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RLP-10 16mm Beta SP
Television Commercial
B W 1962 A dozen television commercials from the early 1960s. (Most of these also appear on RLP-8.) 01:04:50:00 B W 1962 MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE. Three young children in pajamas make pancakes knife into butter, ECU pancakes and syrup, ECU. 01:06:16:00 B W 1962 PHILIP MORRIS COMMANDER CIGARETTES. Speed-boat young man and woman hop off boat, onto beach they approach lighthouse winding staircase of lighthouse couple on beach at night, smoking cigarettes before campfire, lighthouse in BG. 01:07:21:00 B W 1962 SWANS DOWN BREAD MIX. CU shots bread mix, bread rising, coming out of oven. 01:08:22:00 B W 1962 ZEST SOAP. Super-perky young woman on sailboat with two young men woman in shower lathering herself with soap. 01:09:24:00 B W 1962 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONING. Man blows into glass bottle (some kind of quiet-air-conditioner analogy). 01:10:18:00 B W 1962 FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONING. Man's hand flips coin (a silver dollar) man enters room, he's hot and sweaty, fanning himself with hat, then smiles with relief. 01:11:10:00 B W 1962 KEYSTONE 8mm HOME MOVIE CAMERA AND PROJECTOR. Strange negative shot of women at wedding throwing rice - rice looks black same shot, normal (positive). 01:12:12:00 B W 1962 STAINLESS STEEL. HA shots of gleaming stainless steel kitchen sink stylized shots of food preparation water draining down sink. 01:14:00:00 B W 1962 MRS FILBERT'S MARGARINE. Three little children make popcorn at home. 01:15:02:00 B W 1962 PILLSBURY PANCAKE MIX. ECU shots of pancakes frying on pan. Narrator is Mason Adams. 01:15:44:00 B W 1962 UNICAP VITAMINS. Man eating breakfast, reading newspaper austere white background. 01:16:45:00 B W 1962 HALLMARK GREETING CARDS. Idealized images of childhood. Toddler walking in field, unsteadily little boy picking flowers child's hand hands flower to woman's hand, mother little boy gazes into baby carriage boy pushes carriage children's birthday party, dressed up children outdoors, eat cake two boys cross rocky stream holding hands boy tosses baseball up in the air, playing by himself boy walks up country lane with dog, drops letter into mailbox. Color faded and reddish.