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AFP-53Y 16mm VTM-53Y Beta SP
Color 1955 Promotional film for physical education. The first half is cast as a drama, about a mother worried about ten year old boy's listlessness, and the second half is a shapeless montage of children exercising in gym class, all wideshots almost every conceivable activity is shown. Some excellent shots of children in school classrooms. 00:02:00:00 Color 1955 ws Children walking to school: two girls skipping group of kids crosses street children approach elementary school building. 00:02:28:00 Color 1955 ms Children walking down school hallway, past two teachers talking two girls stop to talk to teachers. 00:02:52:00 Color 1955 ws, ms Children in elementary school classroom, reading and making things three shots. 00:03:12:00 Color 1955 ws, ms Children at recess, running around school yard. 00:06:20:00 Color 1955 ms Boy tries to do a chin-up, but is too weak then he tries to swing arm-over-arm on the monkey bars, but drops off. Weakling. 00:07:38:00 Color 1955 vs Community meeting: man addresses small crowd in room. (Could work as PTA meeting.) Audience members argue. 00:09:10:00 Color 1955 ms Excellent image of boredom: PAN, children look out school window on rainy day, bored and dejected. 00:09:44:00 Color 1955 ws Children file out of classroom. 00:10:00:72 Color 1955 Teacher picks out captains for dodge ball teams. Children raise hands to be selected. Boys that are selected for team push weaker boy out the way. Two boys and two girls not selected. Sad weaker boy disappointed and unhappy that he was selected for team leaves gym. Gym Class team selection. Traumatic Childhood event. 00:10:50:00 Color 1955 ms, cu Unhappy-looking boy trudges down hallway of school. He throws his sneakers in a wastebasket. 00:13:40:00 Color 1955 Public meeting: PTA man addresses audience in conference room. Color 1955 NOTE: In the following montages, showing athletic activities in school, the ages of the participants vary randomly from shot to shot: elementary, junior high, and high school. 00:14:30:00 Color 1955 ws Montage of physical education: Tennis class monkey bars gymnastics, tumbling soccer gym teacher helps boy do chin-up. 00:15:30:00 Color 1955 ws Runners assemble on track girls' dance class. 00:16:00:00 Color 1955 ms Woman gym teacher helps boy swing across monkey bars. 00:16:42:00 Color 1955 ws Long montage of physical education: Children in playground at recess children dancing in gym, various (skipping, waddling, square dancing, slow dancing) children on jungle gym gymnastics, tumbling high jump long jump boys climbing ropes, rings girls tumbling trampoline (distant shot) games on blacktop volleyball dorky boys in red shorts play relay games boys and girls hold hands and dribble basketballs (!) girls' sports (field hockey, archery, lacrosse) basketball swimming diving synchronized swimming runner crosses finish line, slow motion, excellent baseball, batter swings football gymnastics, pommel horse tennis tournament woman ice skating ECU falling bowling pins, good woman golfing badminton archery rifle range square dance