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CRI-20 16mm Beta SP
B W 1951 Educational film about physics, for young children, focusing on light and heat. Some good shots of children performing science experiments. 01:20:10:00 B W 1951 ms Two little boys wearing paper hats children perform in shadow play, their silhouettes appearing on a sheet while other children watch in the play, one boy stabs other with sword. 01:21:40:00 B W 1951 cu ECU candle chandelier ceiling light campfire. 01:21:50:00 B W 1951 ms Boy holding hand mirror spot of light is thrown on wall. 01:22:06:00 B W 1951 ws ms Two boys playing with big rubber ball on lawn they toss it back and forth, but stop suddenly to watch a car drive by then one boy runs around a nearby tree, in an odd, burst of energy they resume playing catch. 01:22:35:00 B W 1951 cu Light reflections from a pan of water are thrown upon a wall CU several drops of water on a flat surface glass of water makes shadow and light on surface magnifying glass enlarges print of book. 01:25:10:00 B W 1951 cu Little boy looking into distance, his hand shielding his eyes from the sun good shot, "searching for something". 01:26:25:00 B W 1951 MS CU Boy cracks egg into frying pan on stove CU egg frying. 01:26:34:00 B W 1951 ms Two little boys petting a small dog. 01:28:48:00 B W 1951 cu Boy watches toaster intently, toast pops up boy eating breakfast, eggs and toast, goofy smile on his face.