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AFP-150EP 16mm
Silent Drama
B W 1912 Silent drama short directed by DW Griffith. A young woman is painfully shy, reclusive and lonely, having grown up under a stern father. Taking a cue from her popular, outgoing younger sister, she attends an outdoor fete and feebly tries to socialize. She attracts the attention of one young man, and begins meeting him clandestinely. One evening she surprises a masked burglar in the house, and struggling over a gun, shoots and kills him it turns out to be her lover, who was merely using her to gain access to the house. Crestfallen, she spends the rest of the film gazing glassy-eyed into the distance and having delusional conversations with the departed lover. Finally overcome with grief, she faints and dies in her father's arms. Starring Blanche Sweet, Madge Kirby, Charles H Mailes, Kate Bruce, Joseph Graybill, William J Butler. 01:08:42:00 B W 1912 ms Woman applies makeup before mirror another woman enters, expresses disapproval first woman continues to apply makeup, happily. "Good girl bad girl." 01:14:08:00 B W 1912 ms Mask-wearing burglar climbs through window of house young woman carries pistol woman confronts thief, they struggle over gun, he is shot and killed. 01:17:48:00 B W 1912 ms Insane woman talks to herself (or to an imaginary companion) two girls enter, mock her and leave older woman comforts her gently. Insanity, madwoman. Also at 1:19:46