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Misc. B W Television Commercials
AFP-22BJ 16mm
Television Commercial
1950s - 1960s
01:04:15:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ws ms ATLANTIC IMPERIAL GASOLINE - Steam shovel picks up piles of dirt 1950s car (a Lincoln) on road speeds toward CAM logo. 01:04:42:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ms FIRST PENNSYLVANIA BANK - Man fixing a car gets friendly advice to get a bank car loan logo. 01:05:05:00 B W 1950s - 1960s cu ms CONTAC - Very CU shots, the capsule and pills to fight colds package of product. 01:05:36:00 B W 1950s - 1960s cu msq PET'M - Flea & Tick Powder for pets product packages such as shampoo, spray, and kit pet dogs. 01:06:10:00 B W 1950s - 1960s cu ms BAYER ASPIRIN - Very CU shots, fingers holding the pill bottle of the product logo. 01:07:10:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ms ws BUFFERIN - Model experiences the wonderful moment of losing cu her headache logo. 01:07:42:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ms cu LEVER BROTHERS PHASE III DEODORANT bar Spokeswoman shows off and pitches the product. 01:08:15:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ms NOXZEMA - Daughter advises mother about facial cream product lines available. 01:09:18:00 B W 1950s - 1960s ws ms ADVERTISING COUNCIL, PUBLIC SERVICE - Man walks along a beach and then across a field ruminating about God