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MTR-2R Beta SP
B W 1940 Newsreels from the year 1940. Much of the footage is WWII-related, and there are several stories about Wendell Willkie, and Edward, Duke of Windsor. 00:00:10:00 B W 1940 150th ANNIVERSARY OF COAST GUARD. Coast Guard officers marching. 00:00:42:00 B W 1940 HIGHTSTOWN, NJ. Paratroopers practice jumping from tall scaffold parachute. 00:01:24:00 B W 1940 TRICKY NEW HATS TO ADORN MILADY FOR FALL SEASON. Women's hat fashions hats made of fur and lace earrings made of ermine tails. 00:02:30:00 B W 1940 ON THE WAR FRONT. ENGLAND: WWII naval battle, Nazi Stuka airplanes attack British battleships in the English Channel wreckage of German plane. 15,OOO SEE PARADE AIDING RED CROSS WAR RELIEF FUND. Canadian soldiers march in parade fund drive, nurses collect money. 00:05:30:00 B W 1940 WASHINGTON, DC. "Gen. John J. Pershing urges immediate action to help England defeat the Nazis." Elderly General Pershing makes speech to CAM this section has sound. 00:06:55:00 B W 1940 New York City. British seaplane `Clare' in New York harbor. 00:07:30:00 B W 1940 COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. Wendell Willkie meets with Republican leaders sits on park bench with Joseph Martin, his campaign manager, and Governor Stassen of Minnesota. 00:07:55:00 B W 1940 CUYAHOGA FALLS, O. Crowds look at wreckage of train. (Train accident killed all 43 passengers.) 00:08:20:00 B W 1940 HERMOSA BEACH, CALIF. Wacky boat race: waterskiing on surfboards checkered flag. B W 1940 200UN 12-900 (1940 08 07). 00:09:26:00 B W 1940 AMERICAN WORKERS PLEDGE BEST EFFORT FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE. Patriotic parade floats, Flint, Michigan. (Original copy: "A colorful pageant of gala floats climaxes the Motor Festival, a picturesque display of the auto industry's determination to help the nation gear up for it's defense". 00:10:16:00 B W 1940 AMERICA PREPARES! FT MacARTHUR, CALIF.: Recruiting office boot camp, men marching men fire artillery shells. (Original copy: "RECRUITING SPEEDED ON COAST. Uncle Sam's enlistment drive hits a new high, as 50 young men a day enlist. Plenty of drilling for new recruits, and also a chance to fire the big coast defense guns"). INDIANTOWN GAP, PA.: Army trucks on new Pennsylvania Turnpike super-highway. (Original copy: NEW HIGHWAY IS DEFENSE AID. Pennsylvania's new 90-mile stretch of super-highway gets an official try-out as troops and guns of the 108th Field Artillery, National Guard, speed over the road in defense maneuvers.") DAISETTA, TEXAS: Man fires machine gun at bottles. (Experimental machine gun, invented by Virgil Rigsby, uses magnetic coils instead of powder to propel its bullets. Rigsby demonstrates the machine gun) 00:12:22:00 B W 1940 HYDE PARK, New York. FDR poses for photographs with various dignitaries (South American diplomats from the Pan American Conference) "Good Neighbor Policy" w Eleanor Roosevelt. 00:12:50:00 B W 1940 LONG BEACH, New York. Beach crowded with people two little black girls dance on beach children eat ice cream. (Original copy: "BEACH PICNIC THRILLS ORPHANS. Hundreds of Brooklyn orphans are guests of David F. Soden for the 10th annual outing at the ocean. Thrills and more thrills- plenty of swimming, ice cream and real 'heroes' to entertain them!") 00:13:25:00 B W 1940 DES MOINES, IA. Wendell Willkie on the campaign trail. Original copy: "WILLKIE MEETS FARM LEADERS. The GOP candidate attends a meeting of farm delegates in Des Moines to discuss agricultural problems, as the wind-up of his Western tour. Thousands cheer him during the busy session". 00:13:58:00 B W 1940 ON THE WAR FRONT. DOVER, ENGLAND: "NAZI BOMBERS RAID ENGLISH PORT. Dramatic scenes of a mass attack by enemy bombers on the big seaport. Nazi bombs rain down on ships in the harbor until 'Spitfires' arrive to drive the raiders away." WWII battleships fire guns at attacking airplanes. 00:15:12:00 B W 1940 THE WORLD OF SPORTS. ASHEVILLE, NC. National Open Skeet-shooting contest (teenager Bob Parker, 17, shoots clay pigeons, gets perfect score.) NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF.: Boat race, early hydroplanes. MT. BAKER, WASHINGTON: Wacky skiing event, men ski in shorts, women in bathing suits. (Summer skiing on snow covered slopes of Mt. Baker). MARBLEHEAD, MASSACHUSETTS: "YACHTS VIE FOR RACING TITLES": "It's a spectacular sight for 'Old Salts' and landlubbers alike, as hundreds of trim crafts compete in the annual Race Week regattas. Sparkling water, snappy breezes and yachts well-heeled!": Sailboat race, good shots. B W 1940 200UN 12-901 00:18:10:00 B W 1940 [Untitled newsreel story.] Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King makes speech to CAM about draft registration in Canada this section has sound. 00:20:28:00 B W 1940 82,OOO TROOPS MASS IN GIANT PEACE-TIME WAR MANEUVERS. Soldiers practice field maneuvers tanks, artillery. 00:21:36:00 B W 1940 CHARLESTON, MASS. FDR inspects a battleship. 00:22:13:00 B W 1940 WASHINGTON, DC. Earl Harrison, director of Government Printing Office, announces plan to register resident aliens woman is fingerprinted. 00:23:00:00 B W 1940 COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. Former president Herbert Hoover meets with Republican candidate Wendell Willkie. 00:23:25:00 B W 1940 HAMILTON, BERMUDA. Edward, Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII), visits Bermuda with wife Wallis Simpson. (He's on his way to the Bahamas to take over the Governorship there.) 00:24:05:00 B W 1940 Ship launching is botched, spectators are swamped by waves, but no one is hurt. 00:24:36:00 B W 1940 CHARLESTON, SC. Aftermath of hurricane, showing damage to town. (75 mph gale killed 27.) 00:25:12:00 B W 1940 CROWLEY, LA. Excellent flood footage: AV of flooded neighborhoods people in boats, and others wading. (A tropical storm dumped two feet of rain on town.) 00:26:08:00 B W 1940 "MISS CALIFORNIA" CHOSEN AT COAST BEAUTY CONTEST. Beauty contest at Venice Beach, 1940 outdoor crowds women pose in bathing suits. 00:26:58:00 B W 1940 THE WORLD OF SPORTS. AKRON, O.: Soapbox derby, good shots (winner is Tommy Fisher). CHICAGO, ILL. American Derby horse race, muddy track. (Winner is Mioland.) B W 1940 200UN 12-902 00:29:18:00 B W 1940 The following newsreels are shrunken and unusable: - FDR CHECKS UP ON DEFENSES OF ATLANTIC COAST - New York City [a seaplane] - EXOTIC HAT FASHIONS MIRROR THE FANCIES OF FAMOUS WOMEN 00:33:08:00 B W 1940 THE WORLD OF SPORTS. Harness horseracing in Goshen, New York Favorite wins. 00:34:10:00 B W 1940 NEW PILOT SCHOOL OPENED IN BRITAIN'S AIR TRAINING PLAN. British pilots review airfields and train in Alberta, Canada. 00:35:08:00 B W 1940 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CORONADO EXPEDITION FETED. Outdoor theater in Denver people in medieval costumes. B W 1940 200UN 12-903 00:36:36:00 B W 1940 WILLKIE ATTACKS ADMINISTRATION IN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. Wendell Willkie on campaign trail he makes speech, arguing against US involvement in WWII, attacking the New Deal, challenging president FDR to a debate he accepts Republican nomination this section has sound. 00:41:32:00 B W 1940 FDR AND CANADIAN CHIEF HOLD PARLEY FOR JOINT DEFENSE. FDR and MacKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, review troops. 00:42:06:00 B W 1940 AUGUSTA, ME. Experimental parachute (invented by Jimmy Goodwin of Kentucky) enables disabled airplanes to land with minimal damage. 00:43:07:00 B W 1940 NASSAU, BWI. Duke of Winsor sworn in as Governor of Bahamas greets dignitaries with wife, Wallis Simpson. 00:44:00:00 B W 1940 THE WORLD OF SPORTS. Speed-boat race (Sydney Allen is winner his boat is the Hotsy Totsy III.) 00:45:08:00 B W 1940 WILLKIE HAILED BY 50,000 AS HE ENDS WESTERN VACATION. Wendell Willkie on campaign trail Indian woman puts feathered headdress on man, he dances around like a goofball. 00:46:18:00 B W 1940 US EDITORS VISIT CANADA AS GUESTS OF DEFENSE HEADS. Unidentified military and civilian dignitaries greet each other. B W 1940 200UN 12-904 00:47:32:00 B W 1940 DIONNE QUINTS ACT AS HOSTESSES TO AMERICAN EDITORS. Good shots of the famous quintuplets, about six years old. 00:48:33:00 B W 1940 ON THE WAR FRONT. ENGLAND: marching British soldiers soldiers perform maneuvers tanks civilians inspect bomb damage to buildings. New York City: Children aboard ocean liner they wave hands at New York City skyline CU shots of children (138 refugee children from England.) 00:51:04:00 B W 1940 NASSAU, BWI: Duke of Winsor (new Governor of the Bahamas) and wife Wallis Simpson greet dignitaries. 00:51:32:00 B W 1940 FLOYD BENNETT FIELD, New York: amphibious airplane takes off from water (new type of weather-forecasting seaplane). 00:52:12:00 B W 1940 New York City: Politicians shake hands near portrait of FDR (Postmaster General Jim Farley turns over the Democratic National Party chairmanship to Bronx leader Edward J Flynn). 00:53:36:00 B W 1940 The following newsreels are shrunken and probably unusable: - RUSHVILLE, IND.: Wendell Willkie visits farm. - BATHING BEAUTIES SET NEW RECORD FOR BODY PAINTING. Women paint a car. - WORLD OF SPORTS: OFF NOVA SCOTIA. Deep sea fishing. - SUN VALLEY, IDA.: Rodeo footage