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VTM-78AY Beta SP
1893, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s - 1950
00:01:08:00 B W 1930s ITALIAN-ETHIOPIAN WAR, 1934-1936: King Victor Emmanuel and Marshal Badoumo (sp?), MS group of soldiers in training ride horses on an obstacle course, the horses slide down very steep embankment in a stampede, good shot, wacky animals tanks in training on obstacle course slide down steep embankments, one tank does somersault, VS January 1935: Marshal Pietro Badoglio looks out upon the battlefield, MS Italian soldiers advance, VS tanks advance General Grazziani (sp?), MS Haile Selassie, ECU, VS combat scenes, with machine gun and howitzer Ethiopian cavalry soldiers Rome, May 5, 1936: from balcony of building on the Piazza Venetzia (sp?), Mussolini addresses crowd, announces victory over and annexation of Ethiopia. 00:03:52:00 B W 1939 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR OPENS, 1939: men climb in the New York City diorama, put on the finishing touches April 30: Mayor LaGuardia and Grover Whalen shake hands at opening ceremony the Trylon and Perisphere buildings, POV AV. 00:04:51:00 B W 1910s - 1920s GEORGES CLEMENCEAU DIES, 1929: walks with General Pershing and others at Versailles, 1919 walks through WWI ruins visits Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC CU. 00:06:11:00 B W 1893 - 1920s PERSONALITIES: Fatima, performer at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, does belly dance exotic dance routine, MS Charles Evans Hughes, CU, MS, 1910s 1920s Frank Kellogg, MS, CU, 1920s Ralph Pulitzer, CU, on the deck of the "submarine chaser" boat he gave to the government, 1920s Maurice Chevalier on the deck of "Ile de France" ocean liner, 1925. 00:07:40:00 B W 1936 FASHIONS OF THE DAY, 1936: hairdresser works on the heads of young women, arranges various hair-dos, CU, weaves flower petals into one woman's hair women on stage wear "seaweed" fringe costumes Annette Kellerman dances, MS women on stage model bathing suits, VS. 00:08:55:00 B W 1933 AVIATION, 1933: husband and wife aviators Amy and Jim Mollison, MS site of the Mollisons' plane crash near Bridgeport, Connecticut, POV AV the injured Mollisons address CAM, express their gratitude to their caregivers, Jim with bandaged head, MS the Mollisons are helped out of an airplane. 00:10:25:00 B W 1932 SPORTS, 1932: swimming competition in Central Park: Georgia Coleman makes three dives Coleman makes brief victory speech to CAM, CU Helene Madison swims the 500-meter Freestyle Madison makes brief scripted victory speech to CAM, CU Jersey City track competition: runner Stella Walsh wins sprint race the mannish Walsh makes brief victory speech to CAM, looks bored and fatigued, weird, CU Babe Didrikson wins 80-meter hurdle race, makes brief victory speech to CAM, slurred speech, awkward mien, CU. [women in sports]. 00:13:13:00 B W 1917 - 1948 STATE OF ISRAEL, 1917-1950: Edmund Allenby in 1917, CU Jewish refugees disembark from ship at Palestine people work on farm in the desert, VS skyline of Tel Aviv, circa 1920 New York City, May 1948: people dance the hora in the street Israel, circa 1948: soldiers in training practice hand-to-hand combat, climb ropes, etc. Arab soldiers on the streets of Jerusalem, VS looters and rubbish fires Glubb Pasha and other Transjordanian officials on Jerusalem street United Nations mediator Count Bernadotte at meeting, and getting into airplane at Rhodes marching Israeli soldiers Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, MS Arab POWs confined behind wire fence they're served water through the wire the slow-walking, elderly President Chaim Weizmann, VS. 00:18:22:00 B W 1929 - 1930 WATER WONDERS, 1929-1930: deco-style propeller-powered boat, futuristic but clumsy-looking, on the water in Bremen, Germany "waterplane" boat, a boat with wings, speeds along the water in California. [wacky technology, silly flying machine, crazy contraption, ad nauseam]. 00:19:17:00 B W 1917 - 1929 PERSONALITIES, 1917: Secy of the Navy Josephus Daniels, VS, while on inspection tour of the Navy Lillian Russell on stage with soldiers, publicity event 1929: British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in cap and gown receives honorary degree from Lloyd Marvin, President of George Washington University. 00:20:20:00 B W 1930s TRAIN WRECK IN JAPAN, late 1930s: near city of Karachi, the derailed Far East Limited train lies in a mangled mess, cars piled up in a shallow stream beneath railroad bridge from which it fell, VS. 00:21:14:00 B W 1929 PIKES PEAK OR BUST, 1929: Bill Williams passes through the gate to the road leading to the top of the famous mountain, while crawling on his hands and knees, pushing a peanut along the road by means of a pole attached to his nose, VS. [publicity stunt, daredevil antics, wacky stunt, endurance feat]. 00:21:52:00 B W 1920s AVIATION, early 1920s: in Marshall, Missouri, low-flying airplanes engage in in-flight re-fueling experiment, by flying over small gas tanks suspended from poles and catching them with hook, VS two men seeking admission to the "Black Cat Society of Daredevils" hang onto their respective tips of the wings of a biplane which swoops speedily down, close to the ground, and one of the men grabs a hat out of the hands of a man, MS. [daredevil, aerial stunt]. 00:22:53:00 B W 1920s FASHIONS OF THE DAY, mid 1920s: two flapper women in cloche hats sign in at reception desk of hotel, India? or somewhere in South Asia, take elevator up to their room, VS. 00:24:07:00 B W 1924 SPORTS, 1924: wrestler Vladek Zsabisko (sp?), CU Zsabisko in ad hoc wrestling match (no audience), VS in a few shots he takes on two men some shots POV bird's eye. 00:25:25:00 B W 1913, 1944 THE FRENCH FLEET: 1913: President Raymond Poincare on Navy ship off coast of Toulon Poincare with his Secy of the Navy French battleships at sea, VS 1944: the ruined ships of the French Navy at Toulon, abandoned by the French two years earlier, VS. 00:27:44:00 B W 1930 PREFERRED BY GENTLEMEN, 1930: Dr William Marsten takes blood pressure measurements and kymograph readings of three glamorous women, one blonde, one brunette and one redhead, while they gamble at roulette, watch a couple make out, and hear a gunshot, all in an effort to illustrate the innate differences between the three shades, VS. [Quack doctor, quackery, experiment]. 00:29:40:00 B W 1923 GYPSY QUEEN DIES, 1923: Gypsy pallbearers carry coffin of Empress Eleanora in Washington, DC cemetery people pass by the open coffin as she lies in state her husband, King John, CU the Gypsy women wear their traditional clothing. 00:30:15:00 B W 1920s PERSONALITIES: 1922: Louis Mountbatten and his wife, Edwina Mountbatten, CU 1920: Eleanora Sears with Lord Northcliffe, CU 1922: Carter Glass, CU. 00:31:21:00 B W 1920 BROADWAY BUILDING COLLAPSES, 1920: the collapsed Strathmore apartment building at Broadway and West 52nd Street, New York City, VS. 00:32:01:00 B W 1933 OUTDOOR ART GALLERY, 1933: during the Chicago World's Fair "Century of Progress" Exposition, artists gather in park along Michigan Boulevard to sell their work, VS paintings, pedestrians, shoppers, VS. 00:33:01:00 B W 1922 ROOSEVELT STAMP GOES TO THE PRESS, 1922: printing press, workers at the machines a sheet of commemorative Theodore Roosevelt 5-cent stamps, CU. 00:33:35:00 B W 1919 AVIATION, 1919: soldiers prepare balloons for balloon race between Army and Navy in St Louis, Missouri Lieutenant Landsdowne, MS balloonists get aboard gondola basket balloons dump their ballast and take off. 00:34:52:00 B W 1929 FASHIONS OF THE DAY, 1929: flapper women model their short, curled hair-dos. 00:35:39:00 B W 1926, 1935 SPORTS: 1926: the Boston marathon, VS winner John Miles crosses the finish line runner-up Alvin Stenrose (sp?) crosses the finish line 1935: a harness race horse race at Mineola Fair on Long Island, VS. 00:37:41:00 B W 1936 FDR MAKES SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR, 1936: the USS Indianapolis pulls into harbor of Rio de Janeiro, greeted by crowd FDR on the gangplank, distant FDR with President of Brazil Getulio Vargas FDR makes speech to the Brazilian Legislature President of Uruguay Gabriel Terra (sp?) embraces FDR as he arrives in Montevideo FDR in motorcade through cheering crowd in Montevideo FDR in motorcade in Trinidad. 00:40:10:00 B W 1926 WEST POINT MUSICAL, 1926: cadet men rehearse for a burlesque drag show: men do a "wooden soldiers" routine two men put on drag costumes, stockings, wigs, and shoes that are too small men in drag do a burlesque dance and charleston dance, VS, good shots but poor image quality. 00:41:09:00 B W 1928 AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC COP, 1928: at informal ceremony in New Haven, Connecticut, man flips switch in signal box on street corner activating intersection stoplight and traffic flow-sensor Mayor Tower shakes hands with system inventor. 00:41:48:00 B W 1919 PERSONALITIES, 1919: Vice President Tom Marshall with group of Senate paige boys Pola Negri with Jesse Lasky "King of the Hobos" Jeff Davis outside the White House. 00:42:58:00 B W 1939 "CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO" DERAILED, 1939: the luxury flier train "City of San Francisco" speeds through western desert, VS train accident scene: the derailed train cars in mangled wreck hang over short rail bridge spanning the dried-up Humboldt River in Nebraska Canyon, VS. 00:44:33:00 B W 1930 MAN OF IRON, 1930: Mr Golem, a clunky and primitive robot prototype, which looks sort of like a suit of armor, interacts with his inventor man, raises arms, stands up, etc. he also puts his hands on crank of movie camera as if about to use it good, weird early robot sequence, but short, poor image quality, and uninteresting scenario. 00:45:08:00 B W 1929 AVIATION, 1929: at (sp?) Reedley Airfield in California, aviator Dale Drake gets into glider airplane glider takes off and flies, attached to tow-plane Drake, tow-pilot Lloyd O'Donnell and their wives pose for CAM with floral bouquets. 00:46:12:00 B W 1926 FASHIONS OF THE DAY, 1926: maladroit model women displays uninteresting clothes on windy deck of ship terrible shots, like home movie fashion show. 00:47:43:00 B W 1926 SPORTS, 1926: women students of Northwestern University engage in fencing practice, VS race cars speed along Altoona Race Track race winner Billy Arnold, CU