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1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
B W 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s HOLLYWOOD HOME MOVIES OF THE STARS. 0:00:00 GL-1A STARTS ms Gary Cooper shoots with a home movie camera Michael Sarrazin & Paula Prentiss, in a brief shot. 0:01:40 ms Rhonda Fleming sings in the shower ('50's). 0:02:15 ms Milton Berle wrestles Gene Lester to the ground ('50's). 0:02:45 ms Red Skelton, Gale Storm, Vic Damone, and Herb Shriner, at a outdoor party at Briny Foy's ranch in Las Vegas ( '50's). 0:03:04 ws ms As pirates: Ken Murray, Tony Martin, Bob Hope & Rudy Vallee clowning around in 1937. 0:04:47 ms Kirk Douglas (cowboy n' horse) rides with his sons in parade at Palm Springs, 1957 Lionel Barrymore, Gene & Gloria Lester, and pet dog - Studio City,late '40's. 0:06:17 Ben Blue, Betty Grable, George Jessel, Jackie Coogan, and Norma Talmadge (1937) Grable & Coogan Blue, Jessel, Grable Reginald Gardiner Grable & G. Lester, singing. 0:06:54 ms Red Skelton with a cigar stuck in his mouth, relaxes at home next to the pool and sketches some of his art works. Shows off his Pathe camera. Wife, Georgia. 0:09:17 ms Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan, and Humphrey Bogart on a train Ann Sheridan & Gilbert Roland Jane Wyman. 0:11:31 ms Humphrey Bogart riding on a train and smoking a cigarette. 0:11:44 ms Eddie Cantor, WC Fields, Jack Benny, and Miss America, Clare James, take a work break at a construction site to enjoy some beer and sandwiches ( its the Acquarius theater ground breaking in 1937 Walt Disney holds grand son in his arms at Disneyland (1955). 0:13:28 ms Esther Williams at home in a bathing suit Red Buttons, John Wayne, William Holden, Julie London, and Victor Mature - all making home movies with their cameras in the 1950's London poses at her swimming pool. 0:15:43 ms David Niven and wife, ex Swedish model, Hjordis Tersmeden, at home taking pictures with their cameras. 0:16:20 ms Excerpt from 'Picture People'. Arlene Francis narrates ('42). Model holding toothpaste Ginger Rogers interviewed at her home for a Look Magazine article. 0:17:57 ms (Looks like a brief shot of singer, Ginny Simms ? ) humorous scene of Cary Grant (kidding around) giving paparazzi photographer Lester a hard time for a photo op Cary Grant attempting to drive away in his car (a 1941 Pontiac), Lester pulls him to the side of the round and insists on a photograph a harried, late-for-the-studio Cary grits his teeth and poses. ('42). 0:19:50 ms Lou Costello jokes with his daughters then goes for a swim. Repeated at 1:12:02 with much better sound. 0:22:33 ms Harry Von Zell interviews Lloyd Bridges who shows off his family (his wife, & 2 sons: baby Jeff Bridges & young son Beau Bridges!!) at their beach house in Malibu ( about 1951) then Von Zell kidding around with... 0:26:00 ms Martha Raye who shows off her daughter, Melody. 0:28:10 ms Dick Van Dyke talks about the late Stan Laurel, mid 1960s Barbara Rush on the set of Hombre ( 1966 ) interviews Paul Newman... 0:34:12 ms ...then she shows candid camera shots she took on location during the shooting of the film. So there is more of Newman on location along with the other actors - Diane Cilento, Martin Balsam , Fredric March, and Richard Boone. Also, Martin Ritt (producer-director), and James Wong Howe (cameraman). 0:38:58 ms Interview with Walter Matthau about his being in "Hello Dolly". Young son sits alongside dad during the interview. (1967). 0:44:47 ms Bob Hope at lake front (see below) Victor McLaglen attends opening at Disneyland (1955) Danny Thomas, wife and children Fess Parker in Davy Crockett coonskin cap Jeanne Crain Don Defore TWA rocket ship . 0:46:32 ms Jeff Chandler signs autographs Jeanne Crain & family. Charlton Heston takes pictures with his home movie camera. Wife, Lydia. 0:49:25 ms Bob Hope - takes some family home movies and then takes a ride on Toluuca Lake. 1956. 0:53:28 GL-1B STARTS 0:53:30 ws ms WWII. War Bond Drive parade in LA: Leo Carrillo, Errol Flynn, Allan Lane, Hoot Gibson, Roy Rogers, and Charlie Starrett - appear as cowboys riding horseback, while Andy Devine drives a prairie schooner, Chris-Pin rides a coach, and Lewis Stone and "Wild Bill" Elliot ride stagecoach. Bill Boyd rides and waves his hat to the crowd...along with his sidekick, Andy Clyde. 0:55:44 ms Dean Martin pitches a Saturday Evening Post story about himself ( early 1960's ) Groucho Marx family home movies around the outdoor swimming pool. 0:58:43 ws ms WWII - Hollywood actors in the armed forces and in uniform : Jimmy Stewart Gene Autry ( & Champion) Tim Holt Clark Gable ( salutes ) Gene Raymond Ronald Reagan, John Beal & Arthur Kennedy Alan Ladd ( on KP duty, peeling onions ) John Carroll George Montgomery and Desi Arnaz (in basic training) Van Heflin John Payne John Howard and Eddie Albert ( with their parents) Wayne Morris (appears with Jackie Cooper & Bonita Granville) Robert Stack (on the shooting range ) "Buddy" Rogers Rudy Vallee Glenn Ford (shining shoes) Tyrone Power `( as drill instructor). 1:07:18 ws ms William Holden shoots with his home movie camera John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, & Forrest Tucker, kid around on location in Florida. Payne bares his physique. 1:09:52 ms ws On location shots of Jacqueline Bisset ( who loses her Bikini-top in the water ) , Michael Sarrazin, Bob Denver, Michele Carey, Corinna Tsopei, and Tony Franciosa - 'The Sweet Ride' (1968). 1:11:06 ms Roddy McDowall & sister, Virginia, on the telephone (1949). 1:12:02 ms Repeat of Lou Costello at home with his family on his daughter's birthday...clowns on the the diving board and falls in the pool. 1:14:42 ms Esther Williams in a "cheesecake" photo op at her swimming pool Harpo Marx (and blonde??) sunbathing in 1956 Jack Carson and his son go horseback riding in a 'picture perfect' horse farm setting. 1:16:51 ms ws Jane Wyatt and husband, Eddie Ward, go for a ride in a yacht around a lake surrounded by a remote rocky moon-like landscape. 1:19:48 ms Gary Cooper on location of film, "Friendly Persuasion" ('56) Victor Mature, Red Buttons and Vincent Price on location of "The Big Circus" ( '59) repeat of Harpo Marx...this time he blows impeccably flawless well-rounded smoke rings.