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BME-11 Beta SP
B W 1940s Varied footage of the WWII era, including newsreels and footage of black soldiers and nurses. 00:00:08:00 B W 1940s vs Mixed footage, WWII. Generals conferring, including General BO Davis military marching band soldiers marching in review good shots of black soldiers marching in review, excellent tracking shot (probably the 92nd Division). PLEASE NOTE: Some unrelated footage has gotten mixed up with these rolls: a dramatic film about a farm family, and Western footage of cavalry, men on horseback. DO NOT USE. 00:07:26:00 - 00:14:22:00 B W 1940s Vol. 17 Rel. 337 (1944 newsreel, some WWII-related, MOS. 00:07:44:00 B W 1940s PLANES BLAST NAZI CONVOY. Dramatic footage of an Allied RAF aerial attack on a convoy of German ships. Air-to-air shot, fighter planes airplane POV shots, dive-bombing battleships. 00:08:40:00 B W 1940s 92ND DIVISION EARNS LAURELS. General Mark Clark visits wounded black soldier somewhat unclear. 00:08:56:00 B W 1940s TRAITORS EXECUTED IN ITALY. VS jeering crowds in Italian square Donato Caretta (former Fascist prison director) is present at Pietro Caruso's trial as a witness a mob surrounds him... (the original newsreel shotlist is as follows: " him up, then drowns him in the Tiber. His body is fished out..." these actions are not visible in the newsreel), and dead body of Caretta is shown hanging head downward by its feet on building facade ("from a window in the prison he once ruled"). Courtroom proceedings priest reads last rites to condemned man (ex-police chief Pietro Caruso) judged guilty, Caruso is strapped into chair, last rites administered, and a firing squad blows off the top of his head (LS, but the act is still visible, and still gory graphic execution). 00:10:27:00 B W 1940s PREVIEW OF XMAS DINNERS. Enormous flock of turkeys in field dog chases turkeys farmer feeds them disgusting shot of man tugging on a turkey's wattle. 00:11:12:00 B W 1940s SLEEPY TIME FASHIONS. Women's sleepwear fashions VS women lounging around in pajamas. Woman brushes her hair as she looks at herself in vanity mirror. Good shot of ill-fitting clothes: 2 women (one in pigtails) grimace slightly as they tug on their way too large pajamas. 00:12:16:00 B W 1940s HORSE OPERA EASTERN-STYLE. Rodeo inside Madison Square Garden, New York City. MS man on horseback with American flag Brahma bull-riding bucking broncos. 00:13:02:00 B W 1940s YALE BEATS CORNELL, 17-6. VS football action, EWS crowds in stadium. 00:14:32:00 B W 1940s Raw footage, American troops in WWII. Troop ship crowded with soldiers VS black women nurses on ship deck courtly black general greets nurses.