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GLD-31 Beta SP
Aerials, New York City
Color 1976 Giantism in Building. The human and environmental impacts. Interviews with architects and building dwellers. 00:40:20:00 Color 1976 Narration with a series of brief shots: ws ms LA World Trade Center (WTC) skyscraper building TU length of the Empire State building series of modern architectural building cu facades ( minimalist design ) twin towers of the World Trade Center buildings. 00:41:31:00 Color 1976 ws ms AV of lower Manhattan skyscrapers...closer look at the World Trade Center buildings. Also at 1:01:25. 00:42:47:00 Color 1976 ws ms Statue of Liberty in the FG and view of lower Manhattan in BG. 00:44:54:00 Color 1976 ws Chicago from top of the Hancock Center skyscraper camera rapidly tilts upward on the Hancock facade AV of Loop traffic. 00:52:30:00 Color 1970 - 1971 ws ms Construction workers high up on the beams of the World Trade Center during its construction views of mechanical and electrical machinery inside a mega building again CAM rapidly cu rises up the World Trade Center facade, opening ceremony, raising the flag to the top...and then the Empire State Building. 00:56:04:00 Color 1976 cu Architectural detail of the modern skyscraper. ws Eiffel Tower, seen from the Seine...and then a look at the Paris cityscape with skyscrapers going up. 00:58:05:00 Color 1976 ws The Toronto Dominion Bank and the Commerce Bank buildings another AV of some giant scale buildings