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RLP-7 16mm
B W, Color, ; Color
Television Commercial
B W 1962 Four commercials of the early 1960s. 00:30:48:00 B W 1962 CANADA DRY GINGER ALE. Hobo-type man [Jack Gilford, from the famous Crackerjack commercials] tries to drink soda, but the glass keeps floating away into the air. Could work for an alcoholic's hallucinations, DT's. 00:31:50:00 B W 1962 BUFFERIN. Crashing ocean wave woman in surf with scuba mask, smiling middle-aged man steps off train, greets wife and son good CU shot of hourglass. 00:32:52:00 B W 1962 HALO SHAMPOO. Woman meets man in train station, he covers her eyes to surprise her creepy guy with goggle glasses ogles her from train overall, rather dark and murky. 00:33:55:00 Color 1962 RCA VICTOR RECORDS. Arthur Fiedler of the Boston Pops in record store he tries to go into a listening booth, but pushy customers keep getting ahead of him.