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JB-2047 Beta SP
B W 1944 TOWN IN THE MIDWEST (OHIO?) 00:00:00:00 B W 1944 CU hands taking out "goodies" from bag, Hershey bar, camel cigarettes, other unid. items. (soldiers gift bags) 00:18:20:00 B W 1944 Woman takes down laundry from line on porch. Man with two young sons, in yard. He helps one little boy fix wheel of toy car. Two women talk by clothesline 00:01:49:00 B W 1944 Little boy plays as man works, fixing wheel of toy car, different angle than above 00:02:18:00 B W 1944 Same couple, cooking out doors in park, making hamburgers in pan. Good views of park with picnic tables. Family seated at picnic table, eating, some shots good, . Packing up after picnic, loading car, family gets in, no driving away 00:05:16:00 B W 1944 Same family, picking peaches 00:06:34:00 B W 1944 INT car, CU of little boys in back seat. Side view of car, driving along road, MS of man at wheel, wife in on other side. Car on road seen from front, rural all shots, rural area, not all shots very well composed, some good. quality:? 00:08:47:00 B W 1944 Town center, war memorial (Civil War, WWI?) in town square, some pedestrian. 00:09:07:00 B W 1944 Street sweepers in town center, factory worker passes by. Side view of sweepers (to denote early morning?) More shots of factory worker (this is the man with two little boys) on his way, walking on various streets. Man walks in front of Sinclair gasoline station towards the diner next door, metal lunchbox under his right arm. 00:10:43:00 B W 1944 Stops and talks to group by a harness shop, little boy is on horse, young couple and older man talk to him, CU of boy on horse. 00:11:31:00 B W 1944 Views of buildings in center of town 00:11:54:00 B W 1944 Farm yard, two men talking over fence, MS, "Co-Op Gates" visible on fence, same other angle. 00:12:37:00 B W 1944 CU shots pouring milk into cans 00:12:56:00 B W 1944 Good views of farm, men look at large pig pen. MS Men looking at feed (one of the men seems to be an agent of some type) 00:13:44:00 B W 1944 Men by fence again, they walk off towards farm buildings, to open fields reverse angle. Climbing over wire fence, they carry surveying equipment. 00:15:42:00 B W 1944 VS surveying the fields 00:17:07:00 B W 1944 Man blowing dandelion type weed 00:18:13:00 B W 1944 Farm buildings some good views WS town. Car drives past Coca-Cola billboard. 00:18:51:00 B W 1944 men on park bench. hanging laundry on apartment bldg. porches 00:19:21:00 B W 1944 bank in town center factory worker on his way 00:19:44:00 B W 1944 Group of middle-aged men walking in wooded area, they stop and chat, one smokes pipe, others with beer bottles, they seem relaxed, laugh, they walk on, look over at landscape. They sit and lie in grass, chatting. Evocative, "slow pace" of small town life. 00:21:50:00 end