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AFP-6HB 16mm; VTM-6HB Beta SP
Silent Feature
B W 1922 A family melodrama packed with troubling events and problems, but which ends joyfully for all thanks to a "saintly" mother - excepting a coarse and mean-spirited wife. With Jean Hersholt, Claire McDowell, and Frank Hayes. 00:48:26:00 B W 1922 ms Funny looking, freakish, odd-ball man ( Frank Hayes in the role as butler ) falls down the staircase...puts a thermometer in his mouth...rushes to the medicine cabinet for a pain killer. Hayes provides funny antics and wacky facial expressions throughout the film. 00:49:41:00 B W 1922 cu Woman's hand places an old 'Emerson' phonograph record on the victrola and it begins spinning. 00:50:53:00 B W 1922 ms Father comes home from work and is greeted by young son and daughter with hugs and kisses...mother fussing in the kitchen preparing dinner. 00:52:41:00 B W 1922 ms Claire McDowell ( veteran of the stage who played dramatic leads in films with Gilbert and Navarro for DW Griffith starting in 1910 and later appeared in many roles usually as the quintessential "mother" - until 1944 ). 00:54:33:00 B W 1922 ms Boy and girl, brother and sister, peek from behind a curtain to get a look at the visitor to their home. 01:00:22:00 B W 1922 ms A chauffeured limousine (car). Also see at 1:23:55. 01:01:44:00 B W 1922 ms Doctor gives bad news to elderly man. 01:03:41:00 B W 1922 ms Ordinary looking woman puts on makeup on the street... man driving a coupe (two seater car) stops and "picks her up" ( its Jean Hersholt, actor later famous for his role in the "Dr. Christian" series ). 01:07:39:00 B W 1922 ms Boy and girl make bedside visit to young sick woman. Repeated. See her again at 1:17:25. 01:09:40:00 B W 1922 ms Funny looking man smells bad odor coming from medicine bottle. 01:11:40:00 B W 1922 ms Dogcatcher and his van woman gives away her pet dog. 01:18:39:00 B W 1922 ws ms Family consults with doctor about cure for sick patient and they decide not to take his medical advice. 01:20:40:00 B W 1922 ms Woman rises from her sick bed under a spell and is miraculously cured. 01:24:17:00 B W 1922 ms ***Man ready to destroy lost dogs in the "Gas House"of the dog pound dog licks man on the face...Hayes contorts his features. 01:28:40:00 B W 1922 ms Man with a very serious look after getting bad news in a letter. 01:29:40:00 B W 1922 ms Elderly man holding a lantern in a heavy rainstorm finds the bodies of two people in a car crash. 01:33:16:00 B W 1922 cu Pill box opens to reveal an engagement ring inside ms elderly couple kiss happy family ending