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Israel Today
Color 1991 Israel Today Tape #9 Jerusalem - 2nd air raid siren night Street scenes during air raid police cars people running, back of head of man putting on gas mask sitting in front of tv with news on, man driving wearing gas mask, man wearing gas mask running down street interview with man about the situation with Israel being attacked by Iraq, sadam Hussein - Gulf War related. 07:31:17:18 air raid sirens at night in Jerusalem hand held camera zooms in and out on several loactions 07:32:43:07 brief shot of man wearing gas mask (seen from behind the head) watching the news 07:32:59:27 car pov driving through deserted streets at night in Jerusalem 07:33:57:05 footage of man driving car with gas mask on at night in Jerusalem 07:34:17:20 shots of deserted streets (one or two cars) in Jerusalem 07:36:21:03 man interviewed about the situation in Israel (being attacked by Iraq) sirens going off in the background Shotisted by DB