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AFP-44DY 16mm VTM-44DY Beta SP
Sound Serial
B W 1944 We have only a single chapter of this sound serial, which offers intrigue aboard a paddle-wheel river boat. The shots of the river boat are distant and grainy, but there's a good knife-throwing sequence. With Robert Lowery, Eddie Quillan, Marion Martin, Marjory Clements, Lyle Talbot, Arthur Hohl, Oscar O'Shea, Francis McDonald, Mantan Moreland, Eddy C Waller, Ian Wolfe, Byron Foulger, Earle Hodgins, Anthony Warde, Alec Craig, Cy Kendall, Dick Curtis, Jay Novello, Joe Devlin. Directed by Ray Taylor and Lewis D Collins. 00:59:08:00 B W 1944 ws River boat crashes into a riverside shack. 00:59:56:00 B W 1944 ms Paddlewheel of river boat spinning, reverses direction. 01:02:30:00 B W 1944 ws River boat brief. 01:04:10:00 B W 1944 ms River boat, closer, passes trees in FG. 01:04:32:00 B W 1944 ecu Woman's hand removing key from door lock. 01:05:00:00 B W 1944 ms, ws Quartet of jazz musicians playing dancing couples brief. 01:05:46:00 B W 1944 ms, ws Knife thrower gives demonstration for cafe audience: Black man (Mantan Moreland) stands against wall with apple on his head performer throws knife, narrowly misses assistant's head (clever use of blurry PAN to achieve this effect) third knife splits the apple audience applauds. Mild racial stereotype: scaredy-cat black man. 01:07:12:00 B W 1944 ws, ms Blonde woman singer performs in cafe, sashaying from table to table. 01:09:44:00 B W 1944 ws, ms Wacky inept juggler drops balls and cards then he tap-dances for an unappreciative audience