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MWM-1 Beta SP (PAL)
B W Color
B W 1930s Films recount USSR history through newsreel footage. 00:00:00:00 B W 1930s ms ls Introductory - some Napoleonic artworks brief scenes around a city and a past time, set to a musical recording, recalling childhood remembrances. Highlights: Ferris Wheel turns crowded beach in summer hand made 'Stalin' tapestry hand made 'Stalin' rug workers in factory making world globes 00:06:15:00 B W 1930s ms ls BRIEF NEWSREEL SHOTS: Hitler & Chamberlain (who deplanes waving white paper) German soldiers march army recruits soldier gets helmet fitted on head von Ribbentrop leaves on airplane crowds of people give 'heil' salute soviet army recruits get medical exams HA formations of soviet troops soviet army bicyclists soviet artillery fire rounds military parade past grandstand some soviet government administrators or officials 00:11:11:00 B W 1930s ms ls Russian workers ("Star Spangled Banner" on soundtrack) operator of "Ford" derrick & shovel VIP's arrive in motorcade...they appear on balcony wearing top hats at night...large crowds piles of sandbags soviet troops prepare fortifications in woods smiling soldiers polish their boots soldiers test new military weapons 00:15:00:00 B W 1930s ls ms Russian cavalry charges Molotov at work formation of soviet army cyclists on review in Red Square...saluted by Stalin & Molotov large scale artillery piece more soviet government administrators or officials formation of tanks on parade smiling stalin holding pipe 1939 newspaper articles man makes speech to workers 00:20:46:00 B W 1930s ms ls War breaks out with artillery barrage lighting the night sky tanks, war planes, & soviet infantry in action artillery fire off rounds of shells soviet infantry charge war plane formation in flight civilian children endure air raid streets & buildings in flames wounded people from air raid young children evacuated to safety Finnish people march with signs more photos of government officials & administrators 00:25:47:00 B W 1930s ms ls Molotov signs treaty as Stalin looks on lots more administrators & officials 00:29:20:00 B W 1930s ms ls Military ambulance personnel (American Aid) civilians assist war effort train load of young military recruits ski patrol tug-of-war in snow CU soviet soldiers in war zone during winter civilian war parade civilians carry big poster of Stalin civilians vote at ballot box VS soviet military & civilians in snow