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1989 - 1997
Color 1989 - 1997 **** Some Of The Following Footage Is Violent And Very Graphic !!! **** 03 23 97 Cops In Pursuit Jefferson Park, Roseland And La Brea Pursuit Of Stolen Car Ends When The Suspect Collides With Passing Traffic. The Suspect Driver Then Jumped Out Of Car And Ran, Passenger Gives Up. Shots: Foot Pursuit In Progress. Police Chasing Suspect In Vehicle. Vehicle Skidding Past With Police Chasing. Traffic Collision. Suspect Jumps Out Of Car, Pursuit. Suspect In Custody. 01:05:00:00 Color 1989 - 1997 02 09 96 Pursuit "stop Sticks" Orange County, Michigan And Woods Avs. Orange County Sheriffs Deputies Were Able To Stop A Fleeing Motorist By Using "stop Sticks". A Deputy Was Able To Get In Front Of Car In Pursuit And Deploy "stop Sticks". After Running Over The Sticks, The Suspects Tires Were Flattened. The Suspect Tried To Continue On Driving On His Rims, But Wrecked A Shot Distance Away Where He Was Taken Into Custody. 01:08:52:00 Color 1989 - 1997 07 14 96 "want To Die" Persuit Kern County, Freeway, City Of La Verne Pursuit Of Erratic Driver. Driver Refuses To Pull Over, Resulting In High Speed Persuit. Suspect States Over Cellular Phone - "i Don't Want To Live, I'm Going To Crash My Car." Police Set Out A Spike Strip. Suspect Receives Two Flat Tires And Gives Up Without A Struggle. Interview With Captain George Fettles, California Highway Patrol. 01:15:46:00 Color 1989 - 1997 09 07 89 Lapd Traffic Accident Pursuit Glendale Suspect Rams Police Car, Pursued By Glendale Police In Stolen Auto And Apprehended. Actual Pursuit Along With Police Radio Audio Was Recorded. Shots Of : Police Car With Damage. Freeway Locators. "pursuit In Progress." Suspect In Custody (bloody). Suspect Facial CU (graphic). Suspect Hog Tied By Police. 01:20:55:00 Color 1989 - 1997 01 05 92 Tractor Trailer Pursuit In Progress Cypress Park 18 Wheeler Truck Raced From Cypress To Southwest La After Burglarizing A Bakery. He Was Followed By Police And Highway Patrol Units. Took Place On Highway And Surface Streets Ending In Front Of Southwest Police Station. Suspect Apprehended. 01:27:43:00 Color 1989 - 1997 10 11 96 Grandma In Pursuit West La Elderly Woman Pursued By Police On Highway For Speeding. Ends When She Exits Freeway. She Thought The Police Just Wanted To Escort Her Home. Interview With Suspect And Police 01:35:44:00 Color 1989 - 1997 11 14 96 Fatal Pursuit - Suicide Carlsbad Passing Pursuit On Freeway. Shots Of Highway Patrol With Guns Out. Suspect Armed. Patrol Yelling. ******** Suspect Turns Gun On Himself And Fires. Extremely Graphic. Victim's head blown apart. CU of rifle alone on pavement. Police officer using yellow police tape setting up police line. ******* Interview With Officers. Gallows Humor Overheard In Aftermath. Police. 01:46:27:00 Color 1989 - 1997 01 05 93 Rampart Pursuit Alvardo St. La Shots Of : Pursuit In Progress. Suspect Running On Foot Down Middle Of Freeway With Cops Chasing Him. Guns Drawn On Suspect. Suspect In Custody. 01:50:35:00 Color 1989 - 1997 05 07 93 Downtown Major Alarm Fire La, Santa Fe And 1st St. Fire In Old Vacant Warehouse. Over 100 Firefighters Battled Flames That Engulfed The Entire Structure. Shots Of : 5 Story Structure With Top Stores Completely Engulfed In Flames. Firefighters On Roof And On Ladders Battling Flames. 01:59:23:00 Color 1989 - 1997 02 15 1992 Hi-rise County Building Fire 3rd St. La Huge Flames Billowing Out Of High Floor Of Los Angeles County Health Building. (The structure did not have a sprinkler system at the time). 02:11:38:00 Color 1989 - 1997 Gang activity general-purpose criminality outside convenience store in Los Angeles at night. Man running and firing shooting pistol gun, running through convenience-store parking lot, men driving around suspiciously in car. 08 11 89 "cops Shoots Finger Off" Alcazar And Evergreen, La Suspect Is Dragged Out Of A House After He Had Barricaded Himself Inside And A The Police Had Sent A Dog In After Him. He Is Carried By Police, Severely Bloodied. Officer Climbs Ladder To Retrieve Suspect's Gun On Top Of Roof. He Picks It Up, It Goes Off Into His Hand. He Jumps Of The Ladder And Rolls To Ground. Cu Mangled Hand, Graphic. 02:18:44:00 Color 1989 - 1997 08 30 89 10 Year Old Shot La Boy Shot In Gang Violence, Distraught Family Members Became Violent. Shots Of : Child On Stretcher. Major Fist Fight Between Family Members And Police. Police Subdue Family. 02:22:24:00 Color 1989 - 1997 05 04 93 Burlington Fatal Apartment Fire Westlake, Burlington Ave. About 12 People Were Killed In This Fire. Shots Of Firefighters Doing Cpr On Children. More Victims Being Brought Out. Distraught Crowds Watching. Parents And Relatives Helping With Cpr. Ambulances. 02:30:34:00 Color 1989 - 1997 09 04 92 5 Shot At "fatburgers" Hollywood Apparent Gang Related Shooting. Shots Of Victims Being Treated In Restaurant. Victim With Numerous Pellet Wounds In His Back. All Victims Into Ambulances.