:00 B W 1939 Independence, Kansas - carnival county fair, with carousel (great late 1930s Americana). Interracial white and black children riding on the carousel. Children drink soda (Coca-Cola) from the old green bottles. Three baby bears at zoo. Black and white children again drinking Coca-Cola, baby with Coca-Cola and ice cream bar (a good sugar rush!!) Original Universal description: "5,000 KIDS AT BIRTHDAY PARTY - Thousands of thrilled youngsters ride the Merry-Go- Round, eat ice cream and drink soda pop as guests of Mayor Ralph Mitchell on his 49th birthday. The climax of the day is the naming of bear cubs at the zoo!" 06:03:31:00 B W 1939 San Francisco, California - "beautiful back" contest. Goofy shot - chiropractor checks backs on row of bathing beauties. Original Universal description: "PERFECT BACK FOUND IN CONTEST - Pretty lassies from far and wide assemble at the Golden Gate Fair for the 3rd annual contest of the nation's chiropractors! Lovely June Lane wins the gold trophy with an "All-American" back!" 06:03:53:00 B W 1939 Mount Hood, Oregon: Norwegian Crown Prince Olaf tries one of America's best ski runs. Tractor pulls skiiers through the snow. Skiiers gear up tramping along. Skiiers schussing down slope mcu of Crown Prince Olaf. Original Universal description: "PRINCE OLAF TAKES TO SKIS - The Norwegian Crown Prince tries one of America's best ski runs, and displays championship form during a perilous 50 M.P.H. descent in a snow-storm. He sets his royal party a dizzy pace!" 06:04:26:00 B W 1939 New York City. Original Universal description: "NEW MIRRORED LOUNGES SHOWN - Here's just the thing to bring out the latest fashion designs, as displayed by pretty models! Amazing mirrored cocktail bars and dressing tables, where beauty and style see eye to eye!" Late 1930s elegance: 3 society women sitting around lounges (possibly made of Lucite). An elegant afternoon tea, demitasse, or after dinner coffee arrangement at party then shot of woman at her mirrored dresser, her maid looking on. Lovely woman combs hair by her dresser, her reflection seen in the mirrored top of the dresser. Excellent segment. 06:05:29:00 B W 1939 San Diego, California - AV Catalina flying boats over landscape VS planes, pilots. Original Universal dsecription: "BIG NAVY BOMBERS IN TEST HOP - Uncle Sam's new long-range bombing-scouting PBY flying boats take off for thrilling formation flight tests in preparation for the coming hop to the Hawaiian Island. The Navy spreads it's wings!" 06:06:06:00 B W 1939 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England arrive in Washington DC (we have color - 58B). King and Queen disembark train, greet FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. All greet various VIP's. 21-gun salute. Shot of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth together. They get in official car (convertible), ride in motorcade accompanied by cavalry. Planes overhead. Huge crowds line the streets watching. EXT White House. Original Universal description: "Washington DC - AMERICA HAILS KING AND QUEEN - SPECTACULAR SCENES MARK THE ARRIVAL OF THE FIRST REIGNING BRITISH MONARCHS EVER TO VISIT THE U.S.! KING GEORGE AND QUEEN ELIZABETH RECEIVE A TRIUMPHAL WELCOME FROM PRESIDENT AND MRS. ROOSEVELT, AND THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS, DURING AN IMPRESSIVE MILITARY PARADE. A COLORFUL GARDEN PARTY CLIMAXES THE EPOCHAL DAY!" - rather long segment, very good. Universal Newsreel V11, Rel. # 779 (June 12, 1939): 06:08:56:00 B W 1939 British sovereigns End Epochal Tour of US: at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Arlington Virginia (we have color - 58B) VS King and Queen prepare to leave. Original Universal description: "BRITISH RULERS END U.S. TOUR - THRILLING HIGHLIGHTS OF THEIR MAJESTIES AMERICAN VISIT! AT MOUNT VERNON, KING GEORGE LAYS A WREATH AT THE TOMB OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. LATER, WITH QUEEN ELIZABETH, HE GOES ON TO ARLINGTON CEMETERY, WHERE HE PAYS TRIBUTE TO THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER. NEW YORK New York City --WITH 3,000,000 PERSONS CHEERING THE MONARCHS FROM STREET AND ROOFTOP, THE ROYAL COUPLE ARRIVES AT THE New York WORLD'S FAIR--WITH STATE LUNCHEON, SIGHTSEEING AND TROOP REVIEWS MAKING IT A COLORFUL VISIT! Funny shot of astonished boy with nose pressed to window glass watching the Royal couple. HYDE PARK, N.Y.--A RESTFUL SUNDAY WITH THE ROOSEVELTS AT THE PRESIDENT'S HYDE PARK ESTATE BRINGS TO AN END THE BUSY, IMPRESSIVE ROYAL TOUR! 06:11:00:00 B W 1939 Liverpool Bay, England - "Thetis" submarine disaster. AV ships clustered in bay. Plane zooms overhead. Radio transmitter works feverishly. Posters "Submarine Hope Diminshing", "Race w Death". Planes flying overhead, ships trying to assist submarine. Rescue boat speeds to the scene. Shots in ship's hold. Frogman with respirator suits up. Anxious relatives wait ashore. Original Universal description: "SUBMARINE DEATHS STIR BRITAIN - FIRST PICTURES OF THE TRAGIC SINKING OF THE BRITISH UNDERSEA CRAFT "HMS THETIS", WHICH FOUNDERS DURING TESTS WITH 103 ABOARD. FOUR ESCAPED WITH "LUNGS," BUT RESCUE EFFORTS FOR OTHERS ARE IN VAIN! 06:12:57:00 B W 1939 Mexico City, Mexico - "RIOTS GREET FLIER'S CASKET - Thousands of students and others riot, alleging US sabotage, as a huge army plane arrives with the body of Francisco Sarabia, Mexican flying ace who crashed near Washington. Police are forced to use their clubs during the funeral procession!" Widow disembarks plane, is shuffled through crowd. Large crowd runs across airstrip. Policemen "do a number" on the crowd. Coffin borne off plane. Crowd surges. Roses thrown on funeral procession. Procession rolls slowly through street. Flower-draped car. 06:14:15:00 B W 1939 Portland Oregon flower festival. Fire engine dressed up in flowers, other floats. Original Universal description: "250,000 SEE BIG FLORAL FETE - 1,000,000 BLOOMS USED IN COLORFUL FLOWER FESTIVAL - Colorful scenes of the city's huge Rosaria pageant and parade, with a million blossoms providing sparkling lustre! Thousands jam the streets to see the endless procession of blossoming floats and lovely girls." 06:15:00:00 B W 1939 World of Sports - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Golf (US OPEN). Original Universal description: "NELSON WINS US GOLF TITLE - Byron Nelson, sensational young links champ, captures the coveted National Open Championship title by 3 strokes in a thrilling 2nd play-off game against Craig Wood." Location is Philadelphia's Spring Mill golf course. 06:16:18:00 B W 1939 Santa Barbara, California - Diving, with lots of fancy angles and fancy dives. Original Universal description: "OLYMPIC DIVERS DISPLAY FORM - Uncle Sam's leading exponents of high diving, including Ruth Jump and Marjorie Gestring, show amazing form as they practice for the 1940 Olympics. The best squad in history, experts say!"