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JL-58 16mm JL-59 16mm
Color 1950s (AUDIO) Endangered species head for the hills when Dick Hankel comes to town. Edited version of Hankel's African safari films. Hunting elephants, lions, tigers ect.. Graphic killing footage. African culture, dancing ect.. Home movie of overseas flight to the hunting grounds. Scenes depicting, Gazelle antelopes, impala antelope, Zebra, Giraffe, lion, wildebeest, ostrich, monkeys, baboon, Rhinoceros,vultures, cape buffalo, python, stork, water buck, Herds on the plains. Indigenous African peoples and native dance music. Masai village. Safari campsite 00:00:00:00 Color 1950s Reel #l Starts 00:04:26:00 Color 1950s ms Big Game hunter with trophy of elephant tusk and head of lion. 00:08:12:00 Color 1950s ms Lion stalking in the African bush...then killed by hunter. Also, #0900. 00:16:23:00 Color 1950s ws Panoramic view of the Rift Valley. 00:17:11:00 Color 1950s ms Hunters stand and stomp on top of carcass of elephant and examine their kill. 00:19:02:00 Color 1950s ms Charging elephant. 00:19:54:00 Color 1950s ms Cutting up a Rhinoceros 00:20:45:00 Color 1950s ws Charging Rhinoceros 00:22:15:00 Color 1950s ws Vultures feeding on zebra carcass. 00:24:39:00 Color 1950s ms Hunters share catch of dead birds 00:26:20:00 Color 1950s ws Bird shooting. 00:30:26:00 Color 1950s cu Captured monkey. 00:33:15:00 Color 1950s cu African woman with necklace of beads and ornaments. 00:34:49:00 Color 1950s ms Impala antelope running in slow motion. 00:39:12:00 Color 1950s cu CU face of elephant. 00:40:30:00 Color 1950s Reel # 2 Starts (Contains mostly repeat Reel # l) 00:44:41:00 Color 1950s ms Hunter poses with Masai warrior who holds knife to Hunter's throat...for kicks