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Silent Comedy
B W 1920s Excerpts from a documentary about silent comedian HAROLD LLOYd, using clips from various of his films in a running display of his classic sight gags. Excellent quality transfers. 00:00:00:00 B W 1920s ms Legendary shot of Lloyd clinging precariously to hands of clock on side of building twelve stories high - from SAFETY LAST, 1923...followed by brief sequences in a series of films, such as "Haunted Spooks", 1920. 00:00:41:00 B W 1920s ms WHY WORRY?, 1923 - in which Lloyd uses a rope in a number of creative, if crude, attempts to yank an aching tooth from a giant character (Johan Aasen). 'The Great Toothache' 00:02:22:00 B W 1920s ms A hungry Lloyd looks through restaurant window, sees men eating smacks his lips 00:02:41:00 B W 1920s ws ms Boy as sissy. Gets pushed around outside schoolhouse 00:03:00:00 B W 1920s ws ms Brief clip from Edison Motion Picture Company's "THE OLD MONK'S TALE" in which Lloyd appears as an extra in the part of a Yaqui Indian shot of downtown Los Angeles around 1913. 00:03:42:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd in an early role as "WILLIE WORK", in imitation of Charlie Chaplin clip from Mack Sennett's Keystone Kops in which Lloyd crashes a motorcycle into a fruit cart 00:05:20:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd appears in his "LONESOME LUKE" one reeler series around 1916 with Snub Pollard and an early 'running' chase. 00:05:54:00 B W 1920s ms Brief clip Lloyd & Pollard wrap a bike around a pole, looking at pretty girl on the street another scene chase around deck of battleship 00:06:29:00 B W 1920s ms More clips from "Lonesome Luke" 00:06:58:00 B W 1920s ms Brief sequences from "THE GLASSES CHARACTER" two reeler series(1917 to 1921), in which Lloyd drops a man into a trash can in park 00:07:26:00 B W 1920s ms ws Series of gags for the "Glasses Character" series - especially one in which LLoyd, as a waiter, leans all over the table to go over menu with a woman and gets his feet entangled around the head of her escort 00:09:36:00 B W 1920s ms Very brief shots: Lloyd as debonair man in top hat, calmly riding on running board of his speeding limo. 'Looking-in-the-mirror' gag routine Lloyd as 'stick-em-up-cowboy'. Lloyd gets a wink from Bebe Daniels Bebe showers him with kisses, nestling together on the beach Lloyd & Daniels take a spin around dance floor 00:11:30:00 B W 1920s ms Brief sequence of Lloyd & Mildred Davis in from "HAND TO MOUTH",1919. 00:12:00:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd chases girl all around the streets cops chase after Lloyd brief scenes from Buster Keaton reels 00:13:10:00 B W 1920s ms ws "HAUNTED SPOOKS", 1920 in which Lloyd tries to commit suicide. First by shooting himself...with a water pistol. Next by standing in front of a speeding streetcar...which switches tracks at the last second. And finally by a stream which is only ankle deep. 00:13:37:00 B W 1920s ms Footage showing Lloyd's finger injury and loss when bomb went off on set by mistake. 00:14:27:00 B W 1920s ms Brief sequence of Lloyd working on car (from "Get Out And Get Under" ??) 00:15:30:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd running after his own runaway car - other brief shots - Lloyd chased out of town, pretends to hop on a passing train 00:16:39:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd appears to be painting a picture...but not really ! 00:16:55:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd gets thrown down a well by a bully. 00:17:28:00 B W 1920s ms Scenes from "GRANDMA'S BOY", 1922 (Civil War costume comedy with Lloyd as cowardly Confederate spy...and his favorite film) 00:18:44:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd ropes himself - while chasing a tramp and trying to lasso him from his car Lloyd's pratfalls keep him from getting bayoneted by Union soldiers 00:19:36:00 B W 1920s ms ***Wonderful 'courtship' episode from the film has Lloyd & Mildred Davis eating from a candy box, into which he had discreetly slipped some stray mothballs he found in his suit. His rival, played by Noah Young, also joins in. 00:21:14:00 B W 1920s ms Sheriff Lloyd captures a 'bad guy' (Dick Sutherland) 00:22:14:00 B W 1920s ms In DR. JACK, 1922, Lloyd dresses in ghoulish Dr. Hyde costume and scares the entire household Some of Lloyd's "High Rise" comedy scenes (which he called his "Thrill Pictures" : 00:22:48:00 B W 1920s ms In NEVER WEAKEN, 1921. Lloyd sits on red hot rivet clings clings high up on a building's crossbeam girder to keep from falling far down to the street below 00:23:09:00 B W 1920s ms In LOOK OUT BELOW, 1919, Lloyd & Daniels cling to each other when they suddenly discover they're seated on a crossbeam lifted high above the street over a building construction site Snub Pollard, one of the workers, fights Lloyd for the beam. 00:23:29:00 B W 1920s ms In HIGH AND DIZZY, 1920, Lloyd teeters on the ledge of a building high above the street below. His hair stands up on end. 00:24:14:00 B W 1920s ms ws Lloyd "thinks" he's committed suicide by shooting himself ...but winds up seated in a chair balanced on a crossbeam high above the streets below. 00:25:36:00 B W 1920s ws ms Newsreel footage shots of "high rise" stunts of the times. 00:26:05:00 B W 1920s ms ws SAFETY LAST, 1923: Lloyd, as department store yard goods sales clerk, fights off a mob of bargain-hungry women with his sword...a yardstick 00:26:14:00 B W 1920s ms ws ***Lloyd climbs side of building as sidewalk crowd eggs him on. This is Lloyd's most famous single sequence and was shot twelve stories above ground 00:28:54:00 B W 1920s ms ***Lloyd hangs from face of clock hundreds of feet above the street - his "Human Fly" routine 00:31:06:00 B W 1920s ms THE FRESHMAN, 1925: Lloyd as last minute college football hero in the big game...he's a one-man team, fielding punts and running for touchdowns 00:33:17:00 B W 1920s ms SPEEDY, 1928, in which Lloyd contrives to get a seat for a pretty working girl (Ann Christy) at the height of a New York subway rush hour. 00:34:11:00 B W 1920s ms WHY WORRY ?, 1923, in which Lloyd gets mixed up in a revolution south of the border. It's an absurdist, surreal, film ahead of its time (anticipates the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" by 10 years) 00:36:00:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd & Mildred Davis 00:36:18:00 B W 1920s ms cu Lloyd & Jobyna Ralston. 00:36:39:00 B W 1920s cu An excellent and engrossing CU shot of Jobyna's eyes (or, for that matter, the eyes of all womankind !) 00:36:47:00 B W 1920s ms ws GIRL SHY, 1924. Lloyd as stuttering country bumpkin stops a cad from marrying his true love by breaking up the wedding ceremony at the very last minute - after the wildest of chases which employ zooming cars, speeding horses, a fire truck, and a runaway streetcar with tension gripping cross cuts to the very end 00:41:48:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd's early HOME MOVIES, with wife, Mildred, & baby Gloria 00:42:48:00 B W 1920s ms ws FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, 1926. Lloyd as a wealthy blase', unruffled man-about-town, leaves auto showroom driving an expensive model and immediately becomes involved in a cops-and-robbers shooting chase. In the end, a speeding train demolishes the car, leaving Lloyd with only the undamaged crank handle 00:43:57:00 B W 1920s ms Another gag sequence from this film has a bully get his just deserts or comeuppance when he tries to attack the innocently unaware Lloyd 00:44:58:00 B W 1920s ws ms THE KID BROTHER, 1927, in a sequence from this film, again an unaware Lloyd scares off a bully...this time, by picking up a tree limb, not knowing there's a snake coiled around it. 00:46:10:00 B W 1920s ms ws There is also an adorable boy-meets-girl scene which has Lloyd climbing to almost the very top of a tree, so smitten is he in meeting a pretty young maiden. 00:47:49:00 B W 1920s ms ws Fist fight & struggle scene from the film 00:48:21:00 B W 1920s ws ms Clip taken during construction of "Greenacres" 00:48:40:00 B W 1920s ms SPEEDY, 1928. Lloyd as dexterous soda jerk makes an ice cream frappe 00:49:09:00 B W 1920s ws ms Lloyd drives a speeding horsedrawn streetcar all around New York City - down Broadway & Times Square, across Washington Square, under an El train, and ends at Battery Park in near the Customs Building. 00:50:00:00 B W 1920s ms ws Streetcar hurdles a ditch and becomes wheel- less...but Lloyd triumphs and winds up with his girl (Ann Christy). Babe Ruth appeared in this film 00:51:35:00 B W 1920s ms WELCOME DANGER, 1929. Lloyd gets a baby to stop crying when he sticks a whizzer in the snoring father's mouth 00:52:12:00 B W 1920s ms Locomotive & train cars speed just past CAM. Soundtrack begins. (Film was Lloyd's first talkie). 00:52:40:00 B W 1920s ms Episode takes place in complete darkness. Dialogue, without picture. Soundtrack. 00:53:16:00 B W 1920s ms ws FEET FIRST, 1930. In another 'high rise' thriller sequence, Lloyd hangs and stunts in peril on the side of an office building high above the streets below. 00:54:06:00 B W 1920s ms ws MOVIE CRAZY, 1932. Lloyd appears riding in the rear seat of a chauffeured limousine, which becomes a deceptive audience sight gag when Lloyd pulls away on his bike 00:54:26:00 B W 1920s ms Constance Cummings goes limp after wildly embracing Lloyd. 00:55:26:00 B W 1920s ms Lloyd thinks a thrown flower (from Constance Cummings) is meant for him ! 00:55:46:00 B W 1920s ms Very funny 'Magician's Coat' gag highlights this film ( Lloyd with Louise Closser Hale on the dance floor and Arthur Housman as the drunk about to dine on rabbit) 00:57:53:00 B W 1920s ms More HOME MOVIES of the Lloyds at "Greenacres" 01:00:23:00 B W 1920s ms THE MILKY WAY, 1936. Lloyd as boxing champ 01:00:29:00 B W 1920s ms Gag in which Lloyd sneaks a colt into a cab 01:01:48:00 B W 1920s ms PROFESSOR BEWARE, 1938. Tumult in orchestra pit. 01:02:55:00 B W 1920s ms THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK, 1947. Released in 1950 as MAD WEDNESDAY. A reprise scene from The Freshman. And one final Lloyd "high rise thriller". This one high over Wall Street and with a lion 01:05:57:00 B W 1920s ms HOT WATER, 1924. Runaway car sequence - when Lloyd takes his wife and in-laws for a spin in his new car. 01:07:28:00 B W 1920s ms A parting revisit. It's NEVER WEAKEN, 1921 (see 0:22:48) - in which Lloyd & Mildred Davis are so taken with each other, they almost get lifted aloft on a crossbeam, but just in time, Lloyd becomes aware of this danger. He takes Mildred in his arms to safety...and they both run off together.